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11 Best Software Load Balancers: Free & Open Source In 2022

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A detailed comparison of the best software load balancers is provided. To choose a free open source load balancer for Windows or Linux systems, read this review first:

What Is Soft Load Balancing Software?

Network administrators and data centre managers can address their network load management demands with the use of load balancing software. Based on particular setups, this program is used to direct network traffic to the right servers. The network load balancing program can be used to improve network traffic. The tool aids in correctly routing queries in a methodical manner. By doing so, costly network bottlenecks are efficiently avoided, and the security and performance needed for complex IT environments are eventually delivered.

FAQ For Load Balancer Software

What is a load balancing application?

Software for load balancing makes it easier to distribute network traffic in an effective way. This software distributes traffic between data servers after receiving traffic from various sources. This also functions as a reverse proxy, obtaining files from servers and sending them back to users in a way that makes it appear as though the files came from a proxy server.

Why is it important to apply load balancing to the cloud?

In order to achieve effective traffic management in your cloud environment, load balancing must be implemented. The application enables you to efficiently distribute network resources by managing numerous servers with the same configuration.

What are the different types of load balancing apps?

Software load balancing applications can be employed on a server or as a load balancer as a service (LBaaS). The LBaaS is managed by a cloud service provider, who also installs, updates, and configures the application.

11 Best Software Load Balancers

1. Nginx


The enterprise price for the application-based enterprise units is determined based on VMs, cases, staging, containers, and the quantity of instances. Nginx is available for free testing for up to 30 days so you may assess its features. A single-window solution for managing network resources is Nginx. On cloud web and app platforms, the application enables load balancing and microservices management. Using the app can lead to better traffic control and security.

2. Avi Vantage Software Load Balancer

Avi Vantage Software Load Balancer

Load balancing for on-premises and multi-cloud environments. Pricing details can only be obtained upon request. A 30-day free trial is offered to test out the features of the product. Numerous cloud application services are available from Avi Vantage, such as load balancing, elastic service mesh, and intelligent web app firewall (WAF). Scalable, quick, and secure application experiences are provided by the platform.

3. HAProxy


For Linux platforms, free, quick, and trustworthy load balancing is available for TCP/HTTP-based applications. Load Balancer for free. Utilizing Linux-based platforms, HAProxy is a dependable TCP/IP load balancer for streamlining online traffic. The application has several capabilities and allows for numerous customizations. It provides URL-based intelligent request routing.

4. Kemp LoadMaster

Kemp LoadMaster

basic cloud and container environment app load balancing. They offered a 21-day free trial. The software has a starting price of $2500 for a single purchase. A dedicated load balancing program called Kemp can help to safeguard and optimize network traffic. For web and application delivery services, the application has been optimized.



On Linux and Windows platforms, load balancing for cloud-based systems such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon web services. The trial period for the application is 30 days. The software costs $2,995 upfront as a one-time fee. A user-friendly platform for load balancing on Linux and Windows platforms is With fast reaction times, the load balancing solution may balance several protocols.

6. ManageEngine OpManager

Network management, infrastructure management, and application performance management on Linux or Windows servers. The software’s starting price is $1,995 for up to 50 devices. Although there isn’t a free trial, consumers can check out this website’s online sample of the program. A network load manager and infrastructure management tool is called ManageEngine OPManager. The application offers end-to-end network management and includes a programmable and attractive user interface.

7. Citrix ADC

Citrix ADC

For large and medium-sized enterprises, enterprise network traffic management makes sense. The Citrix ADC load balancing app has a starting price of $2,440. The most effective application delivery controller for streamlining data centre operations and application deployment is Citrix ADC. In cloud installations, the software offers top-notch load balancing services.

8. Barracuda Load Balancer ADC

Barracuda Load Balancer ADC

Delivery of safe, scalable, Windows- or Linux-based applications both on-premises and in the cloud. For 30 days, a free trial is offered so that you can evaluate the software’s functionality. Online access to pricing information is not accessible. For a personalized estimate, you must get in touch with the business.

Optimised traffic distribution for application and cloud-based services is made possible by Barracuda Load Balancer ADC. The software’s server failover features guarantee high availability. It includes sophisticated features like integrated security, geo-based balancing, and application optimization.

9. Incapsula


On Windows, Mac, and Linux systems, data and applications are optimized and protected. Network security base subscriptions range from $500 for network speeds up to 20 Mbps to $2,000 for network speeds up to 100 Mbps. Monthly fees for the load balancing add-on are $1,000 more.

Additionally, users can ask for a free demo to test out the software’s functionality. Load balancing is an additional feature of the network security package for websites known as Incapsula. In order to stop incursion and attacks, the software employs a DDoS engine and firewall. The app’s load balancer capability enables traffic routing inside cloud data centres.

10. Total Uptime Cloud Load Balancer

Total Uptime Cloud Load Balancer

Disaster recovery, load balancing, and network traffic analysis for cloud or data centre environments Four price tiers are available for Total Uptime Cloud Load Balancer. For websites that need high availability, the fundamental package is appropriate. E-commerce websites and websites needing a load-balancing capability should use the Plus package. Firewalls and network security measures are supported by the Advanced feature.

Enterprise-grade network performance, security, and availability are supported by the Performance package. Customers have 21 days to trial the product without cost. For a cloud-based system, Total Uptime Cloud Load Balancer enables sophisticated load balancing. Using predefined rules, the software may automate load balancing. For failover and catastrophe recovery, it is also excellent.

11. jetNEXUS Load Balancer

jetNEXUS Load Balancer

On numerous Linux and Windows-based server platforms, intelligent web traffic optimization security, load balancing, and SSO pre-authentication are used. The entry-level package, which is limited to 4 actual servers, costs £2995. Pre-authentication, single sign-on, and configurable rule engine capabilities are all included in the advanced package, which also allows an infinite number of servers.

To try the functionality, you can also download a 30-day free trial of the software. Advanced network load control functions are supported by jetNEXUS Load Balancer. The program supports reverse proxy and SSL offload. It works with XenServer, VMware, Microsoft HyperV, and Sparkle Base systems.


The top load balancing programs that are appropriate for various cloud and application settings have been examined. You can choose a platform that best satisfies your needs for network traffic control. For businesses looking for sophisticated traffic load management solutions, jetNEXUS is the best option.

Citrix ADC, Nginx, Total Uptime Cloud Load Balancer, and Avi Vantage Software Load Balancer are additional load balancing applications that are appropriate for medium and large businesses. HAProxy is the best option if you want a free load balancer program with fundamental load management features.

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