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Best Stock APIs


12 Best Stock APIs To Create Financial Products In 2022

Even seasoned investors can run the risk of losing money when they invest. However, it is now simpler to invest in the proper companies because of platforms like FactSet and Bloomberg that provide access to data. In order to conduct some testing and gather your ideas, these kinds of databases can end up costing thousands of dollars. Stock APIs are useful in this situation.

Better solutions are now available, such as stock APIs, which you can acquire for a reasonable price. In certain situations, these options are also provided for free. Some even don’t charge anything to sign up.

These alternatives can be used by anyone; however, it may be helpful if you are trying to locate the finest stock APIs if you work for a hedge fund or own your own trading business. To make it simple for you to select the finest API for you to begin investing, we have researched and reviewed the greatest APIs.

An API stock is what?

A stock API can be a useful tool when it comes to investing, but not everyone is aware of what this is. A stock API is a database that provides historical and current information on traded assets that are traded in the market today.

This implies that you may get information on various investments so that you can decide where to invest your company’s or your own money more effectively. This can assist you in starting your career as a professional investor, but it can also assist people who simply wish to dangle their toes in the investment water.

The following topics’ current prices are frequently provided via these stock APIs:

  • Shareholder options
  • ETNs
  • ETPs

These prices can be utilized to create technical indicators that form the basis of trading methods and assist you in keeping track of the market’s shifting conditions.

Some of them will include stock prices from the previous few months, while others will have prices from the last few years. You will be able to see market fluctuations, which will enable you to decide when to invest in particular businesses and when to hold onto your assets and wait things out.

You can have a better understanding of what you can do with this data and information in the real world and be able to make some money trading stocks if you can make better predictions about the financial stock movements.

The finest stock APIs serve as low-cost alternatives for those who cannot afford or simply do not wish to pay the exorbitant pricing of other products in order to begin trading and earning money.

How may a stock API be used?

It’s quite easy to utilize a stock API; you just need to register for the system you want to use and then obtain your API key, which you will need to submit requests. And you will be able to find the information you need by making these inquiries.

You are able to submit numerous requests per hour and day with several stock APIs. The majority receive between a thousand and several thousand queries on average each day.

Since they are frequently linked to the same API key, your key will provide you access to the most requests possible, allowing you to obtain the most data possible from the stock API.

What stock APIs are the best?

The best stock market API alternatives are not often the most straightforward to locate, but that doesn’t imply they aren’t available. We have examined the top options to determine which ones stand up to the competition and have compiled a list of the top twelve.

1. Marketstack

Marketstack may provide you with historical, intraday, or real-time market data. Get a simple REST API interface to access stock market information. It enables you to make simple data requests using HTTP GET and receive responses in JSON format. Here, you can choose between a free and a premium version based on your needs.

You can get more than 30 years’ worth of exact historical data with Marketstack to generate insightful statistics. Utilize over 125,000 stock tickers from 72 stock exchanges worldwide by simply integrating this API. These exchanges include NYSE, Nasdaq, ENX, TYO, ASX, and more.

2. Finnhub

Use the robust stock market API provided by Finnhub Stock API to collect data for your financial product development. You can access stock data, cryptocurrency, and fiat currency APIs in real-time using WebSocket and RESTful protocols.

For businesses over the last 30 years or more, Finnhub offers detailed financial accounts. You can obtain a comprehensive list of every stakeholder, divided into institutions and private persons.

Additionally, they provide you with real-time earning alerts, upgrades and downgrades, price predictions, and historical surprises that you can utilize to better customize your financial products. Additionally, you receive 30 years’ worth of dividend data.

3.  Barchart

Utilize Barchart OnDemand to build your goods with better stock market analytics. It offers you adaptable, cloud-based APIs to improve your processes, goods, and apps.

Power charts displaying both historical and current market data are available through Barchart. Data may be easily integrated into websites, and you can use the data to modify your current business strategy. Additionally, you may easily construct dynamic tools and applications.

You may speed up your workflows using the built-in scalability of the cloud. Barchart maintains data centers in the US using Amazon Web Services (AWS), which maximizes data redundancy and reliability.

4.  Financial Modeling Prep

Use the 30-year-old data from Financial Modeling Prep (FMP) to improve your apps. It can give you accurate information on a variety of topics, including financial statements, earnings calendars, numerous exchanges, and much more. Its API covers more than 15,000 equities from several exchanges, including the XETRA, TSX, SEHK, SEDAR, EURONEXT, and the entire U.S. market, among others.

Every endpoint is available in both CSV and JSON formats. It currently contains 50 endpoints and continues to add more every week. You will also receive a unique endpoint. After FMP establishes the series and has a live stock price, all the information is obtained from SEC filings.

5. EOD Historical Data

Use EOD Historical Data’s versatile and cost-effective services to get stock market data. It provides end-of-day, technical, fundamental, historical and delayed data, dividends, and splits.

Currently, it supports more than 60 stock exchanges throughout the world. It supports the main stock exchanges, both US-based and non-US, and provides data spanning more than 20 years for fundamental data. Additionally, they have data from a few small exchanges that spans ten years or the previous 20 quarters.

6. Alpha Vantage

Alpha Vantage

In addition to 50+ technical indicators, Alpha Vantage is a significant supplier of historical and real-time stock APIs, cryptocurrency, forex, ETF, and mutual fund data feeds. It is a technology-driven firm that focuses on democratizing data access, is backed by Y Combinator, and is product-oriented.

Alpha Vantage guarantees frictionless API integration. Python, PHP, Java, Javascript, and other languages are supported so that you can hire python developers.

Additionally, you receive authorized add-ons for Google Sheets and Excel that you can use if you prefer to access data via spreadsheets.

7. IEX Cloud API 

IEX Cloud API 

With the IEX Cloud API, it’s simple to get and use accurate market data, making it simple to build and scale financial solutions. Give your developers access to institutional-level data that has been carefully selected, including real-time, fundamentals, data on foreign equities, ownership, mutual funds, and other information.

With more than 95k stocks, 100+ currencies, and from more than 20 exchanges, you receive comprehensive coverage of the US market. You can quickly access data thanks to this, which frees up all of your time to design an API with flawless features that will benefit your users.

8. Tiingo


Tiingo can power your financial products whether you are a hedge fund, a technology company, or an individual developer.

It utilizes a unique architecture for error-checking to gather clean data in order to give accurate end-of-day prices. They can also create redundant feeds and fill in for missing events with the use of this framework. The 16 million helpful articles in Tiingo News feeds have been carefully chosen based on years of research.

9. Intrinio


You can use end-of-day, historical, intraday, and real-time data from Intrinio when creating financial products. You can get accurate historical market data that spans the last 5 to 50 years.

Intrinio’s products are extensive if you’re looking for market data on a subscription basis for developing investing strategies and apps. You can obtain estimations, projections, ratings, financial statement information and analysis, as well as pricing data pertaining to various asset types.

10. Quandl


Use a single Quandl API to easily get 20+ million stock market data points from 500+ sources. Data collecting in CSV file format is made simple by the ease of use of this API.

Every week, they continue to add fresh data. Additionally, you have the choice to email them for data requests. Even switching from CSV or JSON to XML is possible. Additionally, you can provide the exact amount of columns or rows, as well as the beginning and end dates.

11. Polygon


Give your developers greater authority by using the Polygon API to assist them with accurate and raw financial data, such as cryptocurrency, forex, and stock data.

You have unrestricted access to any data, both historical and current. Full market coverage, 24k+ symbols, real-time WebSockets with aggregates, transactions, quotes, trading halts, and limit up/down are all provided by Polygon.

12. Alpaca


Utilize Alpaca’s commission-free API to create your financial solutions. Using the same integrated system, your engineers can manage stocks, algorithms, and capital with ease. Its trade API is a REST interface that connects real-time brokerage services to applications.

gain access to orders, assets, positions, and a variety of other information. Its paper trading API features a Streaming API that leverages WebSockets to send real-time updates on transactions, as well as the ability to test your codes, algorithm resets, etc.


Through stock APIs, market data can be easily, quickly, and reliably obtained. But you must also make sure you receive up-to-date, accurate data at the appropriate moment. The aforementioned APIs are useful for satisfying this need and giving your financial products the shape you want.

With the aid of these Global News APIs, you should also think about incorporating news if you are developing financial solutions.

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