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Best Tips How To Edit 4K Videos For Uploading on YouTube

Sharing excitingmovies on social media websites is pretty a craze in recent times. whether or notit’s farfb, Instagram or YouTube, peopleshare as many videos as they canto grab the fans and subscribers. And YouTube is a massive platform when it comes to sharing videos.

We adore to proportion our motion pictureswhether or notthey may berelated toschooling, entertainment, sportsmake-up, hints n tricks, games, reviews, tech and so on. You canfind amassivevariety of YouTube channels and hundreds of thousands of videos.

One vitalpoint that notablyinfluences the visitorscount on a video is its first-rate. If the satisfactory of the video a wonderful, peoplewould really likewatching it but if now not then it wouldnow notinterestpeople doesn’t depend how exactcontent the video includes. That’s why human beingscommonlypost 4K HD videos on YouTube.

What is 4k videos

4K videos are actually high-quality videos with crisp and clear quality. Initially, people used to upload HD videos up to 1080p on YouTube and that turned intoenough for lookingthosefilms on laptops, computer systems, and mobiles. However now we’ve gotsmart TVs with a great dealbiggerdisplays. YouTube is now compatible with almosteverydeviceconsisting ofclever TVs. however do you believe you studied that 1080p or decreasemovies will play easily and with clearphotographnice on the onesmassivedisplayclever TVs? In realityno longer, and that’s why human beingsare now sharing 4K movies on their YouTube channels. 4K videosalsohelp you to rank higher as YouTube prefers to show the 4K videos within the trending list and guidelines.

YouTube video requirements

But it isn’t alwaysclean to upload 4K videos on YouTube as YouTube has somefundamentalrequirementsthat youwantto fulfillin an effort toadd your motion videos on it. Following are the YouTube video requirements .

Minimum audio-visual duration

The following requirement for importing videos on YouTube is the minimal audio-visibleperiod of the video. Your video should be at least 33 sec lengthy.


YouTube prefers videosthat arein theirnative framerates.

Aspect ratio

Videoshave to be in theirnativething ratios. They shouldnow notconsist of letter boxing or pillar boxing bars.

Video resolution

All of usknow that YouTube constantly prefers highresolutionvideos. there may be no such bar for minimumdecision for uploading the movieshoweverin case your video has a 16:ninething ratio then it shouldnot be less than 1280×720 and the video 4..3with issue ratio then they should be as a minimum 640×480.

You spotthere are such a lot ofrequirements for importingvideos on YouTube. So, you willneed to edit your videos in order toadd them on YouTube well.


VideoProc is the move-to device of heaps of humans.VideoProc is a video enhancingtool that givesyou a lotuseful and efficientfunctions to edit videos for making them perfect for sharing on social media platforms. So, let get to realizea fewrecommendations on a way to edit video for YouTube the use of VideoProc.


Tips To Edit 4K Videos For Uploading On YouTube

VideoProc is that each person can without problems use it to edit their motion videos maximum of the other video editinggear are complex and can beeffectivelyused byprofessionalsbest.

With VideoProc, you couldwithout difficulty edit your motion videos with nonesimple technical understanding requirement.

Tip 1. Cut, Merge, Crop, Stabilize And Edit 4K Content

VideoProc is a effectivedevice that gives you reachablecapabilities to edit movies for uploading on YouTube. You get all of thebasic and superior video modifyingcapabilities with this tool. if you havesomeextraplacearound the video then you couldeasily crop it out.

Proper waywhen you havea couple ofvideosand youwant to merge all of theminto a singleone then you cantry thiswithout difficulty with VideoProc.

You handiestneed to open your video within the VideoProc tooland thenyou canbeginediting the video. It alsoenables you to stabilize the video. you canalsouploadeffects and filters to make your video even extraattractive and captivating to the eyes. here are a number of the satisfactoryfeatures of VideoProc.

  • Full Hardware Level-3 Acceleration- For the 47x real-time faster and smooth video processing speed.
  • Cut, Merge, and Edit Video- Edit video with dozens of beautiful effects.
  • Stabilize Video – Stabilize shaky video footage from iPhone, GoPro, etc.
  • Fisheye – Correct fisheye lens distortion from action cam video.
  • Remove Noise – Remove unwanted background noise easily.
  • Make GIF – Turn videos into GIF with ease.
  • Enhance Video – Adjust audio volume, speed, etc.
  • MakeMKV – Video streams into MKV with no encoding.
  • Download Video – You can even download videos from YouTube, Facebook, etc.

Tip 2. Download 4K to 1080p


You want to download scale 4K motion videos to 1080p as there are such a lot ofadvantages in doing that. the primaryadvantage is that it’d occupy lesser space in our laptop than the onesextrabig 4K videos. modifyingalsoturns intosimpler with 1080p videosas compared to the 4K videos.

you canalso crop or stabilize your pictureswith out blowing it up. scaling down the videos also sharpens the photos with a higher pixel density.

Tip 3. Convert (4K) videos to YouTube

VideoProc alsopermits you to transform the video as in step with your necessities. It provides you 370 inputcodecs and 420+ output formats like M2TS, MKV, MP4, MOV, and many others.


it mayalsoeasilyhandle 4K in 30/60/120/240 fps videos; convert three-D to 2d and more. here is how you could convert 4K videos to YouTube the usage of VideoProc.

Hereyou willlocateso many formats you couldpick from to which youwould liketo convert your movies. select a formatand thenyou could browse the destination folder where you would love to store the output video.


So, this was all about VideoProc is a expert and extraordinarydevicethe use of which you canperformsuch a lot offunctionswithout problems. The software program makes video enhancing a cup of tea. With the help of VideoProc, you maywithout problems make your moviesgeared up to add on YouTube and get all those hits. You candownload its trial version from its website and the fullmodel will fee you handiest $29.ninety five for 1 12 months/1PC license. The lifetime license fees you $forty two.ninety five ($35.95using a restrained time coupon) for 1 pc. So its incredible deal and VideoProc is worthevery penny.

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