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12 BEST Virtual Credit/Debit Cards In The USA In 2022

BEST Virtual Credit/Debit Cards

To assist you in selecting the best virtual card for your needs, we’ve reviewed and compared the best virtual credit card and debit cards available in the USA here:

People are more eager now than they were a few years ago to abandon their attachment to cash, receipts, and coins in favour of the convenience that their digital substitutes provide. The growing acceptance of electronic payment methods like virtual credit and debit cards serves as a sign of how widespread digitization has become. The general public is already accustomed to cashless purchases.

Currently, trends are indicating that they are also prepared to explore the brand-new world of cardless payments. both cards as their names imply, is a card that is created and only exists online. Like their physical counterpart, they have a 16-digit card number, a CVV number, and an expiration date. These cards are accepted everywhere a typical card might be used.

American virtual credit card and debit card

There are a number of reasons why these cards are popular right now. They are helpful when making one-time purchases or doing online shopping, to start. A virtual card can be applied in a very simple and quick manner. Plus! An individual who doesn’t have a credit card might utilise its virtual equivalent to engage in transactions online as the majority of websites online do not accept credit cards.

It should be clear that virtual payment cards are quite practical, which accounts for their expanding popularity. We will thus examine some of the top virtual credit cards and debit cards available today in this article. Popular names in the sector who have built a solid reputation for themselves as trustworthy and safe have compiled the list.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do American banks provide virtual credit cards?

Only three banks in the US provide their clients with virtual credit cards. They are Capital One, Citibank, and Bank of America.

How does the application process work for banks’ Virtual Credit Cards?

A virtual credit card can be applied using one of two techniques. To receive a virtual card, you can first go to the bank directly. One can obtain a conventional credit card linked with the internet services of a different bank or payment system if the bank does not provide this online service.

Can you prevent fraud with virtual credit cards?

Unlike their physical counterparts, virtual credit cards provide a safe and secure online shopping experience. On reputable websites like Amazon or Walmart, it may be safe to provide your credit card information; but, there are certain websites that may misuse the information you provide.

What drawbacks come with using a virtual credit card?

Since a virtual card is exclusively intended for use online, it cannot be used in physical stores. The cards can occasionally be a hassle, particularly when attempting to receive a reimbursement for returned goods. The guideline stipulates that money cannot be repaid to the customer using the same online portal, thus the buyer must pick up payment at the actual business.

Virtual Cards are advantageous to whom?

Most banks don’t give freelancers credit cards. Virtual credit cards can therefore be quite helpful for independent contractors, digital marketers, bloggers, and writers. In order to access websites that do not accept debit cards, people without credit cards can also use these cards.

List Of Best Virtual Credit Cards

The most widely used virtual credit and debit cards are listed below:

  • Wise Virtual Credit Cards
  • DivvyPay
  • US Unlocked
  • Payoneer
  • Netspend
  • American Express
  • Walmart MoneyCard
  • LeoPay
  • EcoPayz
  • Blur

12 BEST Virtual Credit/Debit Cards In The USA

Let’s go over the digital credit cards listed below.

1. Wise Virtual Credit Cards

Wise Virtual Credit Cards

With Wise, managing and controlling your costs when travelling abroad is a breeze thanks to a virtual credit card. With the virtual card you receive, you can make online purchases using current currency rates. The fact that the card can be frozen after each use makes it the best option for combating fraud. You may relax knowing that Wise’s virtual card has full approval from the UK Financial Conduct Authority.

More than 50 different currencies can be stored on the card at once. The Wise app allows for real-time conversions between these currencies. Additionally, these translated currencies can be utilised without difficulty to make purchases later online, offline, or abroad. However, in order for Wise to provide you with a virtual card, you must first order a physical card.

2. DivvyPay


Divvy makes it easy to set up a virtual card. You can use the platform to make a special subscription card for each vendor your business works with. Then, you can decide how much money is available on the card and establish a limit. The financial limit on the card automatically resets each month to ensure that all suppliers are paid on time without additional fees to you.

Additionally, you receive a real-time view of every transaction made using the virtual card. The main feature of these cards is the security they offer consumers against potential fraud. You are shielded by the card from issues like vendor overcharging and compromised accounts. If you notice questionable activity, you can promptly freeze a card.



You receive a virtual credit card from following thorough internal and external checks. Because of this, the virtual cards you receive from are highly safe to use. If you want to utilise a bank account as the source of money, the cards issued are likewise free of charge. On websites that demand recurring payments, we advise using’s virtual cards.

With virtual debit and credit cards that are loaded with beneficial features, is the epitome of private and secure transactions. However, if you are a US citizen, you can only use to apply for a virtual card. It only takes a few minutes to complete the application, and it may take up to seven days to receive your virtual card.


Another excellent option for obtaining a virtual credit or debit card is Open. You can easily manage, regulate, and track the online spending for your company in real-time, thanks to the virtual card. Setting spending restrictions will help you stay within a predetermined budget.

Additionally, you can configure quick alerts to notify you of any transactions done using a virtual card. You must first register and make an account with the platform in order to receive a virtual card from Open Money.

5. US Locked

US Locked

Perhaps the most well-known feature of this virtual prepaid card is that it gives customers the ability to shop from a range of US merchants from any location in the world. It was simple to use the card for one-time purchases from a variety of US shops; all you had to do was sign up for their service, load the card with just $50, and pay a nominal charge.

The virtual card includes a US billing/shipping address, making transactions with US merchants simple and convenient. Instant access is available to US-only services like Netflix US, Hulu, and HBO Max. Two different card types are provided by US Unlocked. The first card is only valid for a single transaction and cannot be used again.

6. Payoneer


Using Payoneer’s virtual card, you can shop online in eCommerce stores that accept MasterCard. Using Payoneer’s virtual card to make purchases is identical to doing so with a physical card. On a payment page, you must merely enter the card information.

Getting a virtual card is fairly easy if you already have a Payoneer account. You must complete the online form on Payoneer’s website. After reviewing the data, the business issues you a virtual credit or debit card.

7. Netspend


Netspend is a fantastic online tool for managing finances. It does this by offering consumers a digital prepaid card that can be personalized with a chosen image or symbol. The service is quite helpful when generating a temporary card number that you can use to access websites that do not accept debit cards.

The card is simple to use everywhere in the nation and offers strong protection for both your physical debit card and credit card information. Additionally, you may quickly check your balance from anywhere at any time. With Netspend’s virtual credit cards, transaction alerts sent through text messages are also incredibly helpful.

8. American Express

American Express

You know the freelancer’s difficulties in obtaining a credit card. American Express is aware of this, which is why it offers its customers a very user-friendly virtual credit card service.

This virtual card can be used to make online purchases by independent contractors like freelancers, digital marketers, and writers. With this VCC, it’s incredibly simple to keep track of all your transactions. Setting spending restrictions on the card also allows you to control how much you will be charged.

9. Walmart MoneyCard

Walmart MoneyCard

With the help of a strong digital ecosystem, Walmart MoneyCard is a full-service virtual financial system that takes care of all your banking needs. Any bank in the nation can instantly add money to your Walmart MoneyCard. With the use of this money, internet transactions can be quite simple.

Additionally, you may use the MoneyCard app to deposit cash for free at any Walmart location nationwide. In the MoneyCard app, you can also add 4 more virtual debit card accounts, so long as they’re all older than 13.

10. LeoPay


LeoPay is a platform for managing global finances that enables users to create user accounts quickly and obtain various IBANs, or international banking account numbers, in various currencies. It may be viewed online or through a mobile app and is quite simple to set up.

Users receive two virtual cards from the service totally free. Anywhere in the world, you can use the card to make payments or withdraw cash. Additionally, you are immediately informed of both the money you send and receive through transaction alerts.

11. EcoPayz


With the help of EcoPayz, consumers may send and receive money from anywhere in the world using a single, reliable online platform. With EcoPayz, you may rapidly set up an account without a bank account or a credit check. As soon as you’re set-up, you can utilize this platform to access your money as you like.

The gadget is also equipped with the most recent fraud protection technologies, ensuring that your money is safe as you make transactions online. Utilizing EcoPayz’s virtual card to conduct business with suppliers, partners, or online stores is efficient, secure, and safe.

12. Blur


The high level of security that Blur’s virtual credit card services add to bank transactions or internet payments accounts for their popularity. It syncs with a variety of devices, making it simple to checkout and make payments from a phone, tablet, or browser.

For every purchase, a fresh credit card number can be generated. Its security may be its most alluring quality. The site can encrypt your password, making it hard for hackers to access your personal data or financial information.


The case for using a virtual credit or debit card is simply too strong. In addition to being incredibly convenient, it is also quite reliable and safe to use. If you have the correct virtual card, you can actually shop anywhere on the globe.

Additionally, it is a necessity for independent contractors and freelancers who typically struggle to obtain a real credit card from banks. As for our suggestions, choose US Unlocked if you want a virtual card to access a variety of US businesses, eCommerce sites, and merchants online.

We strongly advise giving Walmart MoneyCard a try if you want a feature-rich app that excels as an all-in-one money management tool in addition to offering a virtual card service.

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