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Best ways to clean up RAM in Android Devices

clean up RAM

These days, Android devices are more popular in both terms of software and hardware abilities; fulfill a great number of requirements of many users. 

Although more are the highlights, more is the load on the device. However, Android device have around 8GB of RAM, heaps of pre-installed applications, the continuously running background process, there are more load on the device memory. In addition, this pressure can additionally slows the gadget, infect device performance, slower reaction time, application crashes, and so forth.

The Best Ways to Clear RAM in Android Devices 

Although it’s compulsory to clear the device RAM to maintain a strategic distance from such problems. So, here are the ways you can tidy up the RAM on your Android device:

1: Using a third party cleaner software application:

the Cleaner for Android is a utility application that helps store cleaning and overall device improvement and enhance performance on Android OS telephones. This should involve highlights; for example, junk cleaner, WhatsApp media manager, copy finder. Well another highlights in any Cleaner for Android is a one-tap RAM booster. Here, this one-tap button goes about as a automatic RAM cleaner-cum-optimizer.

 When a user clicks it, it gets out the gadget’s cache and all the accumulated logs. This also kills the unnecessary background process and in the end clears up the RAM for quicker performance and smoother reaction time on your telephone. 

2: How to Clear RAM on Android through Checking Memory Usage:

To get out RAM from the telephone all through the Settings, you need to head to the application manager and find applications utilizing most memory on your telephone. 

Follow the directions beneath in successive sequence:

Step1: open device settings. Find the app option and click on it. 

Step 2: click on Manage App. Now you have options of installed applications.

Step 3: click the usage frequency. Find the memory usage written below the app name in the list. 

Step 4: select the app with maximum memory usage. Tap on it for further more details. 

Step 5: find the Force Stop option at the bottom. That will instantly stop every process that associates with it.

Step 6: repeat this process for other maximum memory usage apps.

3: Remove Malware of Your Android Phone:

Sometimes, when a user opens up the malware-infected application, that specific application is loaded in the phone memory, so putting excessive burden on the RAM and compromising your phone’s safety and security. 

To eliminate malware from an Android device, one must have a third-party tool which filters and detect potential malware traces on the phone’s applications.

4: Disable Animations:

Animation represents the style of the interface. Yet, it also put a load of weight on the RAM. You can disable these animations; however, when disabled, it will cause specific changes in your phone looks, or the animations or the graphics look on the screen. For disable animations follow these steps:

Step 1: go into phone settings. Click on the Additional settings. 

Step 2: now open Developer option.  After that find the Animator Duration Scale option.

Step 3:  now turn off the animations.

5: Avoid using live wallpapers:

there are no settings to disable live wallpapers. But it will be better to avoid live wallpapers for users. This also affects the phone battery and device performance.

Wrapping up 

Will you be attempting to clear RAM use in Android or not? The choice includes numerous elements, yet most of the time we suggest individuals leave that stuff. Android is a powerful, smart system that realizes how to deal with every one of those process path better than we do.

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