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Best WordPress Marketing Plugins (Updated List 2022)

Best WordPress Marketing Plugins

WordPress marketing plugins can be useful from a marketing standpoint, whether you’re a digital marketer looking to advance your business’ blogging strategy or just want to start your blog.

One of the most used systems for creating websites is WordPress. Both experts and novices like the extensibility and user-friendly interface.

Best WordPress Marketing Plugins

Yoast SEO

One of the most famous SEO plugins is Yoast. It is free to use, and the features improve with each update. Yoast offers real-time feedback while you work on a post or page, covering issues like readability, keyword usage, sentence length, passive and active voice, links, and metadata.

Any piece of material may be made totally SEO-optimized with a little amount of editing. Yoast is available in two versions: a free edition with lots of amazing features and an even better Pro version. The only language advice are available in is English, and users say that the readability metrics are not entirely accurate. Apart from that, Yoast is a popular plugin among users.


Most people use Google Analytics (GA) to measure website visitor data, and MonsterInsights is a lightweight plugin that makes it simple to include GA into your website. The backend view provides you with a quick snapshot of recent activity and your SEO position.

This data may be sufficient for some users, so you won’t even need to consult Google Analytics to get the full picture. Even the free version is highly capable and connects to your GA account quickly and effortlessly.


The majority of WordPress users are familiar with WooCommerce. This is because more than 5 million websites utilize it, making it the most widely used e-commerce plugin for WordPress. WooCommerce makes it simple for you to set up your online store right out of the box, so you’re in for a treat.

The vibrant community has produced thousands of add-ons that significantly increase the program’s capability. Data exchange between the apps in your business is a simple thanks to WooCommerce’s integrations with a large number of payment processors and other programs. It may be easily customized with plugins and themes, and support is available if you have any issues.


Almost every website requires one, two, or three forms. WPForms makes it quick and simple to construct forms that are useful for gathering visitor or customer information. Forms must be manually coded, which might be tiresome.

WPForms remove the problems of battling with user input restrictions and formatting styles. The program uses a drag-and-drop form builder to make building many forms simple. With form landing pages, geolocation data, form abandonment options, chat forms, user journey tracking, and more, WPForms goes above and beyond.

WP Rocket

Want to make your WordPress website load faster? The most popular caching plugin for WordPress, WP Rocket, is utilized by more than 600,000. Although several caching plugins are accessible for free, we believe WP Rocket is the better option.

With this one, you get added capabilities like deferred JS loading, minification, concatenation, multi-site compatibility, lazy loading of pictures, database optimization, and even various languages. With WP Rocket, you receive a tonne of terrific features and first-rate support from the development team, proving the adage that you get what you pay for. The program is not inexpensive, though.


Coding tables is laborious work, and it takes much longer if you want them to look beautiful, as anyone who creates websites for a living will attest to. Here’s where comes into play. Without any coding experience, you can rapidly build attractive, colorful tables with TablePress.

The best part is that this useful tool is completely free! To make your data tables more appealing and user-friendly for visitors, you can add formulas and use a large JavaScript library to add additional capabilities like pagination, sorting, and filtering.

Sucuri Security

Nowadays, everyone is concerned about cybersecurity, so every website ought to include a security plugin. Sucuri Security is among the best. The free version suffices for most users, but a premium edition with more capabilities is also available. Sucuri is trusted by more than 800,000 websites for their security.

It’s as simple as it gets to install. The wizard will then assist you with securing specific areas of your website and identifying any potential security holes. You start the wizard, setup your Sucuri installation, and then leave it to work. Alerts will appear on your dashboard if anything is discovered that needs your attention.


Because it only allows you to search within posts and pages, WordPress’ built-in search feature frequently falls short. By allowing visitors to search custom fields, text files, PDF attachments, tables, custom posts, WooCommerce content, and ACF fields, SearchWP resolves the issue.

As a result, SearchWP significantly improves the user experience by enabling users to quickly and simply locate what they’re looking for. In order to increase its usability, the plugin can also be customized.


A popular tool for lead generation is OptInMonster. Through conversions, it seeks to turn visitors into customers. With the help of this tool, you can quickly construct pop-ups, slide-ins, and announcement bars to draw in viewers and collect their contact information for upcoming email campaigns or other marketing initiatives.

You can target a certain demographic using robust features and tailor campaigns for each group. The plugin works well for websites run by marketing firms, bloggers, e-commerce businesses, and even small businesses. The company offers a free version for individuals who don’t require the additional capabilities, and for power users, a Pro version.

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