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Biggest of 2020: 7 Marvelous Mobile Games You Should Consider For A New Gaming Experience

mobile games

Because of its popularity, games are the first tab you will notice after you open the Google Play Store app. There are thousands of different games available in the app, and most of them satisfy all Android users. Each year, different mobile games are being produced, and some new updates games gratify their gamers.

If you are already tired of the game you are currently playing, and now looking for a new gaming experience, this is the right place for you. Check out these latest trendy games available in your Google Play Store that you should try for a more advanced gaming experience this 2020.

Cytus 11

Rayark, the developer of Cytus 11, is widely known for creating music rhythm-based games for mobile platforms. Thus, Cytus 11 should be one of your priority lists for the best mobile games to experience the most exciting musical gaming experience this 2020. It follows the story of AEsir, a mysterious DJ who generates various music that hooks people’s attention. For over 30 songs available, your ears will be charmed with its multiple rhythms

Battle Chasers: Night War

This award-winning JRPG offers you the most gratifying RPG experience. Unlike with other Android mobile games, Battle Chasers: Night War will not ask you to purchase it’s full version. The polished and complete version of the game is free to play. Thus, without spending some dollars, you can freely enjoy the game’s full adventure, including its underworld exploration and epics journey.

Battle Chasers: Night War is based on a graphic novel, and you will be amazed by its various characters and fascinating story. Its entire narrative centers on the girl’s life named Gully. Gully quests to find Aramus, his long lost father.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Created by BioWare in its heyday, Knight of the Republic is a classic RPG game better known as KOTOR. Immerse and be a Star Wars character of this year’s best game. Although KOTOR is not free, once you start playing the game, it’s worth every penny you will spend. Its entire feature will not disappoint you. You will surely be amazed by everything from the storyline to the combat. Without any doubt, this is one of the best Star Wars games ever made.

Sky: Children of the Light

Install and enjoy the artistic world and relaxing adventure of Sky: Children of the Light game. Socializing and exploration are the two fundamental focus of this Android game. As a player, your primary game to survive is to search for the lost star and help them find their constellations, and in return, this star will show you new things.

There are no difficult combats to face in the game, which is perfect for casual gamers. All of its stress reliever features, including its entire style and art, artistic gameplay, and its eye-pleasing game world, are simply brilliant. The game features various graphical options that will surely make you delighted.


If you are looking for some violent and gritty gaming experience, you should consider JYDGE on the list. While playing the game, you will be the JYDGE who is a cybernetic administration officer. As an officer, you will have to face different challenges at each level, such as confiscating illegal money.

Death Road to Canada

For those who are searching for a thrilling game where you will face a zombie apocalypse, you have come in the right place. Death Road to Canada is an ideal game you should consider to experience. The game lets you lead a squad for a deadly mission where your goal is to reach Canada safely. However, along the way, you will have to explore different places for the supply of your entire team.

Everything about the game is generated. You can make or customize your character and your buddy. You can choose different attributes for your whole team and help them survive during your mission. You also have numerous selections of weapons to choose from, and you will know when is the right time to fight with the zombies or run away from them.

Call of Duty Mobile

Throughout its global launch, Call of Duty Mobile was chosen as one of the best games produced in the year 2019 and continues to amaze gamers this 2020. In its latest update, Call of Duty Mobile offers its newest mode called Warfare, a 20 vs. 20 Battle Royale. The game features deathmatch modes, which is very popular since it was introduced.


There are plenty of ways to kill your time, and one of those is playing mobile games since it relieves negative emotion and even boosts our positive mental state. Relieve stress and consider the selections above. Have yourself the newest and fun gaming experience this 2020.

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