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Best Weapons For Candace In Genshin Impact: Complete Guide!

Best Weapons For Candace In Genshin Impact

Cyno and Candace are two brand-new characters that debuted in Genshin Impact recently. Both are playable in version 3.1 and come from the Great Red Sand, a desert area in Sumeru. 3.1’s Candace appears to be the most well-liked character because of the way she is designed and played. If you’ve already supported her, let’s check out some of the top weapons for Candace in Genshin Impact in this article.

A four-star Polearm user with Hydro vision, Candace. She has a Hydro vision for the game’s initial Polearm character. She uses a physical shield in addition to a weapon to defend herself from opponent attacks.

Why is a weapon suitable for Candace?

The amount of damage your other party members will deal with depends on Candace’s HP. Therefore, using her as a support unit is the ideal usage for her. However, if you’re feeling very daring, you can still use her as a main or secondary DPS. There are a few weapons on this list that would make an excellent DPS candace, even though the majority of them focus on ER to support Candace. To make Candace into an exceptional support character, you’ll need Sands and Goblets with HP, so keep that in mind.

Candace’s top seven weapons in Genshin Impact

Before we begin, it’s important to note that Candace is mostly a supporting character, and her HP will influence how much use you can make of her. In addition, she has an elemental skill cooldown of 9 seconds and an elemental burst cooldown of 15 seconds, both of which require 60 energy to renew. Therefore, it is advised to utilize a polearm weapon that can both fast recharge her burst and deliver a tonne of damage. All of the polearms that can achieve that are listed here.

Following the list are links to the suggested artifact sets, depending on whether you want to build her as a pure DPS or support.

A model of StarglitterBest Weapons For Candace In Genshin Impact

In Genshin Impact, the Prototype Starglitter is a free craftable weapon. Energy Recharge is the major stat of this polearm, which could be very helpful for Candace. A fascinating passive feature of the weapon is called Magic Affinity. It improves Normal and Charged Attack DMG by 8% for 12 seconds after performing an Elemental Skill (Max 2 stacks).

Despite the possibility that the charged attack damage will be ineffective, Candace infuses Hydro into her weapon after activating her elemental burst, so the 8% attack damage at R1 (R for refining) could undoubtedly be useful and elevate her to the position of one of the top support characters. Since it’s a craftable weapon, you can R5 it to make it more damaging.

Dragon’s Bane Best Weapons For Candace In Genshin Impact

Elemental Mastery (Max 221) scales off of Dragon’s Bane’s core stat, but its passive is what attracts Candace the most. Its passive first enhance enemy damage dealt by Pyro or Hydro by 20% (36% at R5). Because of this, Dragon’s Bane is among the best choices for a sub-DPS Candace. Additionally, the elemental mastery will significantly increase the damage caused by the Bloom reaction.

The caveat is that, to get the most out of her after donning Dragon’s Bane, you’ll need to concentrate on enhancing Energy Recharge.

Favonius LanceBest Weapons For Candace In Genshin Impact

Favonius Lance An average Polearm choice for Candace is Favonius Lance. Similar to Prototype Starglitter, it has a stat that scales off Energy Recharge, and when Candace scores a critical hit, its passive releases elemental particles that replenish 6 energy once every 10.5 seconds. If you have a strong Crit Rate stat on Candance, this combined with ER makes it one of the more feasible choices.

Favonius Candace should rank among the game’s top support characters thanks to Lance and strong HP% artifacts.

Mischievous Windspear

A limited-event free polearm weapon called Missive Windspear is available in version 3’s Ballads and Brews event.

Although this weapon’s main stat scales off Attack percentage, its passive is what really stands out.

Starting off, the attack increases by 12% and Elemental Mastery by 48 within 10 seconds of an Elemental Reaction being initiated. Depending on how her HP scales, this will make her a great sub-DPS or even support. Missive Windspear is unquestionably one of Candace’s strongest weapons overall.

Skyward Spine

Although Skyward Spine isn’t exactly a free-to-play alternative, most players who have tried tugging on the limited weapon banner may have lost their 50:50 chances and obtained it instead. Its primary stat scales off Energy Recharge, as you may have predicted, and at R1, its passive boosts Crit Rate by 8% and attack speed by 12%.

A “vacuum blade” that deals 40% damage can also be activated by normal and charged attacks against foes. Remember that the figures for the passive stated to apply to the first refining of the weapon. Skyward Spine’s maximum energy recovery rate is 36.8%, therefore Candace would be a fantastic support character.

Members of Homa

One of the greatest polearms or weapons to equip on characters you wish to use as DPS is the Staff of Homa, also known as Hu Tao’s signature weapon and Staff of Homeless. And the reason for this is that the primary stat when the weapon is maximized, grants a character a huge 66.2% Crit Damage.

But why bother with all the Crit Damage if Candace is supposed to be a supporting character, right? That’s where Homa’s passive comes into play, though. It starts off by giving 20% more HP and an attack boost based on 0.8% of the wielder’s maximum HP. Additionally, Homa adds an extra attack bonus of 1% of maximum HP if the character’s HP drops below 50%.

The staff of Homa is, if not one of, the finest alternatives for creating a DPS Candace 7 for a character like Candace, whose worth is based on their HP.

Black Tassel

Do not undervalue Candace’s three-star option. While its passive ability, which enhances damage against slimes, may be utterly useless, its main stat scales off HP% up to a maximum of 47%. Since Candace gives an attack benefit based on her HP, this is excellent for her.

It is also quite simple to get. You probably already have a large number of the same duplicates in your inventory. Overall, it ranks among Candace’s greatest available weapons in Genshin Impact.

Conclusion: The best Weapons for Candace

Even though I’d really like to use Candace instead of Ganyu as my main DPS, her attack is severely inadequate, and I won’t be able to achieve it until I spend a lot of time hunting down relics for her. On the other hand, because of the attack bonuses based on her HP, she might be a fantastic support character. With Dragon’s Bane, I would definitely use her as a sub-DPS. Favonius Lance, Black Tassle, and Prototype Starglitter are excellent choices for pure support, though.

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