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Best Car Accident Attorney in Orlando

car accident attorney orlando

Our mission is to link individuals with the top specialists in their communities. We ranked car accident attorney Orlando based on a variety of factors in five areas, then evaluated the data to present you with a hand-picked list of the best. You can also find car accident lawyer San Antonio and car accident lawyer Los Angeles.


Bengal Law is a law firm in Orlando, Florida that specialises on vehicle accident cases. It represents clients who have suffered injuries and losses as a result of car accidents caused by a negligent driver who may have broken the law, been driving under the influence, or been texting while driving. The firm helps clients receive compensation for pain and suffering, medical bills, and lost wages throughout the lawsuit process. Bengal Law does high-value law, focusing on fewer cases and achieving better results.


2: Osborne & FrancisFEATURED

From its Orlando location, Osborne & Francis handles a wide range of legal concerns, including car accidents. The law practise represents those who have been in car accidents. The attorneys assist clients in obtaining the highest possible compensation for their economic and personal damages. The team looks into the causes of car accidents and collaborates with law enforcement and insurance firms. In addition to car accidents, the firm also covers tractor-trailer accidents, motorcycle accidents, and electric scooter accidents.


3: Samaroo LawFEATURED

Auto accident attorneys are available from Samaroo Law in Orlando and the surrounding areas. Avita Samaroo, the firm’s founder, assists clients in obtaining compensation for emotional and bodily injuries experienced in a truck, motorcycle, or bus accident. The organization has a bilingual staff that can provide services in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.


4: Badgley Law Group

Personal injury lawsuits are handled by Badgley Law Group in Orlando, Florida. It symbolises people who have been hurt in vehicle accidents, truck accidents, bus accidents, motorbike accidents, and bicycle accidents. Clients can seek compensation for lost pay, medical bills, property loss, pain and suffering, and emotional distress through the firm. Medical malpractice, wrongful death, and burn injury claims are also handled by Badgley Law Group. Jeffrey S. Badgley is a Million Dollar Advocates member.


5: Colling Gilbert Wright & Carter

Colling Gilbert Wright & Carter is an Orlando-based personal injury litigation practise. It specialises on serious injury and wrongful death claims involving motor vehicle accidents, such as those involving cars, trucks, motorcycles, buses, pedestrians, and railroad crossings. In addition to a litigation team that handles cases involving the brain, burn, and catastrophic injury, as well as medical malpractice and electrocution, each case is handled by one of the firm’s partners.


6: Fighter Law

The Fighter Law Firm’s car accident lawyers in Orlando represent those who have been injured in accidents involving cars, boats, and motorcycles. Fighter Law, which was founded in 2011, assists victims with insurance claims, medical expenditures, and negotiating Florida’s Personal Injury Protection statutes. The business also represents motorists charged with DUIs, driving while licences are suspended, and other traffic offences in criminal court. Thomas Feiter, the firm’s founder, was named Florida Bar Board Certified Lawyer of the Year in 2015.


7: Normand PLLC

Normand PLLC is an Orlando, Florida-based personal injury litigation practise. It has been fighting for financial recompense for badly injured victims of car, motorbike, and tractor truck accidents in the area for over 24 years. The firm helps clients recover lost earnings, medical expenditures, and out-of-pocket property damage reimbursements, such as vehicle replacement or automobile rental, among other things. It also handles lawsuits involving theme parks, medical malpractice, and insurance disputes.


8: Payer Law Group

The Payer Litigation Group is an Orlando-based Florida accident law practise whose primary purpose is to acquire the most money possible to recompense clients for their injuries. Christian Payer, the firm’s managing partner, has extensive experience in auto accidents, personal injury, and workers’ compensation claims, and has concentrated his trial practise on serious injury cases. The team includes offices in Miami, Plantation, and Lake Mary and is available for consultations at home, at the office, or in the hospital seven days a week.


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