Top 10 Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) Software

Computer-Aided Manufacturing is known as CAM. This software’s primary goal is to change the computer-aided design models in the data that the machines use. Additionally, a lot of manufacturing firms employ this kind of software to effectively transform raw materials into finished goods. CAM software is now widely used in the manufacturing sector to manage tasks including planning, shipping, organization, and storage. Let’s quickly review the advantages of using CAM software.

Benefits of CAM software:

  • Enhances machine capabilities.
  • Improves customer ease of use
  • Enhances the productivity and development of CNC equipment
  • Less waste of materials

Top Computer-Aided Manufacturing software:

1. Fusion 360

One of the top 10 CAM programs utilized in numerous manufacturing sectors to create products is Fusion 360. There are several desktop prerequisites needed to utilize this app. The PC’s memory should be at least 3 GB, and the CPU should be a 64-bit chip. It is perfectly fine if the RAM is greater than 3 GB.

The 5 mbit/s internet connection is the most important need. More than 5mbits/s is really advantageous. Fusion 360’s price is divided into two different packages. The basic subscription costs $300 a year, while the premium option costs $1500 a year.

2. Solid Edge

The most popular and straightforward software to use is Solid Edge CAM. This software’s key benefit is that it handles all the procedures involved in creating new products, including cutting, welding, molding, nesting, etc. There are four separate software packages for Solid Edge, namely Design and Drafting, Foundation, Classic, and Premium.

The Design and Drafting package has a $100 monthly subscription fee, whereas the Foundation package has a $230 monthly fee. Solid Edge software’s Classic package costs $290 per month, while Premium costs $420.

3. HSM

The top 10 programs utilized in manufacturing are all HSMWorks CAM programs. The major benefit of using this program is that it contains features for milling, turning, and mill-turn potential as well as a shorter cycle time.

This software also boosts efficiency because it offers 2.5 and 3-axis milling. HSMWorks software subscriptions cost $60 per month, $248 per year, or $668 for three years.

4. SolidWorks CAM

Software from SOLIDWORKS CAM is now integrated with SOLIDWORKS CAD. This software’s ability to integrate with SOLIDWORKS CAD provides the advantage of developing the product as it is being designed.

Therefore, the makers are not required to wait until the product’s design is complete. The SOLIDWORKS CAM program is $2400 in cost.


Software called NX CAM combines manufacturing software applications with NC programming skills. It offers a simple method of use and has greatly increased consumer satisfaction.

A variety of capabilities are also provided by this software. has the ability to mill using two and a half axes, three and five axes, turbomachinery, turn and use wire EDM. For the first 30 days, this software is free to use.

6. GibbsCAM

The most popular program, GibbsCAM, offers a wide range of features to let designers create product components more quickly. This software also provides a variety of settings.

This software can be downloaded on a computer with a 64-bit processor and requires an Intel Core 2 or a newer model. 700MB of disc space and 4GB of memory are needed. GibbsCAM 2018 costs $75, while GibbsCAM 2016 costs $60.

7. PowerMill

The CAM tool with 2- to 5-axis milling capability is called PowerMill. Utilizing this software has the advantage of cutting down on the time and cost associated with product development.

It includes capabilities like surface probing, high-speed roughing, improved performance, better finishing, and many more. More than 15,000 manufacturing industries utilize this software more than any other.

8. Mastercam

CAD tools and improved toolpaths are features of the Mastercam program. This program provides milling, turning, multi-tasking, and writing EDM features. Downloading this app requires certain desktop specifications.

A 64-bit processor and 8 GB of RAM are necessary for Mastercam. The processor should operate at 2.4 GHz or higher. Depending on the options included, Mastercam might cost anywhere from $4,000 and $40,000 per seat.

9. Cimatron

All of the toolpaths with NC programming are included in the Cimatron CAM software, which also guarantees on-time product delivery.

You require an Intel Core i7 4th generation processor and 64-bit operating system to download this software. It provides customers with choices such as milling, turning, molding, 5-axis milling capabilities, etc.

10. SolidCAM

The most popular program used by numerous sectors is called SolidCAM. This software uses exclusive machining milling technology, which reduces cycle time by 70%. A high-speed surface, 5-axis capabilities, turning, an improved mill-turn option, etc. are additional features.

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