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10 Brilliant CricHD Alternatives – Best Sports Streaming Sites

A close up image of a professional cricketer playing in batsman position wearing cricket whites and safety helmet, having just hit a ball during a cricket match in an outdoor stadium full of spectators. The action occurs under an evening sky at sunset. Stadium is fake, created from photographic and CG elements.

There are various websites that allow you to watch live sports for free on the internet. One of the most positive things that technology has done for us has been this. One such website is CricHD.

Every sport in the book is available to be picked and streamed for free on CricHD. People from all over the world, notably those from South Asia, are drawn to the place. You won’t have to worry about low quality because the online streaming is in HD. The website is genuinely unique, and you won’t find anything else like it anywhere else.

1: VIPLeague

vipleague ufc

VIPLeague is yet another fun and exciting option. This relates to the fact that streaming on this site is simple and entertaining, and the site has made it a point to please all of its visitors. The site is available to stream for free, freeing viewers like us from having to pay to watch sports.

In addition, the user experience is completely legitimate. The website has been up and running for a while, and it is aware of what it is doing and who it serves. It has a great sense of what all sports fans want and works relentlessly to make it happen!

2: Stream2Watch


This Stream2Watch is the ideal website for anyone who appreciates watching sports on TV networks or streaming them online. You won’t have to worry about paying for a subscription or registering for anything because this website is free.

3: Strikeout

Strikeout Stream

This is another website where you may watch sports without breaking a sweat. The website has a simple design that makes navigating and maneuvering around it a snap. Unfortunately, many people feel that this site is solely for soccer fans, but in reality, there are a variety of sports genres to choose from.

There are some big sports areas on the top side of the screen. If you want more options, click the ‘More’ icon on the right upper side. When you choose a sports category from the dropdown menu, you’ll be given a list of possibilities. You should be informed, however, that the website contains ads. With each click, you’ll be taken to a different website.

4: Vipboxtv


When you visit the website, you will be struck by how clean and straightforward the design is. On the top page, there are connections to all the sports groups. To be routed to your preferred destination, simply click an icon. If you know exactly what video you’re looking for, there’s also a search bar. There’s also a ‘Live Now’ button that takes you straight to the most up-to-date video streaming. In conclusion, if you want a website that is free of problems and drama, this is the one for you.

5: Cricfree

There is no better location than cricfree when it comes to live free online sports streaming websites and ensuring that you have the finest possible sports experience. The site’s user interface is incredibly aesthetically pleasing and appealing, particularly to fans of American football, baseball, and golf.

The show’s schedule is available on the website, along with information about forthcoming bouts. Unfortunately, some advertisements appear on the website, although they are infrequent and do not interfere with your streaming experience.

6: Hotstar

Hotstar is one of the most well-known, reputable, and secure websites for watching sports, videos, TV series, and movies online. It also has its own original series. In India, the site is well-known, and the app is widely used and adored on mobile devices.

The apps are available in both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, making them widely accessible. Another important aspect to note is that Hotstar is completely free, allowing you to watch your favorite sports in HD without spending a dime.

7: Sony LIV

This is another excellent alternative that you should investigate further! Like Hotstar, the site is free to use and includes a mobile app.

Although the site’s streaming quality is outstanding, it is advised that you use the mobile app, which is available for both iOS and Android users.



The website has been up and running for over five years. And the only way for a free online sports streaming service to stay in business for that long while also attracting new visitors every month is to provide active stream links to all of the big sporting events from around the world to people all over the world.

This site is available in seven languages and includes links to events and sports from across the world. But the finest part about this site is that customers can utilize their search bar to find any certain match and get information about it in one simple step. It is a platform worth your time because of the site design and optimal uptime. Although it will be unappealing to MLB fans. Furthermore, the site’s URL changes frequently, making it difficult to visit it on a regular basis.



When compared to the other platforms on our list, this one is a little different. It also lacks a menu where viewers may quickly go to their favorite sports department, despite the fact that it offers high quality and quantity of live sports to stream online. Users can see a list of their current and upcoming sports activities on the site’s home page.

All major cable television networks, including EuroSport, TSN, ESPN, FoxHD, NBA HD, and many others, include links in their sidebar. It should come as no surprise that the website’s live material is fake, and the site is also infamous for infecting your computer with viruses. As a result, we always advocate using a VPN and having a strong, up-to-date antivirus installed on your computer.

10: Fox Sports

Fox Sports


Fox Sports is another excellent online streaming service. It is featured in the list of all the leading digital sports channels that are streamed all over the world, just like the other items on our list. For numerous years, Fox Sports was seen as a major player in the digital television industry. Fox Sports has been streamed by literally millions of people in a single month as a result of its extensive range of offerings and choices it provides to its viewers.

This portal offers live online broadcasting of all-important cricket and other sporting events throughout the world.

Our Last Words

All the sites mentioned above are excellent options for watching CricHD. It makes no difference which platform you use; as long as it gives high-quality, fast live online streaming to a wide audience, you can safely call it a decent online streaming sports channel. We hope you found this post helpful.

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