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Dell Laptops – Latest Models to Buy in Pakistan

If you are looking to buy the latest models of Dell laptops in Pakistan, then you must be on your way to make a solid and wise investment. Dell laptops are not only long-lasting, but they are also equipped with some powerful processors. The different price range of Dell laptops is also available out there in the market.

Latest Models of Dell Laptop

The latest Dell laptops mainly strike between price and performance. Here are some of the latest Dell laptops which you must look before buying a new one.

Dell XPS 15

This machine is the best of all and is specially designed for creative students. It has the latest intel 10th generation, equipped with HD graphics. It is also available in 64 GB RAM. Not only the RAM but also the storage space of 256GB is very tempting.
It has a very beautiful display and a very comfortable keyboard. Also, the quality of the speakers is also very impressive. So overall, it is the best device for students, especially for their creative use.

Dell XPS 13

It is also known as the premium champ laptop in XPS series by Dell. It is also available in the latest generation not only in intel core i5 but also is available in intel core i7 as well. it is also equipped with one of the best UHD graphics.
Most of all it is available both in 8GB and 16GB RAM along with an exceptionally tempting screen size of almost 13.4 inches. Its storage capacity is from 256GB to 2 Terabytes. One can also attach SSD with this device.
It has gained the trust of its users not only because of its solid overall performance but also is because of its elegant design. Among the XPS series of Dell laptops, this machine has the best design. Although its price is very expensive as compared to other Dell laptops but the features and design of this laptop worth its price.

Dell Latitude 7490

It is basically a combination of silicon and honed design of intel, which makes it stand out among all the other Dell
laptops of this series. It is available in both intel core i3 and core i7 in the 8
th generation. It is also available in 16GB RAM. The storage capacity of this Dell laptop 128GB to 512GB but it has the facility to add SSD with the hard disk.
It has a very reasonable price and is very easily available across Pakistan. Although the design of this Dell Latitude laptop is not that tempting as compared to the XPS series but still, it makes it to the list of best latest model Dell laptops because of its good overall performance. One of the best things about this laptop is its battery life, which is extremely durable and long-lasting.

Dell G5 15 5590

If you are looking for the best gaming laptop by Dell in Pakistan, then this G5 Dell laptop offers an extremely killer combination. It is available in the 9th generation along with a screen size of 15.6 inches.
It has an extremely solid battery life, which is the top-notch priority for a gaming user. Also, its storage capacity is very effective with RAM of 8GB to 16GB.
The refresh rate is about 144HZ, which is very tempting to gamers.

Dell Inspiron 13

It offers extremely competent overall performance because of its latest generation intel process. It has a solid storage space of 512GB to 1TB.
It has a very versatile design along with durable battery life. Also, it has a very good quality of speakers.


As for the conclusion, there are a number of latest models available in Pakistan. They mainly vary from the price range. But most of all, they are also available at a very affordable price with good performance.

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