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Difference between Dual-Layer and Double-Sided DVD

Dual-Layer & Double-Sided DV

Nowadays you will find different types of DVDs in the market out of which Dual Layer and Double-Sided DVDs are the most popular ones. Dual-Layer DVDs and Double-sided DVDs offer a massive amount of storage capacity, and moreover, have a total of two recordable layers, but still, both are absolutely different from each other.

In this article, we will discuss both the DVDs in order to bring out the significant differences between them. Therefore, all the readers who are excited to know about the key differences between the DVDs mentioned above must go through this article thoroughly.

Difference between Dual-Layer & Double-Sided DVD

Dual-Layer DVD

Dual-layer DVDs were first introduced in the year 2004. It is basically a disc with two recordable dye layers each capable of storing nearly 4.7GB of data. So, the total capacity of these types of DVDs is 8.5GB as there are two recordable dye layers, although it has only one side. In this type of DVD, you will be able to store nearly 4 hours of video.

These types of DVDs are compatible with most of the devices, although you may sometimes face a few issues in some of the older devices. While using Dual-layer DVDs, you will come across two different formats, including DVD-R Dual Layer, and DVD+R Dual-layer format.

Moreover, there are two modes for dual-layer orientation, parallel track path (PTP), and opposite track path (OTP). In PTP mode, both layers start recording at the inside diameter (ID) and end at the outside diameter (OD). On the other hand, in OTP mode, the lower layer starts at the inside diameter (ID) and the upper layer starts at the outside diameter (OD) where the first layer ends.

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Now we will go to the next segment of this article, where you will come to know about the Double-Sided DVDs.

Double-Sided DVDs

Unlike the Dual Layer DVDs, Double-sided DVDs have two different sides where you will be able to store a massive amount of data. Double-sided DVDs can be further divided into three types, including DVD-10, DVD-18, and DVD-14.

When both sides of the DS DVDs are single-layered then such types of DVDs are known as DVD-10, while on the other hand when both are double-layered, then such kinds of Double Sided DVDs are known as DVD-18. Usually, you will be able to store 9.7GB of data, which is nearly 4.75 hours of video.

Double-Sided DVDs which are used for movie release have the widescreen or the letterbox version of the movie on one side, and the pan and scan or the full-screen version on the opposite side.  Moreover, you will find a different set of bonus content on each side.

Both Dual Layer DVDs and Double-Sided DVDs can be further divided into two more types which are known as Recordable and Rewritable DVDs.

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