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Dragon Ball Z


Top 10 Strongest Fighters Of Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball is one of the best cartoon series, and fans a; ways take alt of interest in these cartoons. We often see the fans of this popular franchise comparing their favorite characters to decide who likes the most robust character. They reach the characteristics such as their wits, their strengths, and their abilities in battles to analyze things better. Other factors such as How well the soldiers go against each other? Who will prevail if the two ever encountered each other? These questions always pop up in mind when you compare your desired fighters.

Top 10 Strongest Fighters Of Dragon Ball!

We have compiled the list of some powerful heroes in the entire Dragon Ball Universe.  It is based on their strengths and fighting abilities; let’s look at the list given below.

1. Whis




At the top of our list is master Whis, the true braveheart soldier in the DBZ series. All Angels are partnered with Destroyers to teach them to wield their Destruction power properly. That’s the reason we have placed Whis above Zeno and Beerus in the list. Without any doubt, he is the most powerful fighter in the world.

2. Beerus




Beerus is the god of destruction, and only  Gods deserve to fill this spot of  Strongest Fighters Of Dragon Ball. Beerus is an excellent fighter with many skills; for example, it uses Destruction energy to take out menaces to mortal life and harmony in the universe. You can call him a true villain, but he thinks differently from others, making him a chaotic character.

3. Jiren




Jiren is similar to Toppo, and Pride Trooper from Universe 11 can fight with class and bravery. Jiren the grey trained is undoubtedly one of the world’s most brutal troopers. He is known for his powerful enough punches to hit others from a significant distance, and it is hard to prevent his psychic attacks. That’s why he is occupying number three in our list of strongest fighters of Dragon Ball.

4. Goku




If we dont place Goku in our list, it would be considered blasphemy. Although it is lower than three fighters, still the most adorable and famous character ever in Dragon Ball Z cartoons. However, he failed to obtain the Super Saiyan Blue Evolution form, such as Vegeta. What makes him better than Vegeta is the form called Ultra Instinct.  This form is more capable and robust than the Blue Evolution; that’s why  Goku takes the fourth spot.

5. Vegeta




Vegeta is one of the strongest fighters of Dragon Ball and the only character to defeat Toppo. So this is his pride, and he achieved this mark using the same self-destructing technique that he used against Majin Buu.  Another best thing about this character is he unlocked a new form in the Tournament of Power, a great feature. This one exceeds the Super Saiyan Blue form and is known as the Super Saiyan Blue Evolution.

6. Toppo




Toppo is another best fighter who is a Universe 11 being, and he is amongst the famous DBZ heroes. People love him because he is part of  Pride Troopers. If you dont know about  Pride Troopers, they are heroes that fight intergalactic villains for justice. His destroyer form is dangerous and leaves you in splits. When he appears in this form, he gains god-like powers that are even not under his control.

7. Frieza




When  Dragon Ball Z appeared on television, Frieza was considered the most powerful character of this show. After we looked at his unbelievable power, we believed he was the end game of Goku. But what brought him lower in our list is, he was crushed by the form he feared the most. The  Super Saiyan form became the reason for his defeat and weakness. He has failed to list in the top five because Goku and Vegeta defeated him in the end, which is disappointing.

8. Gohan




He is the son of Goku, the character mentioned above in our list, so if you are a Goku fan, you would be familiar with Gohan. The boy transformed himself from a non-warrior to a full-fledged fighter; his character is inspirational and profound. His success is that he unlocked Super Saiyan 2 mode after a bit of training with ease. The unique thing about this hero is he has that rare strength that only a few can manage in the DBZ. Many DBZ fans believe that Gohan is the strongest half-Saiyan on the planet, so he has achieved much strength in his childhood.

9. Buu




Buu is the opposing character, but we can’t miss it while naming the strongest fighter of Dragon Ball Z. He is an alien who transforms himself in different forms and makes it difficult to determine which is the strongest one. We saw him in kid form last time, and he is always changing his forms leading to confusion. But the previous was not as strong as his other forms. We have placed him on our list based on his form that enabled Super Buu to fight against Vegito.

10. Hit



The Hit might be lower in our list still the strongest hero featured in Dragon Ball Z. This warrior is an impregnable villain who is an assassin from Universe 6. He features rare time-related abilities that allow him to move forward in time during battles, making it difficult for his enemies. The alien also has the ability to store the times he skips to be used later for different purposes. If you look at this power, it massive when it comes to strength-based anime. So we will conclude our list of the strongest characters in Dragon Ball on this character.


We have created a list of the strongest characters in the Dragon Ball universe based on our analysis and other user ratings. There are so many different characters in this series, so it’s not easy to place everyone on our list. You can choose anyone according to your interests and powers of these characters. Dont forget to send us suggestions and feedback; if you find some name missing on our list, we will always listen. Until the next time. Goodbye!

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