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5 Easy Steps to Design Your Excel Sheets for Pinterest Posts

5 Easy Steps to Design Your Excel Sheets for Pinterest Posts

Do you want to broaden your audience and increase the number of visitors to your website? Using visuals to make content simpler to digest, more entertaining, and ultimately more shareable is one of the greatest methods to do this.

Excel sheets are ideal for this because they’re extremely adaptable and can be customised to meet practically any occasion or purpose, from publishing on Pinterest to updating your social media profiles. You can create powerful Pinterest posts right from Excel in just five simple steps!

Step 1. Best Time To Post On Pinterest

Because Pinterest is primarily a visual tool, names should be bold and straightforward. Use a font size of at least 20 points and align it properly. The bolded text is sufficient, but you can accompany it with an image of your corporate logo. In addition, to avoid cutting down on post length, make sure your title is easy to read and doesn’t employ too many words.

You might also write a single statement about something crucial that you want people to know as they browse through their feed. NEW PRODUCT LAUNCHED! is a good example of a catchphrase.

Step 2. Use Meaningful Filenames

The second point to consider is file names, particularly the use of keywords in your file names. When someone does a Google image search, this will assist your files rank higher in search engines. It is critical that you include keywords in all of your file names! It will not work if you use special characters or strange symbols. Simply ensure that your timesheet template is readable and contains real words.

Step 3. Add Call-to-Action (CTA) Links

A reader must be told exactly what you want them to do before they can take any action. Tell your reader what they need to do when they visit Pinterest and come across your content using CTA links. Do you want them to be pleased with it? Tell them how to do it.

Step 4. Add Keywords

If you’re sharing an image of an Excel sheet, make sure the cell headers are useful and, if possible, linkable. You can do so by selecting Insert from the top menu bar, then Text Box, from any cell in your spreadsheet. Give it a meaningful title (for example, a description of how to use your spreadsheet) and then click Ok. Before saving, make sure that the Don’t move or size with cells option is selected in the advanced settings.

Step 5. Add Text Descriptions

Adding a caption to your Excel sheet is the final step in making it shoppable. This is a text description of each image that can include any information about the product you want to communicate with your audience, such as the price or ingredients. This is also a fantastic spot to provide brief descriptions of why you chose that particular item, how it differs from similar goods, and so on.

Don’t be scared to use keywords in these captions; using relevant keywords in product descriptions can help people find your posts when they search for terms that are similar to them.

Finalizing Your Post

  • Optimize titles – Using keywords that are relevant to the topic of your post will help you rank higher in search engines.
    If you’re blogging about Pinterest content, make sure your title includes the word “Pinterest.”
  • Write unique material – Writing ten posts that are nearly word-for-word duplicates is not considered unique content, and Google or other search engines may punish your site.
  • Include engaging image captions, bullet points, bold text, and other formatting elements, but don’t make it look like you copied and pasted an entire PDF into WordPress.
  • Proofread your article – Make sure you double-check your C# read excel file before publishing it to ensure there are no errors!
  • Include a link to your website in your message. This is an absolute must! If you decide to feature another site or piece of material on your blog, most blogging platforms consider it etiquette.

Pinterest Course Online

There are many Pinterest Courses available that will teach you how to use Excel spreadsheets; Microsoft and Google both have courses available on their platforms.
However, many of these seminars are geared toward businesspeople, and while some may overlap, they won’t be ideal if you’re trying to create a Pinterest-specific Excel sheet.

If you want a more professional approach, look into Skillshare or Udemy for a range of general-use Excel classes, or LinkedIn Learning for a more professional approach.

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