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Effective Ways to Keep Your Team Motivated While Working from Home

Team Motivated

It’s no exaggeration that the business landscape has drastically changed due to the novel COVID-19 pandemic. More companies have made their employees work from home. There is no doubt that remote work is slowly becoming a norm and there are many benefits that come with remote work. While employees are trying to work remotely to stop the spread of the virus, they are also trying their best to deal with the challenges they are facing along the way.

It is understandable that working from home means more distractions. Many employees don’t get to interact with fellow employees on a daily basis. On top of that, employees have to deal with social isolation — all of these things can lead to less productivity.

Every company wants to rise above its competitors in times of turmoil, regardless of the countless challenges. They go out of their way to win market share and not to mention, earn life-long customer love.

In order to do so, as an employer, you need to overcome these challenges and go out of your way to explore new ways to manage your employees and keep them motivated at all times. This is how their productivity can be increased in no time.

In case, you are wondering what steps you need to take to keep your team motivated, then here are some tips and tricks that you will find helpful. So, take a look!

Focus on Establishing Daily Check-Ins

As managers are no longer having a face-to-face interaction with their team and employees are unable to chat in the pantry while making coffee, it is important to create a daily check-in routine. Undoubtedly, it is a surefire way to set the right priorities and not to forget, foster connections. So, as a manager, it is crucial to ensure a morning check-in through a phone call, video chat, or instant message on Skype or any other app can play a vital role in creating a sense of normalcy.

Another thing you need to ensure is that you are using the best tech and productivity tools as they will be in charge of revamping regular check-ins. For instance, you used to have a daily all-hands meeting with your team but now you have made them work from home to curb the spread of the virus. If this is the case, you should consider using a video conferencing app so that you can have a virtual version of the same meeting each morning. Fast internet speed is all you need to make these meetings successful.

This kind of revamped meeting will certainly help in keeping your entire team on the same page. Apart from that, the remote workers will end up maintaining productivity.

Encourage a Proper Workspace

It is understandable why a majority of regular office workers have never thought about having a proper workspace in their homes, but now that they are regularly working remotely, as a manager, it is your responsibility to encourage your employees to set a dedicated workspace. Make sure that their home offices are separate from communal space.

The best way to do so is to offer large earnings to help workers create appropriate, productive spaces so that they can work from the comfort of their homes without a single worry in the world. When your employees have dedicated workspaces, it can help your employees to avoid the normal distractions of home life.

Schools have been shut down due to the novel COVID-19 outbreak, this means that many employees need to work remotely with their children at home. Hence, it is necessary to have a dedicated workspace away from the family. This is, without a doubt, a great way to maintain focus and stay on top of your everyday tasks. This home office is a temporary makeshift space that can give you the ultimate peace of mind even when you are working from home.

Try Setting Meaningful Goals

While the employees are happy with the fact that they don’t have to wake up one or two hours before work to get ready as they are relieved from the stress of an everyday commute, it can be no less than a nightmare for managers to manage their team and increase their productivity during the unprecedented times. So, they should be careful about what steps they need to take in order to manage their teams effectively.

To make your employees’ work-from-home experience a breeze, it is important to enforce discipline. Needless to say, there will be a lot of distractions in their homes which may make their work suffer. If you truly want to manage your remote teams successfully, then your entire focus should be on setting a meaningful goal. Make sure that you take the time to set clear and realistic goals and specific metrics. This is how you can track outcomes and most importantly, measure results effectively.

In addition to tracking results, your focus should be on communication. Why? Because when teams are fragmented, it is important to communicate so that everybody is on the same page. What you can do is conduct virtual meetings from time to time to take updates and ensure that that your team is working on the goals you have set. On top of that, you need to make sure that you schedule some regular time with employees for “non-work” discussions so that they don’t get bored.

Give Your Employees the Emotional Support They Need

As an employer, you need to know that working remotely can contribute to loneliness, depression, and negative emotions. That’s the reason why you should look for ways to provide emotional support to your team. True leaders are the ones who manage to keep their audience calm and happy.

Even though your team is working from the comfort of their home, it is your responsibility to be available for your employees. To do so, you need to ensure that you respond to your employees’ messages instantly when they reach out to you for help.


When employers go out of their way to encourage self-care among their team members, who are trying their best to adapt to remote work, they end up achieving their business goals.

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