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Features Of An Excellent CRM-ERP App

Both CRM and ERP share some similarities concerning its working and features, but it can’t be accurate to say that both are the same few features that make them different from each other in respect of its working. Let us first understand the difference between ERP and CRM to clear out the questions in the head.

CRM systems are developed to record and maintain every crucial information regarding customer interactions. The data collected is formalized and easily shareable throughout the organization among its various departments for which the information is useful. 

ERP software is developed to promote business operations, while CRM mainly focuses on the sales side and maintaining good customer relations with the organization. Whereas, the ERP system is combined and performed across different departments. An ERP system offers interconnected management of various business processes included in the business. So it can provide standardized information throughout every department in real-time without any hindrances.

Microsoft Dynamics app helps to provide solutions to the problems of mismanagement and other issues in the business.

Here are some crucial features of the CRM-ERP app:-

  • Centralization of All Accounts and Contacts

Both the software systems, CRM and ERP record detailed information about the customers, which includes contacting data, order story, billing and shipping details, and other important information. By combining CRM and ERP system, businesses can get points in one location and for one account. Integrated systems will save time on data entry as data updating will help to maintain proper records. It will be helpful to stay updated and resolves problems. 

  • Removal of Data Duplication

With the use of such automated, software systems, the hindrance of data duplication can be solved easily. As data duplication without using proper software can be a significant headache for the authorities. Both the systems work with the same criteria; this will help in achieving work efficiency. 

  • Powerful Visibility and Forecasting

In major business to business, enterprises sales repetition needed to get access data within the enterprise resource planning solution. To forecast the integrated ERP and CRM system will naturally provide adequate data since it’s real-time and always as detailed as reasonable.

  • Cross-Departmental Collaboration

The significant benefit of both CRM and ERP software systems will increase the ability to work of cross-department wise without any chaos among the department as the data is provided equally to the departments as per their needs. This approach will reduce the chances of data duplication as the cross-departmental approach majorly ensures real-time data is always being used, and departments are working together to fulfil the same goals.

  • Easier Quoting and Ordering

Integrated systems will be helpful in more accessible quoting and ordering this will save time and also improves company efficiency. Data can be adequately organized with the help of the systems and used as a significant source for maintaining data and customer relations.

  • Correct Quoting and Inventory

The integration systems can look at the ERP to view the company’s inventory and current costs to get the most accurate quotes. 

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