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Five Must Know Tips Prior to Purchasing an Electric Automobile

Are you thinking of buying an electronic car? May be because of the air pollution caused by petroleum vehicles or because you want to enjoy its unique characteristics and luxury it brings. 

Prior to walking to a car vendor to buy an EV, you should be well informed of the following facts concerning electronic cars.

Increased Monthly Electricity Bills

This being an electric automobile, you should be aware that your electricity consumption will be accelerated. Different cars have different consumption levels and charging rates.

  • Level 1 vehicles have a capacity of 120V with 6 miles for an hour’s charge
  • Level 2 vehicles have a capacity of 240v. the charge of one hour can go for 25 miles
  • Level 3 cars can take 400v 

The third level vehicles will greatly shoot your electricity bills and you be forced to install a home charging system to take care of your car as stated by physics online homework specialists. Level 1 automobiles is recommended because its bills are a bit low and it will serve the purpose.

Not all are Expensive 

The fact that these cars are fewer in the market should not get you thinking that they are extremely expensive. There are some electric automobiles that are sold at similar prices as petroleum cars and they are actually good choices. Before you make up your mind on what you are going to buy, do an in-depth search about the prices.

There is Distance Limitation 

Once you cover a certain distance, your charge may be so low that you will require a recharge. This again should not stumble your vision of purchasing the electric car because it more or less similar to refiling a petroleum car once the fuel level drops. So, you need to locate a recharging station and get your car’s battery recharged. This may take you some time but a single hours charge can give you good service.

So, be sure there is a recharging point within your locality before you do the purchasing. None the less, there are some EVs that travel for long distances without needing a recharge. 

Cheap Maintenance 

This must be one thing that has brightened your countenance! With a petroleum car you keep visiting your mechanic. This is actually very expensive with time. Maintenance expenses for electric cars are negligible this is mainly because of the technology employed in making the automobile. So, an electronic car actually sets you free of the burdensome maintenance fees that comes with petroleum cars.

Comfort and Silence

You definitely want to ride in a car that is free from noises. Any petroleum car will produce some noises while in motion; this is not the case with EVs. There are no foul smells of burning petroleum with an EV


It’s my hope that you found this tips helpful and you will be able to make an informed choice when buying your electric car. An EV will give you a cozy silent ride and spell your affluence.

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