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Top 10 FTP Clients for WordPress on Mac and Windows in 2022

Files and folders are needed when creating a website. A complex website takes a seemingly limitless number of files and folders to build. It becomes really daunting if you’re a developer or designer. A theme folder can be missing or have been improperly transferred to the server, or you might forget where you put a media file after moving it. Regardless of your issues, maintaining an organization requires one of the greatest FTP clients.

Summary of Contents

  • What Purpose Does an FTP Client Serve?
  • Characteristics of the Top FTP Clients
  • The Top FTP Clients Available Right Now

What Purpose Does an FTP Client Serve?

File Transfer Protocol, or FTP, enables you to link your computer’s local files to an online server. You might be building a WordPress website, for instance. In such a situation, you may use a program like DevKinsta to create a website on your computer, transfer all the contents later to your server, and then open your website for public viewing. To put it briefly, it allows you the chance to arrange your files, make adjustments in a confidential setting, and also determine whether anything is amiss.

Although every FTP client is unique, it’s crucial to remember that you need one that supports your operating system and has a user interface that is simple to navigate and organize folders in. Nowadays, installing these files on systems like WordPress is usually as simple as clicking a button provided by hosting companies.

For both novice and experienced developers, an FTP client is still a great training and debugging tool. It’s also a good idea to keep a local copy of your website on a PC at all times.

The Best FTP Clients Should Have These Features

FTP clients are remarkably similar in some respects, but occasionally you come upon a small feature in one of them that makes it much more useful for you. Having stated that, the following characteristics are the ones you should prioritize:

  • Before using the FTP client, confirm that it is compatible with your operating system (like Windows, Mac, or Linux).
  • Examine the supported OS versions for your system as well. When it comes to OS support, some FTP clients are far better than others.
  • Look for aesthetically pleasing interfaces with drag-and-drop capabilities.
  • Even if you have thousands of files, the finest FTP applications feature bookmarking and search tools to help you find them.
  • Keep track of which clients connect to particular service types. Some of them are solely used for server transfers from local to remote locations. Others connect to third-party storage platforms like Google Drive and Dropbox.
  • Verify that the client supports the necessary protocols. Possible examples include FTP, SSL, and SSH.

The Best FTP Clients on the Market Today

  1. FileZilla
  2. Cyberduck
  3. ForkLift
  4. Transmit
  5. WinSCP
  6. WS_FTP® Professional
  7. Commander One PRO
  8. Core FTP LE
  9. CuteFTP
  10. Free FTP

Reviews of the Top FTP Clients in-Depth

In terms of their capabilities and user interfaces, some of the most excellent FTP clients are remarkably similar. Some are vastly dissimilar. You should check whether FTP clients are supported by your Operating System as a starting point. Then, consider the in-depth assessments we’ve provided below!

Let’s begin.

1. FileZilla


Filezilla is one of the most well-known names in the FTP world. Not only is FileZilla free and simple to download, but it also takes little time to comprehend how the entire system operates. All users can link to their site files and position them next to what is being kept on a PC, despite FileZilla having a very archaic UI.

The bulk of FileZilla customers uses Windows PCs, however, you may get software for any Operating System, even outdated ones like Windows 7. A site manager, a filename filter section, and the main window (where you’ll spend the majority of your time) are all included in the FileZilla user interface. You can search for specific items in the files and set up settings by navigating between the tabs on the main menu.

2. Cyberduck


Although Cyberduck doesn’t support Linux, Mac and Windows users find it to be a relatively user-friendly and quick tool for moving data between local and distant places. You can choose to download the FTP client from the Cyberduck website or from the Mac App Store or Microsoft Store, respectively.

Although the software is open source and free, you can opt-out of payment requests and even get a registration key if you give the developers more than $10. When compared to other FTP Clients (including FileZilla), the Cyberduck interface is more up-to-date, and it connects your website to external storage services like Google Drive and Dropbox.

3. ForkLift


The Mac-only file manager and transfer client ForkLift feature twin panes for comparing and switching different file locations. There are remote connections accessible for services like Google Drive and Amazon S3. Not to mention that you can connect to numerous servers simultaneously, providing you additional flexibility if you need to do more than one transfer.

Although ForkLift offers a free trial, a single license for the core program costs $29.95. The small business license costs $99.95 and covers up to five Macs, while the family license is good for three computers and costs $49.95. ForkLift also provides teachers and students with educational discounts.

4. Transmit


If you’re a Mac user seeking an alternative to ForkLift, Transmit stands out on its own thanks to a few special features. Transmit appears to offer a great user interface for organizing your files and simultaneously connecting them to several servers. You can connect to preferred services like Box, Google Drive, and Backblaze while also uploading, managing, and downloading everything from one location.

Transmit offers a free trial to try it out, just like many other Mac FTP clients. However, the primary program is available for purchase for $45. This is only for one license, but the more licenses you buy, the more you save. Transmit, for instance, costs $43 per copy for ten copies. Although not a huge reduction, it is acceptable for businesses who require extra copies.

5. WinSCP


As you would guess from the name, WinSCP is only compatible with Windows-based PCs. It integrates your remote and local settings with free file management and an FTP client. As of the time of this post, the open source project had received over 124 million downloads, and interest in it only seems to be growing. The dual-pane file transfer module and user interface are somewhat reminiscent of FileZilla.

Additionally, you can alter your home page using different tabs, commands, and sessions. You can work on different sessions at once on the same screen, which lets you finish more tasks at once. WinSCP’s feature set appears to be extensive and user-friendly. Additionally, the WinSCP website has a wealth of information on the product. Comprehensive documentation, a user forum, and alternatives for customer service are a few of the resources.

6. WS_FTP® Professional

WS_FTP® Professional

Over 40 million people use WS FTP Professional. This is due, in part, to the fact that WS FTP offers high degrees of encryption, simple customization, and sophisticated admin tools. Starting with security, WS FTP safeguards all files throughout the entire transfer procedure. This applies both before and after file transfers. All your files are secured inside WS FTP using various encryption techniques.

With this level of protection, WS FTP is a top-tier FTP client. As a result, you must pay $49.95 for each license for a single user. You can benefit from community and email assistance if you upgrade to the professional level, which starts at $89.95. In addition to encryption, WS FTP includes other safeguards to protect your files.

7. Commander One PRO

Commander One PRO

You are more than welcome to download the free edition of Commander One. However, we’re concentrating more on the expensive Commander One PRO FTP client for a few reasons. The feature set is significantly better when upgrading to the Pro version. Second, Pro’s personal license costs just $29.99. After that, you might purchase the company plan (50 licenses) for $149.99 or the team version (five licenses) for $99.99.

Commander One PRO supports transfers using FTP, SFTP, and FTPS. It is a trustworthy and reasonably rapid client for quickly moving, uploading, and transferring items between servers. Multiple connections are possible, and tabbed browsing will definitely speed up your process. Also recently released by the creators is Commander One PRO 2.

8. Core FTP LE


Core FTP LE used to be paid software, but now you can choose between buying the Pro version or the LE version. We believe that Core FTP LE, with its straightforward interface, dual-panel design, and uncanny resemblance to FileZilla, should be perfectly adequate for the majority of users. The primary distinction between the two is that Core FTP LE exclusively concentrates on developing Windows software so you might find it more geared toward that kind of user experience.

However, the file manager offers drag-and-drop and transfer modules and a status area to determine whether and when your file will move from a local site to a remote one. Most of your duties may be completed on the same window, which allows you to search through a large hierarchy of files and bookmark the items that are most significant to you.

9. CuteFTP


Globalscape is the firm that owns CuteFTP. It’s exclusively available for use on Windows devices and demands a $59.99 per year subscription. The creators release a new version every year on average. If so, an upgrade is available for $29.99. For an extra $30, CuteFTP offers one year of maintenance and support.

CuteFTP was created to give FTP clients an intuitive interface, a tonne of automation, and industry-leading security. Security is unquestionably addressed with tools like password authentication, strong encryption, and a password manager.

10. Free FTP

Free FTP

You can try out the free and paid versions of Free FTP and possibly upgrade if you find that you need more functionality. If you’d rather try it out instead of sticking with the free version, the premium version is available for $39 and offers a free trial. Free FTP is now compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, and Vista. The premium program, which goes by the name Direct FTP, was created by the same people as the free version and only enhanced its features.

If you choose to pay for Direct FTP, you can access common file transfer and editing facilities in addition to those premium options. It advances the interface by offering a full range of web design toolsets for quick adjustments and file organizing. Everything may be modified directly on your server to ensure the best speed, and all uploads are dependable and quick.

Which of the Top FTP Clients Is Best for You?

We hope our suggestions will help you narrow your list of FTP clients and choose one. If you need a little more help, here are some final suggestions:

  • FileZilla: If you want a free option that works with all Operating Systems, take a look at this FTP client. It is also, in our opinion, the best overall option.
  • Cyberduck: We like this one for Windows and Mac users who want to sync with storage services like Dropbox and Google Drive.
  • ForkLift: There is this FTP client for Mac users who want remote connections like SMB and Google Drive.
  • Transmit: Here’s one with quick upload rates that’s perfect for Mac users.
  • WinSCP: If you have a Windows computer and desire the ultimate simplicity, consider this.
  • WS_FTP® Professional: just for Windows users who demand the highest level of protection with their FTP client.

And that concludes our list of the top FTP clients! Write a remark in the space below if you have any more queries or would like to tell us about your favorite clientele.

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