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Gamification Training Software


12 Free Gamification Training Software

You can include gaming features like narratives, badges, points, prizes, and leaderboards through the usage of gamification training software to assist engage learners and foster friendly competition within the team. There are many platforms already available online, but we’ve done the legwork and whittled it down to a list of the top ten gamification training programs.

1. EdApp



With EdApp’s gamification training software, you can turn dry course material into exciting smartphone games that encourage your staff to finish their coursework and retain lesson material. You can use game template examples such as letter jumble, find a word, next in order, true or false, image/word match, jeopardy, and elevator game to create your own educational materials.

Fortunately, this is made simple for you by its cloud-based SCORM authoring tool, which allows you to produce, modify, and distribute top-notch training materials for your learners. When creating a course, you have access to a variety of interesting content, game, and quiz templates that let you create the instructional materials faster than usual—in just a few minutes or hours as opposed to the typical days or weeks.

2. Qstream


Another gamification training tool is Qstream, which provides gamification aspects, micro-explanations, challenges, scenario-based Q&A, and spaced repetition features. By using Qstream, you may improve your learners’ productivity and knowledge retention.

With helpful tool components like proficiency heat maps, leaderboards, team comparisons, and analytics dashboards, managers can assess the effectiveness of training, solve knowledge gaps, and monitor overall employee performance in real-time.

3. Unlock: Learn

Unlock: Learn

Over 25 years have passed since Unlock: Learn first entered the corporate training market. They serve as a platform that enables businesses to create engaging training materials and customized learning opportunities for their staff.

You can quickly enrol, engage, and train your entire organization with its straightforward features and automated training tool. By using the platform’s analytics tool, you can access pertinent statistics and create training strategy plans.

4. Tovuti LMS

Tovuti LMS

Tovuti LMS assists you in streamlining your staff training system as a learning management platform and gamification training program. You may easily create, update, schedule, and distribute interactive courses using its integrated course creation suite.

To motivate students to finish the learning objectives they have been given, you can also integrate leaderboards and other gamification components. Additionally, students get access to a personal site that displays their leaderboard position, badges, certifications, checklists, assigned courses, and forthcoming training sessions.

5. Gametize


With the help of the enterprise-grade gamification training software and LMS solution Gametize, businesses may improve the training experiences of their staff members, whether they are enrolled in onboarding or upskilling courses.

By selecting from a vast library of game templates that are organized into project categories like employee engagement, learning and development, talent acquisition, and many more, you can quickly and easily create your own gamified material with this tool. Flashcards, tests, and interactive challenges can all increase training completion rates and engagement.

6. Edgagement


With Edgagement, you may use a straightforward drag and drop authoring tool to create gamified microlearning content, quizzes, and surveys. With the aid of more than 15 game templates, including spin to win, fact or fiction, double match, connect the dots, jumble image, and many others, you can simply develop interactive training materials even if you have little to no experience with graphic design.

Through the leaderboard and incentive elements of the platform, foster friendly rivalry among your employees and encourage them to finish their training.

7. Kahoot!


Kahoot!, a website that primarily creates online quizzes, makes use of visually appealing gamification aspects to increase learner engagement and guarantee higher completion rates. Your students can use a web browser or a mobile e-learning app to access these interactive template-based games and quizzes, which are known collectively as “kahoots.”

The best aspect is that they may all be answered simultaneously by a group of “players” using any video conferencing platform, shown on a shared screen.

8. Hoopla


Hoopla is a gamification training tool and engagement strategy created to inspire sales teams to perform better through competitions, leaderboards, and in-the-moment praise. It enables you to set sales objectives and organize competitions in the form of races or tournaments to encourage healthy competition among employees and increase team productivity.

Through the tool’s built-in leaderboards system, team members can also monitor their own performance. You may rapidly deliver recognition using the Newsflash feature without the need for manual involvement. Hoopla automatically delivers a live news update to the entire company once an employee meets their goal so that everyone may celebrate their success.

9. Centrical


Utilize the robust gamification training software from Centrical to create customized microlearning content. You won’t need to have sophisticated design knowledge to create aesthetically beautiful game-based instructional materials because of its user-friendly interface.

You can create quest-based game narratives, create prize-winning tournaments, or tailor learning challenges on the platform to help your staff adopt the proper habits, practice skills in a risk-free virtual environment, and enhance the general knowledge and abilities they need to succeed. Centrical regularly introduces new games, challenges, and giveaways to keep learners engaged throughout their entire training program.

10. Archy Learning

Archy Learning

Archy Learning is an all-in-one gamification training software and e-learning platform that you can use to set up a virtual classroom for those who are educating remote teams throughout the world. You can quickly copy and paste Youtube links, and upload lecture notes, PDFs, and other digital resources that your students will require to finish their training thanks to the user-friendly interface.

You can also create learning paths that include personalized games, homework, interactive video modules, and quizzes from the course. There are also course certificates offered to encourage students to finish their classes.

11. Mambo.IO


Another gamified learning management system is Mambo.IO, which enables you to tailor gamification solutions based on your own key performance criteria and aids in improving the learning results for your staff. You can therefore match your training plan with your goals in this manner. You can also give them awards when they finish a task or business procedure or progress in their learning.

There is also a Leaderboards component that is behaviour- and point-based, which promotes friendly competition and improves performance among staff members. Through its coupon system, you can also provide learners concrete rewards to boost engagement and motivation. Through this tool, students can use their accrued points to redeem coupons.

12. Funifier


A gamified learning platform called Funifier uses game mechanics in its features to boost engagement. To improve the learning performance of your staff, it offers elements like quest lists, leaderboards, progress bars, and many others.

Funifier offers you the chance to design a unique incentive program so you may award students through its Rewards Catalogue, which will serve as an additional motivator for learners to remain competitive. In addition to this, you’ll have access to a dashboard that you may personalize with KPIs related to your goals. After that, you can utilize your data to improve your gamification-based learning techniques.

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