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Top 12 Best gLabels Alternatives In 2022

Best gLabels Alternatives

In this essay, the top and most dependable glabels alternatives will be discussed. gLabels is a robust, lightweight, and user-friendly label and business card creation tool for the GNOME desktop environment.

Ink/laser-jet business and label card sheets are widely available from office supply stores, and the strategy is appropriate for use with them. The program’s best feature is its capacity to make creating DVD/CD labels, address labels, price tags, and name tags simpler.

One or more of the potential elements of a card or label could be barcodes, text, images, shapes, or lines. The document-merge module also allows you to print individual labels for each entry from an Evolution address book, CSV file, or other external data sources.

Due to the solution’s attractive user interface, all users may find it easier to understand. You can begin a fresh project right away, make the required adjustments, and then store it for a later editing session. Another excellent aspect of the solution is its command-line interface, which allows you to open several files simultaneously.

Top 12 Best gLabels Alternatives in 2022

Here are the top 12 best gLabels alternatives discussed.

1. Orion Label and Print Studio 

Orion Label and Print Studio

Orion Label And Print Studio, a well-known Mac and PC tool, makes it simple to create business cards, labels, and other items. After installing the software on the desired device, you can generate and print PDF books, custom labels, flyers, business cards, and greeting cards with folds. A unique feature of this programme is that it supports a broad variety of label sizes and shapes, including popular shipping and address labels as well as oval and circular special-purpose labels. This is an additional glabels substitute.

2. DYMO Label

DYMO Label

You can quickly print one label or hundreds of labels using DYMO Label. You can design and print amazing labels that look the way you want, saving time over sheet labels. Anybody can rapidly ascertain what labels’ size and design they require. Each user of the program has access to a visual library with more than 60 different label and size types. You can choose by label type and choose the required design or previously printed labels to save time and effort.

3. LabelNation


You can print labels, business cards, address labels, and other things connected to shapes using the user-friendly, simple, but powerful command-line programme called LabelNation. It is the perfect fit for anyone who isn’t put off by text- and option-based customisation. The only thing that separates the solution from a GUI tool is the additional effort required to carry out activities manually. This is an additional glabels substitute. also, look into the Orion wine software

4. Labelgrid


An amazing and complete JS and CSS solution for easily making labels is labelgrid. It was developed utilising contemporary web standards, such as CSS, HTML, and JSS, as an open-source effort. The team has avoided utilising any third-party browser plug-ins or components in order to provide a fantastic experience. The HTML document format is the one that is used by default for printing.

5. BusinessCardLand


BusinessCardLand is a terrific solution that claims to offer a straightforward procedure for the creation of free printable business cards. Personalized business cards can be created using an inkjet printer. You can either accomplish this with pre-cut Avery business card material or a piece of paper you already have. After the designing process is complete, simply click the “Make PDF” button to produce a PDF version of your printed business cards. This is an additional glabels substitute.



LABEL MATRIX, a completely functional and user-friendly barcode label solution, aids you in moving forward toward growth with the aid of a best-in-class application. It has superb built-in wizards for your convenience and is the finest choice for simple labelling requirements. There are more than 100 different barcode symbologies from which to choose. You will immediately get used to the UI because it is exactly like the standard Windows UI.

7. Foxy Labels

Foxy Labels

The Foxy Labels platform, which syncs with Google Sheets and Docs, allows you to design custom labels in a range of colours and fonts. Mail merge lists are simple to make and publish. Now that MS Word is gone, you can start using this simple-yet-powerful application. By adjusting the colours, sizes, and fonts, as well as by including images, anyone can quickly design distinctive labels. It makes it simple to combine data from Google Sheets simply.



The top-tier, feature-rich solution It is very easy to create, issue, and maintain secure credentials and ID cards with TRUCREDENTIAL SUITE SOFTWARE (formerly Entrust INSTANT ID). Organizations can use it to comply with a range of demands, from basic photo ID cards to delicate credentials. You can generate ID cards using the program’s straightforward drag-and-drop procedures and templates from any location. This is an additional glabels substitute.

9. CardExchange


CardExchange is a complete and user-friendly ID card creation solution. The platform offers solutions for a range of global sectors with apps that range from basic to sophisticated, including settings and biometrics. It satisfies the requirements of many industries, including those in healthcare, government, education, business, and other fields. This is an additional glabels substitute.

10. QZ Tray

QZ Tray

You can print using FGL, PCL, ZPL, ESC/P, EPL, and other technologies to well-known hardware using a cross-platform, open-source program called QZ Tray. Scales, industrial automation systems, and other serial devices can all communicate with each other in both directions thanks to API. Using the code, you can quickly and simply set it up. Online printing is available for receipts, barcodes, and other documents using hardware from manufacturers including Dymo, Zebra, Boca, Epson, Citizen, Star, and more.

11. SimpleOne Label Maker

SimpleOne Label Maker

SimpleOne Label Maker is a simple yet dependable alternative for Windows 10, and 11. It allows you to select from a range of label styles and easily design and print labels. The application provides square, round, oval, and rectangle label sizes and shapes among others. Utilizing flexible print options allows the audience to print single labels, complete sheets of labels, and partial sheets. This is an additional glabels substitute. Check out augmented reality software as well.

12. Label Flow

Label Flow

The free barcode label printing software named Label Flow was developed by Jolly Technologies. It serves as a stand-in for BarTender Label Printing Software and offers all the same functions, along with a few extras like thousands of pre-defined, widely used label formats, etc. This basic and user-friendly tool is accessible at any time and from anywhere in the world using a number of operating systems.

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