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How can Musicians Benefit from Streaming Services like YouTube?

youtube music

Streaming platforms have completely changed the music industry over the past 15 years or so. These days, you rarely see long queues of customers purchasing their favorite albums in their local music store. It was inevitable that music was going to go digital in the early 1990s. CDs, MP3 players, and MiniDisc players were just the start of the digital revolution. Nowadays, music lovers can find whatever they want to listen to with the click of a button. For music enthusiasts, these recent changes in the industry are welcome with open arms. 

YouTube is a major part of the music industry nowadays. Instead of listening to the radio or buying albums, millions of people throughout the world use the streaming platform to listen and watch their favorite artists. Almost half of the music streamed online is down to YouTube. Currently, it is one of the top few social platforms on the planet, and more than eighty percent of teenagers use YouTube in comparison to fifty percent who use Facebook. 

It is no wonder why so many musicians around the globe use this streaming site as a tool to help promote their music and get their songs out there. 

It Allows Musicians to Share Music for Free

One of the most difficult challenges new musicians came across before the internet became readily available was to find a platform to get their songs played. Begging radio DJs, nightclub owners, and television hosts to help promote and play their songs is, and never was an easy task. Getting music producers and others involved in the industry to listen to some of their work also proved just as difficult. Some musicians found it hard to get friends or family members to listen to their tracks, so many people just gave up. 

YouTube and other streaming services allow musicians to easily upload their new tracks to the platform. All they have to do is create an account, upload the song and within minutes their track will be available for anyone in the world who has access to the internet the opportunity to listen to it. This is a huge game changer in the music industry. Although getting people to listen to the track is another challenge, at least there is an easy-to-use platform available where musicians can easily publish their work. 

Although the music that is recorded professionally sounds much better than music recorded at home, in recent years technology has been improving at an incredible rate. There is a wide range of software packages available that allow people to record their tracks from home. So, even if you don’t have a large budget you can record your songs without having to spend a fortune. Plus, uploading tracks to YouTube doesn’t cost a single penny!

Professional Musicians often Upload Music Tutorials

Learning music has become a lot easier due to modern technology. Instead of paying a lot of money for private music lessons, millions of people are logging onto YouTube to watch music tutorials instead. If a person who is learning the guitar types into the search engine Chords guitar finder they will find lots of content to help them improve.

Plenty of musicians use the service to make a living, and by creating good tutorials can help generate a large number of views and subscribers. A lot of people struggle to find chords for specific songs they want to learn in music stores, so many people turn to YouTube as an alternative. If a user wants to learn how to play one of Creedence Clearwater Revival’s classic songs, they can easily find a professional musician on YouTube showing viewers how to play the Badmoon on the rise chords.  

YouTube allows Musicians to Build a Fanbase

Anyone who has been successful in the music industry will tell you how important it is to have a good, loyal fanbase. These are people who will not only listen to your songs, but they will often recommend others to give it a blast too. YouTube allows members to send links to others, and it also gives people the opportunity to comment on their content that they have published. Interacting with people is a great way of promoting your music. The service allows people to share the videos with others, and it is normal for fans to do this with music they enjoy. 

YouTube also allows musicians to send invitations out to their fans and other YouTube members they are connected to for a live chat. This gives musicians the chance to interact with their fanbase. Engaging with people who enjoy their music is very important, because it shows that they care about the people listening to their work. 

Musicians can Stream Gigs Live

Since the pandemic began, more people have logged on to YouTube to watch live music more than ever before. For music enthusiasts, not being able to go to live music venues to watch artists play has been disastrous. People all around the globe go to music festivals and concerts on a regular basis, but since the spread of Covid-19, most concerts have been canceled. 

Luckily, YouTube has filled the gap! Bands and solo artists have found the streaming site a great way to perform live in front of a large audience without spreading the deadly virus. This feature has been another game-changer in the industry, and it has been awesome for those who miss the live music scene. 

One of the things that most musicians dream about is playing a gig in front of thousands of fans, although you can’t see them physically while performing on YouTube, it is a safe and straightforward solution. 

Musicians can Create their Own Channel

Lots of musicians love that YouTube allows them to create their own channel. This allows them to notify their current subscribers about new content that they have uploaded to the site. It can be used to publish promotional videos about new content or live gigs coming up. Some artists like to upload their lyrics of each of their songs on their channel, and it can be a great place to show some clips from behind the scenes. 

The more quality content on an artist’s channel increases the likelihood of them getting discovered and it can help increase their fanbase. 


With over two billion users on the planet, YouTube gives artists the opportunity to show off their material to an extremely large audience. It can offer exposure like no other platform in the world and it can be used to encourage people to listen to their music. Before YouTube existed, sharing music was not that easy. If you lent a CD to one of your friends, you’d probably worry about it coming back damaged. YouTube allows people to share music with one another easily. Musicians often link their YouTube videos with their social media accounts for even more exposure. 

With over three billion people owning a smart device, people can access your music from anywhere they want as long as they have an internet connection. Although musicians might have to invest in some recording material, the costs are minimal. If you are a new musician and you want to start uploading your material to the streaming service, there is plenty of content on YouTube available that can help you out. 

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