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How Delta Exchange emerged from the shadow of Bitmex and Deribit?


It is never really easy to challenge an incumbent market leader, let alone emerge from their overarching shadow. But the ease with which Delta Exchange has managed to succeed in these daunting tasks has taken even the most ardent crypto industry experts by a great surprise. Despite being a late entrant in the derivative exchange arena, today Delta Exchange has emerged as the sole challenger that can possibly dent the invincibility tag of Bitmex and Derbit.

Delta Exchange’s unlikely success in emerging from the dominant shadow of two highly competent market leaders certainly begs for convincing answers. And the convincing answer probably lies in unraveling the facts about Delta Exchange’s distinguished features that have evidently become subject of huge envy for all its competitors.

On the outset, there is actually nothing much to distinguish between Delta Exchange and its nearest rivals. This rapidly emerging platform basically allows investors to trade in perpetual contracts and futures on Bitcoin and leading altcoins, just like Bitmex and Deribit does. But a closer look reveals that many important features of Delta Exchange exert comparatively greater efficiency and consistency and this has apparently propelled Bitmex and Deribit to the position of great vulnerability.

For instance, Delta Exchange’s leverage trading and deep liquidity help in offering unparalleled trading flexibilities to investors. Although investors can enjoy such flexibilities even on Bitmex and Deribit, Delta’s unwavering commitment and consistency have clearly left a deep impression on traders. Thanks to this uncompromising commitment, today Delta’s investors can indulge in leverage trading, take different positions (long or short positions) and enter in various contracts with never before ease and unmatched freedom.

Investors are equally pleased by Delta’s main trading terminal that unequivocally promotes the platform’s ease of trade and investor-friendly philosophy. The trading terminal is essentially simple to the core and this eases the burden on investors for having any expert knowledge and past experience. However, if a lack of knowledge and expertise do cause any hindrance then this can be resolved by Delta’s unique feature of ‘mock trading.’ This mock trading terminal works just like a real one and gives hands down knowledge to inexperienced investors about trading in different derivative contracts. And the mock trading feature is indeed a unique feature as Bitmex and Deribit as well as other emerging platforms don’t offer this feature. Delta is probably the only platform to offer such a useful and handy feature, proving once again the earnestness in implementing its investor-friendly philosophy.

Traders are also appreciating the ease with which they can open an account on Delta and immediately start trading in various contracts. To make a debut on Delta’s trading platform, investors have to follow merely three simple steps that barely take a few minutes.

  1. Visit Delta Exchange’s official website and click on the ‘Sign Up’ tab.
  2. Provide details including full name, email address, phone number (optional).
  3. Click on the “Sign Up” button and duly complete the email verification by logging into your email account.

After signing in, if investors face any problem regarding deposit/withdrawal or liquidation they can raise the ticket by mailing their complaints to [email protected]. This e-mail based customer support is available 24/7 and 365 days. More importantly, Delta’s responsive rate is almost on par with Bitmex & Deribit and is much higher than other emerging platforms.

Delta’s high response rate and its ability to solve customer problems quickly have proved to be another decisive factor in swaying the investors.

On the ending note, we’d like to shed some light on ‘USDC settlement’ and special referral scheme, since both have played an important role in taming the domination of Bitmex and Deribit.

Firstly, USDC or stable coin settlement feature helps investors in saving them from extreme market volatility. The cryptocurrency market is amongst the most volatile markets globally and therefore Delta’s USDC feature can only be described as a saving grace for investors. More so because today Delta Exchange is amongst the few platforms in the world that offers stablecoin-settled futures on bitcoin and leading altcoins.

Last but not least, Delta Exchange’s referral scheme is indeed a special one as investors stand the golden chance of earning lifetime commission payment. Yes, not one or two years but lifetime commission earning. Operating such a lucrative promotional scheme has most certainly helped Delta in seizing substantial market share.

Here are some fine details about Delta’s special referral scheme: On every successful referral, investors earn 15% commission on trading fees deposited by the referred person. The 15% commission is payable only for the first year while for the successive years the commission paid will be 10%.  The commission is paid in whatever cryptocurrency the trading fees were paid by the concerned referred person. For instance, if the referred person had paid the trading fees in a raven coin then the commission will also be paid in raven coin.

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