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How technology is enhancing the investor experience for retail investors

retail investor

Since markets have become accessible for many retail investors, lots have changed. For example, transaction fees have been significantly reduced by cutting out the middleman and using technology. Most retail investors now have real-time stock prices at their fingertips. We could argue that technology made the stock market accessible, but there are still many people who did not leap. They have many reasons including being risk-averse or not being able to understand the stock market. 

Financial literacy should be a societal foundation

This requires financial literacy, which should become a foundational topic across all layers of society. Many people feel excluded and the wealth gap is increasing all over the world. Next to having the right knowledge, people should be equipped with the right technology. In this article, we will look at the stocks tracker as such a technology that can help for lots of different investor profiles.

Stocks tracker for investors

With a stock tracker, you can integrate your holdings from brokers and have a unified view of your holdings. This is combined with market news and analysis about the stocks in question. It also allows you to browse the stock markets and research potential buys. This is often true for both stocks and crypto-assets.

Passive investing through a fund

For people with limited knowledge of stocks and investing, it is better to invest passively. For example, through using Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) that cover broad parts of the markets. Among the most popular ETFs are the ones that track the S&P500, a list of the largest companies in the United States. By selecting these products, you do not bet on one horse but spread your investment.

Invest periodically

Next to that, you should structurally invest periodically. For example, purchase 1000 dollars in an ETF every month. This process, also known as Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA), helps you to limit your exposure to price fluctuations. Once in place, you can use a stocks tracker to see your holdings grow over time. When you select an ETF that is accumulating, the dividends are automatically reinvested and you will see this grow in your tracker.

Push notifications

The tracker allows you to set notifications, which makes it possible to take a step back and let the assets work for you. For example, you can configure a push notification for specific markets or stocks and price changes of your assets (e.g., at least 5%). Now you do not have to monitor your holdings and will stay up-to-date at the moments when it matters.

A tracker for active investors

A stock tracker also has benefits to more active investors. For example, if you are pursuing multiple strategies (e.g., passive investing combined with growth stocks), you can create separate portfolios within the application. This allows you to monitor the progress of both portfolios separately and adjust the course where needed. 

Delta is a good example of an advanced tracker

A good example of an advanced stocks tracker is Delta. This company is offering an application that combines both stock and crypto holdings in a user-friendly and intuitive interface. Want to learn more about their features and technology? You can visit their website via:

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