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How To Become a PRO PLAYER In League of Legends

The League of Legends community has grown so much that every player aspires to be a PRO PLAYER. With the large amount most League players earn every year, it entices amateurs to be better at the game and create a name for themselves in the competitive scene. The only problem is most players think that you only need to be skilled at the game and be a Challenger to get into the world of LCS, LCK, LES, and many more. This may be true in some manner but it is not the only factor you need to consider in creating life as a professional. So here are the things you need to think of when planning to be an aspiring pro player as a LoL player.

Aim for the Highest Division

To be with the best, you got to be the best. And the only path to succeeding in this dream is to reach the highest division in the game. You should always aim to be Challenger especially in Solo Queue as facing the top players in your region helps you grow into a greater and more selectable option for top teams around the globe. If you are having a difficult time reaching Challenger, don’t worry. Some players with amazing skills even at Grandmaster and Master division gets picked in the professional world. There is a difference between these 3 divisions in terms of mechanics and abilities you can offer but being at these 3 tiers shows that you can be the best of at the game. Always remember that even when you are currently below these divisions at this time, you can always work on your weaknesses and get better at the game to have that higher tier. You can also one-trick a champion to speed up your way to the top as you would only be focusing on one champion and enhance it to what it is truly made. Remember: most organizations are only looking for the best of the best and you have a ton of competition that is why getting that attention is a must to be picked as a pro player. By reaching the highest of your abilities, you can show teams that you are capable of bringing in a big difference in their roster.

Learn How to Showcase Yourself in the Media

One of the major factors of being picked as a League of Legends professional players is to have connections around you. Networking is a huge part of gaining attention to your upcoming career. Even if you are a Challenger in your region, not getting the necessary connections in the industry will not give you the opportunity to be the PRO PLAYER you have always dreamt of. You should have friends or ongoing relationships with team managers, coaches, or even other players that you know are part of the organization you want to be in. The more people you get to know and talk to, the more likely you’ll find opportunities for you to be in. It’s always getting your foot inside the door that is pretty difficult to do. Also, going live in social media platforms like Facebook, Twitch, and YouTube helps you showcase your talents and prove to CEO of top teams in your regions that you are what they need to be to have a bigger change in the company. If you are that persistent, you can ask around if anyone knows how to get into the position you’d want in the game. But the best option is to let your raving fans clip your amazing plays and slowly get your videos into the hands of the right people. The more people who know about you, the higher chances you’ll have someone recommends you as a possible player in their team. So always make friends in League rather than trash-talking players as they might be able to help you out in reaching your goal.

Avoid Being Toxic Especially When You Are Ranking Up

Most often you’d see players trash-talk in the game and they tend to gain attention. But it doesn’t always benefit you especially when you are new to the competitive scene. You aren’t Doublelift who have years in the LCS that even if he’d trash-talked anyone in the game, he’d still be able to get a team for him to work with. When you don’t have a name to yourself avoid being toxic in the League. Yes, there are times when you get tilted and you lose a lot of games. But it doesn’t mean you are giving up on your dream. You only need to focus on what’s best for your career and your portfolio. So if they see you as a tactical player who has skills and mechanics to do what’s best for the team and try to win the game even if it isn’t in their favor, then you’ll have a better chance of gaining the attention you need. Try and communicate with your allies and deliver the best of your abilities. When they see that you are a great person, they will think that you are a great fit for the organization and you’ll have the emotional aspect in place to carry your team in difficult series. Being great at a team environment is essential in any competitive scene as it will affect the abilities of the player if you constantly run about their mistakes.

Create Your Own Community

The community of League of Legends is open to new breeds of skilled players in the game. But one of the key things that everyone loves is someone who can engage with a community. Even players that are not in the competitive scene but are close to their fans have a bigger chance of being a PRO PLAYER. One player you could look at is NightBlue3. He is only a streamer and a solo gamer in the League of Legends scene but has made a name to himself. We know that he is not aiming to be a professional player but you notice his close relationship with his raving fans. One should master communicating better with the people in the industry as this will get you closer to your goal. You don’t have to be goofy for people to like you. You only have to bring attention and show them what you are made of. Display your love for the game and that you can create amazing memories with it. Make yourself a marketable individual in the industry and surely you’ll get noticed by anyone. Also, when you reveal yourself to the world, you’ll likely gain more connections with it. Let’s say you are an aspiring Support who aims to drive any ADC to victory. When an ADC main notices your platform in social media, they will be communicating with you and ask you to duo them in Rank. Once you get the right connections along the way, your community will grow as the people watching him or her will also look at your content because of what he says. Never neglect a small act of partnership in League of Legends as it may be the opportunity you have been looking for.

Reach Out to People as Much as You Can

When all else fails, you can try reaching out to people on your own. Sometimes a small nudge in your efforts will change your life. Of course, your daily vlogs and streams will gain attention, and everything you do add up. But sometimes it isn’t enough for organizations to call you and try for their team. Sometimes you got to sell yourself and show them the stats and the community you have built on your own. If you have produced a lot of content and you have fans watching you and cheering you on, then you should be proud of yourself. Try to communicate with teams that you want to join and sell yourself. Tell them what you can do and what you can offer that will increase attention, sales, and even wins for the organization. It’s similar to applying for a regular job. You got to have the necessary certifications and abilities for them to see your worth. And if you have done your part, then you’ll surely get chosen.

Always remember that being a PRO PLAYER isn’t easy. Every job in the world always comes with competitiveness and you should be able to stand your ground and show them what you are made of!

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