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How to check Corona Virus growth in your Country on your iPhone

The complete global is tracking the CoronaVirus each 2d. Apple even went beforehand and made a self-screening device to successfully diagnose the signs and symptoms. I found a Siri Shortcut that plots a graph of Corona Virus growth for any country and permits you to visualize the outcomes of the Corona Virus. let’s see how.

Plot a Corona Virus Graph with Siri Shortcuts

The Shortcut uses an API made via Github user pomber to offer the boom chart of the current outbreak during the closing 30 days. The facts are then plotted to a graph with the help of a 3rdbirthday celebration app, Charty.

Install the shortcut on your iPhone or iPad using this hyperlink. You’d also need to install Charty on your iPhone to make it paintings. As of writing this article, Charty is in beta however you could sign up for it and the dev approves the request in hours. I’ll update the App save hyperlink when the app launches.

After putting in each of these apps, truly tap the shortcut to run. It’ll activate you to select a parameter. You could draw a chart for showed cases, showed deaths, and the total recovered. Alas, you can’t draw a chart with a couple of parameters.


The shortcut can generate a chart in each actual fee and the logarithmic equivalent. I chose the actual price for less difficult interpretation. After that, pick out the place and tap done. The shortcut can plot a graph for every united state that has been laid low with the outbreak.

The shortcut will generate a chart in the app, Charty. You can even save the chart to Camera Roll by tapping the Share button.


Charty continues to be within the beta version so obviously, it has some bugs as an instance, The app every now, and then crashes while you keep the picture to the digital camera Roll. with any luck, the issues may be fixed while the app launches at the App save. Let me know in case you face any problems with this method.

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