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How to Create a Custom Map With Pins for Your Business

Custom Map

Pin maps, also known as dot distribution maps, allow you to plot multiple data points on a map. Each pin can have a text box pop-up that relays the data that the pin represents. 

Mapping applications, in the past, were focused on helping you navigate from one place to another. Then the concept emerged of using mapping applications to discover businesses around you, but they remained utilitarian in look and design. Now, maps continue to serve in helping us navigate the world around us, but they also serve as impressive visuals in presentations and digital marketing. 

Whatever your reason for wanting to create a custom map, having the right tools can make the process simple. 

Creating a custom map with pins to mark geographic points or data points for different geographic locations is easy with Maptive. You can visit for a free trial and try the tools and features to experiment with whether or not it is a good fit for your business’s map creation needs. 

Getting Started

If the data you want to use for your map pins is in a Google or Excel spreadsheet, you can upload it directly to Maptive. You can also enter the information manually. You then go to “create map” and choose the base map you want to use. Once that is done, the map you want will be displayed with your data included. 

The pins on your map can be customized to achieve the look you want. You can use various colors to represent different data and label each pin individually. To customize your pins:

  • Click on “settings” in the upper left corner of the map
  • Click “Map Marker/Graphics”
  • Use the drop-down tool to use one of Maptive’s default pin types

You can save your map, use the API to ensure it stays updated, and then modify the map at any time to input or remove data. Title the map you created and export it to be used for whatever purpose or application. 

Applications for Custom Maps With Pins

Business purposes for custom maps with pins can include:

  • Trip or event planning—If you are hosting an event, a corporate retreat, or inviting investors for a tour, a customized map with pins can help plan the upcoming trip. You can include pins for nearby tourist destinations, recommended restaurants, the conference center, or locally recommended businesses. 

A few minutes spent creating a custom map for visitors will make it look as though you invested significant time in making their stay as comfortable and convenient as possible. Small details can add up to an overall positive impression. 

  • Visualize your customers’ location—Knowing where your customers are can have a significant impact on marketing and business decisions. Seeing this information on a well-designed map instead of a bulky spreadsheet can help visualize unmet needs and missed opportunities. A pin map can also help you dial in your advertising. 
  • Map each step in your supply chain—Maps are a powerful analytic tool to build an understanding of your supply chain, cut unnecessary costs, and improve the performance of your supply chain. 
  • Use pins to indicate the location of your competition—Using pins to identify every competitor in the region can help you make data-driven decisions to keep your business competitive. 
  • Identify franchising opportunities—Pin maps are a great way to identify underserved geographical areas for franchises. 
  • Track products—If you need to know what is selling where, and what isn’t, creating a pin map of where products end up can help you make informed decisions about product performance in various geographical regions. 

Pin maps are also a great way to capture a snapshot of a data set and track its changes over time. Whatever the information you populate in a pin map, it makes an excellent tool for tracking trends and crucial changes that affect your business. 

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