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How To Delete Google Photos Without Losing It On Local Storage?

Google photos is filled withcapabilitiesalong withlimitlessstorage, Google Lens integration, geotags, and so on. other than having a clean UI and characteristic-packed carrier, There’s one aspect that you couldn’teasily do, Delete a photograph from the Cloud withoutdropping it on yourphone. In case you’ve been seeking to shred a fewrecords from Google photographs, I have a step-by-step guide on a way to Delete Google phtoswithoutdropping it on localstorage.

Delete Google Photos without losing data on the phone

You could use every othertool or laptop to delete the picture, switching on and off backup and sync choice for folders, and many others. And a maximum of them didn’t training sessionsquiteproperly. butnevertheless, there is one small trick that will let youaccomplish that.

1. Move the photos to a different folder

Google photographs app is both a gallery app and a backup carrier and in case you delete an image from Google photos, it thinks that you don’t need the image and deletes on both local storage and cloud storage to make your work easier.

But if you are like me and want to delete a fewuselessphotos from Google photoshoweverwant to get right of entry tothe one’spixin yourphone, there is a small trick that allows you to to achieve this. beginviastarting the record explorer app on yourtelephone and create a new folder. let’s name it “Don’t Backup” for this article.


2. Move all the photos you want to delete from Google Photos to this Don’t Backup folder.


3. Now, crossreturned to the Google photos app and turn off back up & sync for that Don’t Backup folder within the Albums section.

4. You can now delete the original copy of the photos and they will get deleted from the Cloud. You can still access a copy of the images from the Don’t Backup folder on your phone.


2. Make use of Secure Folder (Only for Samsung Users)

In case you are the usage of a Samsung telephone, You can take gain of the at ease Folder app. The photosyou’re taking from the digital camera in a Secure Folder will best be to be hadin the Secure Folder and willnot be sponsored up into Google snapshotsuntil you established the Google images app inside the secure folder as well.

In any case, if youare notthe usage ofsecure Folder but, you mayallow it with the help of going to Settings > Biometric and security > Secure Folder and create your account. It gives you a 2ndspaceto put in apps and you couldhandiestget right of entry to it with a password. You get separate storage, separate apps, or even separate Google account if youneed them.

Summed up

This becomes a shortway to delete Google photos from the Cloud without affecting the neighborhood backup. I agree this has tojust be a one-click onprocedurehoweverit’s miles the present-daysituationright now.

What do you think of this method? Let me know in the comments below.

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