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Download Images from Google Docs

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How to Download Images from Google Docs

Downloading photographs from websites is a simpleproject, Simplyrightclick on it and click ondownload, until you try downloading a photograph from Google docs. Once in awhile, Google makes a decision to make easythingsa great dealharder like deleting a picture on Google picswithoutlosing it in neighborhoodstorage. You won’t find any downloadchoicewhilst yourightclickat thephoto in Google doctors. However there are some workarounds to do it, let’s check it out.

How to Download Images from Google Docs

Whether or notyou’reat thesmartphone or computer, you canreally take a screenshot and crop out the image. However thenice of the photocan beconstrained. So in case you are trying todownloadsnapshotswithout compromising on first-rate, right here are the ways to do it.

1. Save to Google Keep

Open the Google docs that have the picture you want to download on a computer browser. Pick out the picture and rightclick it to open the context menu. Now, pick outthe choicekeep to hold”.

It will open a small Google Keep interface and your image will show up here. You can simply right-click the image in the right pane to download it.

2. By publishing the Doc to the web

Any otherway to download an image from Google medical doctors is with the aid of publishing it to the internet. Open the doc that has the picture, click on a documentwithin the menubar on thetop > post to the web.

Click the Publish button in the pop-up. I would recommend you to NOT use this method if your document has private and sensitive information. Remember to stop publishing it once you have downloaded your desired images.

Open the generated link and download the image by right-clicking and saving it to your computer.

After you’re executed, you can now forestall publishing so thatpeople don’t get unauthorized access to the doc. visitrecord > publish to web > publishedcontent material and settings and click onstop Publishing.

3. Save it as an HTML

If you have multiple images in Google Docs then saving the Doc as an HTML file is a great way to download all the images in bulk. Open the doc, click on file > Download > Web Page (HTML).

A zipper archive will mechanicallydownloadon yourcomputer. Extract the documentand you willdiscover a folder titled pictures.

The pix folder incorporatesall of thepics from the Google doc and is automatically downloaded into this folder.

4. Use Image Extractor Add-on

Open any doc in Google Docs. In the top menu, click add-ons > Get add-ons.

Search for Image Extractor and Remover and Install the Add-on to Google Docs.

After installing, click on Add-on again > Image Extractor and Remover > Don’t Remove but Save to Drive. It will save the images to the Google Drive linked with your account.

5. Request Desktop Version on Phone

That is the simplestway to downloadimages from Google Docs on thetelephone. Open the browser in yoursmartphone, Open Google docs, request laptopwebsite onlineoption from the menu. Now, use any of the 4techniquesmentioned above.
The simplest caveat being, you can’t open the Google medical Docs at the browser when you haveset up Google docs app. So youbothwant to uninstall the app or open the docsin the incognito mode.


It isquitebizarrethat a small choice like saving the image is lackingwithin the Google medical doctors. Even asmost peoplerecommend to just take a screenshot and crop it, A good way tolower the first-class of the photodrastically to the factor that it couldn’t be usable anymore. Butby using following the techniques above you coulddownload the image in the fulldecision. What do you thinkof thesestrategies? Allow me to recognize thefeedbackin the comments.

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