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How to Increase Sales with Video Marketing: A Step-To-Step Guide?

Video is dominating the marketing domain today. Gone were the days when it used to be a part of the marketing strategy. Nowadays, marketing strategies revolve around video content. Video marketing is a powerful tool that can increase the conversion rate by 80%. 

It can help in increasing the organic website traffic and boosting consumer interaction. It is also helpful in creating brand awareness by exposing the brand to a different audience section. Most importantly, video marketing can lead to higher conversions and profits. 

Here is a step-by-step guide for boosting sales with video marketing. 


YouTube is a massive social media platform comprising over 95% of the total internet population. It is an ideal start for a brand that is aiming to carve a niche in the industry. Why should a brand go for creating a YouTube channel? 

You see, sharing YouTube videos on other social media platforms is very easy. It is also an ideal platform to connect with the target audience. Marketers can visit for more information. How to go about it? 

  • Create a YouTube channel
  • Identify the target audience
  • Inspire from top channels
  • Go for video SEO
  • Create and upload videos 
  • Assess the results 

Social Media

Over 3.5 million people use  social media platforms to date. This figure makes up around 45% of the world’s population. Over 90.4% of millennials, 77.5% of Gen X, and 48.2% of baby boomers are using social media daily. 

These stats are enough to show the power of social media platforms. So any brand that has an active social media platform should use to its maximum capacity. Last but most importantly, social media allows a brand to cross-promote videos on different platforms. 

Adding videos to the Website

What is the first thing that people notice on visiting a website? Lengthy paragraphs about the brand and its history. Too many words can be a turn off for the consumers. 84% of the consumers will buy a product when they see it in a video. 

Above all, website visitors tend to remember 95% of video messages compared to only 10% of the text messages. Any brand that aims to boost its sales should reorganize all the content into attractive and straightforward videos. 

Adding a catchy title and promo video can do the magic. Uploading a meaningful brand video will attract the target audience, create brand awareness, and build a long-term relationship with the customers. 

Go Live

Around 68% of the US population is currently using Facebook. It has emerged as one of the most popular social media platforms, with 2.23 million active users. Social media marketing has witnessed a revolutionary change from text to pictures and then from videos to live streaming. Here are some benefits of going live on Facebook:

  • Opportunity for rolling-out a unique content
  • Cost-effective and an instant hit during product releases
  • Golden chance to connect with the consumers directly
  • Can boost brand awareness
  • Ideal platform for real-time consumer engagement
  • Can drive ten times more traffic to web pages

The marketers must not leave any stone unturned to connect with their target audience. Replying to the live comments and solving queries while the video is going live are some of the most effective tactics to entice the audience. 

Moreover, live videos don’t have any retakes. So the brands must ensure that they roll-out a well-prepared and scripted video in front of their viewers. In other words, give users the reason to come back to your live session next time. 

Instagram Stories

Instagram is one of the most vibrant and useful social media platforms when it comes to attracting consumers. Over 1 billion people use Instagram monthly, whereas over 500 million users log in daily. 

Instagram is one of the most favorite marketing platforms used by businesses. Over one-third of all the Instagram stories are from the business brands. Therefore, any brand that wants to increase its sales should not miss this opportunity. 

Instagram stories are an effective way to connect with the target audience and mark a presence in the market. The platform allows a brand to showcase its video content for 24 hours. What makes Instagram Stories this popular?

  • It allows a brand to diversify its marketing strategies
  • A superb tactic to boost brand exposure
  • It is an effective medium to enhance the marketing content of a brand
  • Offers instant returns
  • Its helps a brand to stay atop

Ask for Consumer Videos

Apart from comments and feedback, brands must go one step ahead and ask the consumers to get involved. It is a creative way to let them share their piece of mind. Marketers and ad makers can encourage their customers to post real-life videos and share their experiences just like stunning video ads. It can be about:

  • Product reviews
  • Kids engagement videos
  • How a brand changed their life, and so on.

The main motive of this initiative is to create a long-lasting bond with the consumers. Marketers can post these videos on their profiles and encourage others to join in. They can also conduct a competition and give awards to the best entrant. These simple tricks will help in boosting conversions and sales for a brand. 

Emailing Videos

Video emails are more fruitful than any other email communication. You see, many people are not active on social media. Additionally, many people have not joined any social media platform to date. But how can a brand reach them?

Emailing videos to the target audience is an effective way to reach this segment of the audience. Around 91% of consumers use smartphones these days. So the marketers must ensure that they share mobile-friendly email videos for maximum conversions.

Email videos get across effortlessly. They are time-saving and offer maximum market penetration. Attractive captions, descriptions, images, and templates should be used for optimal engagement. 

Bottom Line

These were some useful tips that can help a brand in boosting its sales. For best results and maximum coverage, marketers must go for a mix of different strategies. Impeccable planning and excellent execution are the keys to success in video marketing. 

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