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How to Reach Your Customers with Text Message Marketing?

Text message marketing is a quick and simple way for businesses to connect with their customers in a personal and convenient way. Reports show that texts are commonly opened within minutes of being sent, unlike emails which are often deleted without being read. Getting ready to use SMS marketing is not too difficult and it can create a new customer base.

What are the benefits of using SMS marketing?

The main plus point is that text messages are instant. Within seconds, your message reaches mobile phones nationwide often announced by an alert of some kind. The second benefit is the high open rate – around 90% of texts are read within just 3 minutes. Links can be included in the text that open instantly on the phone offering customers immediate access to your product. The messages are simple and quick to read – a fact that suits modern, fast-paced consumers. Texts also feel personal, they are a direct connection with the people who enjoy what you have to offer.

How to get started with text message marketing

Unless you have the time and patience to send individual messages from your phone, you need to sign up with an SMS marketing provider. It’s essential to use one with an easy-to-use platform and the ability to send mass text messages. You need to have a clear message in mind, one that will drive sales to your business. This could be a special offer, dates of an event, a countdown message or seasonally relevant product. Most importantly, you’ll need a list of mobile phone numbers.

How to collect mobile phone numbers

To make use of a text message marketing campaign, you’ll need a solid database of phone numbers. You can ask for numbers when existing customers use online ordering forms, sign-up pages, query forms, quotation requests and when booking appointments. To broaden your database, competitions can work well. Offer an exciting prize and ask for a mobile number as the contact method. You could promote your event by giving those who supply a mobile number early access to upcoming dates. Use short numbers – 5-digit text numbers – to help new customers text you directly to request information. Short numbers are useful for station advertising posters, roadside billboards, bus stop campaigns or shop windows – places where interested people are likely to text a message to you on the spot. Don’t forget that opt-in and opt-out marketing clauses must be made available before you can use a phone number.

What should my text message say?

Keep the text messages simple and easy to understand. No design is required for an SMS campaign, but the words are limited so they need to be chosen with care. Phrases like ‘20% discount’ ‘buy one, get one’ and ‘limited offer’ grab readers attention. Or ‘new date released’ and ‘new stock arrived’ will make customers buy, book or enquire with speed. And finally, don’t forget to add the link to your product in the message leading the customer straight to the ‘buy now’ page. 

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