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How to set up WiFi Range Extender, Booster, and Repeater

If you have bought a WiFi Range Extender for your home or office, but do not know how to set it up, then you have come to the right place. We will show you how to set up a WiFi Range Extender so that you can use your existing WiFi router from a distance too. You can set it up for your home, office, educational institute, or anywhere else.

What is a WiFi Range Extender

A WiFi Range Extender helps you extend the range of your existing WiFi router. Let’s assume that you have a router on the ground floor, and you do not receive a good WiFi signal on the second floor of the same building. You can use a WiFi range extender to get a better WiFi signal on the second floor.Detail description about the difference between wifi extender and booster.

Before getting started:

  • You should know that we have used a TP-Link WiFi extender (more specifically, TP-Link RE 200 WiFi N 300Mbps dual-band AC750 range extender). However, this is a general guide that you can use to set up any WiFi range extender as long as you can understand the process.
  • You must get a minimum WiFi signal where you want to install the device.
  • Your WiFi range extender must have a power supply.
  • We have used a computer to capture the screenshots and set it up. However, you can do the same from the mobile as well.
  • You have to keep your WiFi router and range extender on to get a fluent connection.

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How to set up WiFi Range Extender

Follow these following steps to set up WiFi range extender-

  1. Give the power supply to your WiFi range extender.
  2. Connect your computer to the new WiFi network
  3. Open extender’s website and create a password for login
  4. Choose the source WiFi network
  5. Set password for 2.4GHz as well as 5GHz bands
  6. Set and confirm new SSID
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To get started, make sure you are getting a minimum WiFi signal from your existing WiFi router. Otherwise, your range extender cannot detect the source. After ensuring, give power supply to your WiFi range extender, and it will start broadcasting an SSID. You need to connect to that SSID from a computer or mobile.

After establishing a successful connection, you need to open the corresponding website of your range extender. It is different for different manufacturers, and you can find the website address in the user manual given with the range extender. After opening the website, you need to create a password. This password is for your range extender’s admin panel.

Following that, you can see all the WiFi networks detected by your device. You need to select the existing router’s SSID and go forward.

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Here you have to enter the password of your existing WiFi network (source network). In other words, this is the password that you use to connect your mobile or computer to your existing WiFi router.

If your WiFi router has different passwords for 2.4GHz and 5GHz band, you need to enter them accordingly.

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However, if your WiFi router doesn’t have a 5GHz band, you can go with the 2.4GHz only. After confirming the password, you need to set the SSID for your WiFi range extender.

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If your device supports the 5GHz band, you can set different SSID for 2.4GHz and 5GHz.

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After setting that up, you can use the WiFi range extender without any problem.


  • Most of the WiFi range extenders have two primary modes. They are Access Point and Repeater. This aforementioned process has given a brief guide on how to use that device as a repeater. However, if you want to convert your wired internet connection to a wireless connection and use the extender as a router, you can do that too.
  • Always use the Maximum Coverage or similar option that is available in your admin panel. Such an option helps you get better signal and network quality.

Hope this guide will help you.

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