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How to Use Gmail on Apple Watch?

Gmail on Apple Watch

Apple Watch is an excellent gadget to have for your wrist. It helps you to watch & send messages, attend & make calls, view directions, play songs, and many more. Despite having such a lot of advantages, Apple Watch lacks the help of the l app. But, there are methods to be had to get Gmail on your Apple Watch. Nowadays, Gmail has been a popular communication platform utilized by companies throughout the world. So, having Gmail on Apple Watch will assist you to watch your emails by simply raising your wrist.

Apple Watches are the very best and one of the most innovative smartwatches offered today. When paired to iPhone, Apple Watch possibilities are endless, you can also make a payment using Apple Pay. One of the most effective things in Apple Watch is that it will show all your iPhone app’s alerts despite the fact that the application is not set up on Apple Watch. Also, iOS customers will have an iCloud mail as their personal mail, as well as Gmail or Outlook as their professional mail. Apple Mail is a built-in application on Apple Watch, however other mail services are not. This writeup will assist you if you desire to use Gmail on Apple Watch.


How to Use Gmail on Apple Watch?

If you want to use Gmail on Apple Watch, you need to have the Gmail app installed on your iPhone. Make sure that your Gmail account is active.

(1) Open the My Watch app on your iPhone paired to your Apple Watch.

(2) Tap on the Notifications option.

(3) All the apps that you have installed on your iPhone will appear. Choose the Gmail app.

(4) Turn on the Allow Notifications toggle.

(5) After this, whenever you receive an email to your Gmail app, the notification will appear on the watch face.

(6) Since the app is not available for Apple Watch, you can’t read or reply to the mail via Apple Watch.


How to Get Gmail Notifications on Apple Watch?

To get Gmail notifications on your Apple Watch, you need to install the Gmail app on your paired iPhone. By this method, you get only notifications on your Apple Watch. You can’t read or reply to the emails.

Step 1: Launch the Watch app on your paired iPhone.

Step 2: Under the My Watch section, tap the Notifications menu.

Step 3: The list of the applications that you installed on the iPhone will appear. Scroll down and select the Gmail app.

Step 4: Enable notifications by tapping on the toggle.

Step 5: From now, you will receive Gmail notifications on your Apple Watch.


Use WristMail for Gmail

WristMail for Gmail is premium software that helps you to study and respond to your Gmail messages. However, it isn’t recommended to link a third-party application software with your Gmail account. Moreover, you want to pay $1.99 to download this app.

If you made a decision to use the WristMail app, we aren’t responsible for any privacy and security which arose even as the use of this app. Download Wristmail for Gmail app in your Apple Watch and link your Google account to read and respond to your emails.


Final Thoughts

The lack of main Gmail support indicates you have to depend on third-party tools to view as well as respond to emails from your Wrist. They aren’t recommendable due to particular privacy issues. Once the official Gmail support was launched for watchOS, we will upgrade you.

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