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Importance of Lighting in Your Home

Numerous elements come together to make up a house, including its architecture plus the exterior and interior designs. Usually, one aspect of interior and exterior designs that people often disregard is lighting. Lighting brings about the variance between an inviting and an uninviting home. 

Three general types of lighting, including task lighting, ambient lighting, and accent lighting, exist. They all have their positioning and utilization practices. Even with varying purposes, all three lighting types are still vital to the living areas’ aesthetics and functioning.

Reasons for Good Lighting in a Home


  • Enhances the Mood


The common type of lighting in a home is general or ambient lighting, comprising wall lamps, chandeliers, and others that brighten the rooms in the house.

Ambient lighting or general lighting is essential as it enhances the mood in the house, generating a warm and lively atmosphere, unlike the gloomy and uninviting spaces. Deficient lighting can cause family members and friends to desert the improperly lit areas. Inadequate lighting can cause a room to feel restricted.

The sunlight is a good source of lighting in a room. However, it is usually not available at all times, and there particular areas or corners in the house where sunlight cannot reach. Hence, proper installation of the general lights to fill in the gaps is necessary.       


  • Simplifies things to do


Proper types of lighting, such as task lighting, enable optimal accomplishment of tasks. The sources of task lighting are continually facing in a particular direction, unlike the general lighting sources. Task lighting is usually two to three times brighter when compared with general lighting.  

Task lighting comes in the forms of desk lamps, ceiling lights, and others near a certain area, where the given task is to be performed. 

Hence, simple tasks such as reading a book, working in the kitchen, and showering are simplified with task lighting, and the job is easily done. 

An example is the kitchen area, where you may have the general lights but still, have one light source close to the counter to help provide the extra illumination to remove any risk in cooking. 


  • Highlights the best parts of a house


Among the various types of lighting technologies, accent lighting highlights the particular features of a house’s interior like the color of the walls, a much-loved painting, or the boundaries of specific furniture or appliances. 

Compared to general and task lighting, accent lighting is purely visual. An example is the halogen lights focused on a championship trophy or string lights that line up the table top’s edge. 

It is worth noting that the accent light fittings may be part of the interior design itself. They go far as attaching a personality to a room area, for instance, with the use of stylish floors, which are eccentric.    


  • Money-saving and assist Mother Nature


The benefits of lighting are much more than the aesthetic and functional advantages they provide. For instance, efficient lighting diminishes electricity costs and aids in saving the environment. 

Unlike incandescent light bulbs, compact fluorescent lights (CFL) produce minimal heat and consume 75% less energy. Moreover, it is long-lasting as it survives for ten years longer.

Moreover, there is the LED, which produces light without generating heat, needing much less electricity. It is estimated to last 50 times more than incandescent lights.

The solar lighting fixture absorbs light during the day and illuminates at night time, and requires no wiring of any form.  


Light is entirely beneficial. People ought to understand the various types of light and the different lighting schemes so that they can rip optimal benefits from the various lighting technologies currently present in the market. Get to understand the ambient, task, and accent lighting fixtures so that you can install the lighting system based on the goals or benefits you intend to derive from them. Optimal lighting ensures a fulfilled life. 

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