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Is Psycho-Pass 2 Worth Watching? Can You Skip It?

Psycho-Pass 2

Psycho-Pass is a fantastic psychological and science fiction anime that makes social commentary and raises important themes about morality and its application. The series is set in Japan in the twenty-first century, and it features a technologically advanced Sibyl System that is employed to identify threats to the country.

It accomplishes this by assessing each citizen’s psycho pass (aka mental condition) and enables inspectors to detain those who hold malice. The Sibyl System’s judgments are finally questioned as Akane Tsunemori, a young and determined woman joins the labor field with experienced Enforcer Shinya Kougami.

Psycho-Pass accomplishes in two seasons what has never been accomplished before, at least not in this manner. Many parallels exist between Akane’s struggle to understand the true nature of justice and challenging its enforcement through the use of a system that may already be corrupt.

Psycho-Pass 2

I first saw Psycho-Pass in 2015 and gave it a good rating, but a revisit was all it took for me to raise it again. This time, I was able to pay close attention to the show and pick up on its subtleties. After that, I was blown away and immediately wanted to see the next season. Surprisingly, when I read the reviews for Psycho-Pass 2, I realized that many die-hard fans of the franchise truly detested it.

Has the Psycho-Pass series, like so many others before it, been tainted by a terrible sequel? Is it worth viewing if it is? We’re here to provide an answer to that question.

Despite having a new set of writers than the first season, Psycho-Pass 2 is worth seeing. This season has the same ensemble cast (with the exception of Kogami Shinya), as well as a new inspector. While the villains in season 2 of Psycho-Pass aren’t as exciting as they were in season 1, the fresh twists on the Sibyl System are worth seeing for aficionados of the franchise.

Psycho-Pass 2 does, however, feel like a rehash of season 1, with the same topics being explored. Kogami’s absence is felt keenly, and Akane’s growth appears to have slowed. Many fans believe that the second season tarnishes the Psycho-Pass franchise and that the plot should end with season one.

Is Psycho-Pass 2 really as awful as it seems?

Let’s look at a few aspects of the anime to see if they might help you decide whether or not to see the sequel.

Psycho-Pass 2 is currently in production. The development of Psycho-Pass 2 and the first season is one of the most serious flaws. Since the sequel was not created by the same people, there is surely a significant difference. While Motohiro and Urobuchi were in charge of season two preparations, they did not return to their previous responsibilities (executive director and scriptwriter, respectively) and instead focused on the feature film.

They outsourced Psycho-Pass 2’s production to Tatsunoko Productions, one of their subsidiary studios, where director Shiotani worked alongside director Kiyotaka Suzuki. Tow Ubukata was handed screenwriting duties at the same time. The fact that a change in studios lowered the quality of two episodes in season 1 gives us a hint as to how it would influence the entire sequel this time.

Going Deep

Furthermore, something wasn’t quite right from the start. Director Shiotani stated in interviews that scripting the second series was challenging owing to the story’s rigidity. He couldn’t bring fresh concepts into a beautifully created sci-fi world without ruining everything that had been built in the first season.

From this vantage point, Psycho-Pass 2 appears to fail from the start. Not only does it miss the original creative team and studio that contributed to the success of season one, but the stand-ins barely match the qualifications of the people they suppose to imitate. Psycho-Pass 2 appears to have been there as a side project to keep fans interest in the Psycho-Pass brand alive while the core crew worked on the film, resulting in a subpar series.

If Psycho-Pass 2 hadn’t been a sequel to the previous anime, featuring the same characters, this wouldn’t have been an issue. Fans would have preferred to have no second season at all rather than a bad one.

Story of Psycho-Pass 2

Story of Psycho-Pass 2

Season one of Psycho-Pass was a stride forward in the sci-fi genre, featuring some bizarre yet intriguing themes. In a technologically dependent world, it smoothly blended psychology, philosophy, and action. Season 2’s story, on the other side, goes too far in showing technology and character powers.

Psycho-Pass 2 also felt like a rehashed version of the previous season, albeit being significantly more extreme than the first.

There are striking similarities to the first season, and there is an overarching sense of déjà vu across the entire series. As the plot develops, it tries hopelessly to set itself apart by forced and melodramatic plot twists that, as previously stated, push Psycho-Pass 2 into the realm of the absurd.

Not only that, but the anime adds to the plot with more graphic violence and circumstances that lead to the series misinterpreting its own laws. Season 1 ended with the characters questioning Sybil’s ability to make life-or-death decisions, for example.

Exploring Further

The real-world use of database data has outraged  Akane, Kogami, Mashima, and others. To put people on watch lists with little or no human intervention, and they took steps to change it.

All of this progress, however, is not in Psycho-Pass 2. Where the characters stressed the value of Sibyl and, rather than overthrowing it, worked to perfect it.

Another notable difference between the seasons 1 and 2 stories is that in the first. The conflicts revolved around the characters’ moral dilemmas, which were key to the show’s premise.

Despite its flaws, Psycho-Pass 2 brings fresh concepts to the genre. While the system still exists, it does learn to judge people based on their contributions to society, both individually and collectively.

Initially, Sybil considered someone to be innocent if they brought economic worth, but guilty if their presence threatened to detract from it. It is essentially a sort of severe totalitarianism such as utilitarianism; however, in season 2, the Sybil system began rating people’s positives and negatives based on how they interacted with the system as a whole rather than their individual actions.

Unfortunately, the season doesn’t carry this alteration consistently throughout. Resulting in a disjointed impression between Psycho-Pass season 1, season 2, and the film.

Psycho-Pass 2 characters

 Psycho-Pass 2

The anime’s poor villains are one of the most common complaints among fans of Psycho-Pass 2. A great story must have conflict. Which usually takes the form of an antagonistic danger or an opposing viewpoint to the protagonist.

Shogo Makishima played an adversary in the first season and was one of the reasons the anime was so popular. By violating the Sibyl System’s core foundation, he posed a serious threat to the protagonists and society.

Makishima was able to make the characters doubt their reasons and hit them where they were weakest. Despite being Kagami kill him at the end, he has a tremendous impact on both his and Akane’s perspectives. It was quite satisfying to witness Shogo influence people in believable. And meaningful ways, as well as to watch the characters resist his influence.

Overall, Makishima is a fantastic adversary that is difficult to replicate. After all, it’s difficult to follow Makishima in terms of antagonists. In the instance of Psycho-Pass 2, Togane shows early promise and is successful in capturing the audience’s attention.

Unfortunately, in the end, his intentions and behavior make him a very weak villain. However, Kamui served as a counterpoint for Sybil because of his acts. And you can judge aspirations, implying that Sybil’s could as well.

Aside from the weak villains, they murder the anime’s fresh characters off far too soon. Even the elder characters, such as Akane, Gino, and Kunizuka, haven’t changed their personalities in any way, making the second season’s cast look substandard in comparison to the first.

Is it possible to skip Psycho-Pass 2?

 Psycho-Pass 2

No, you cannot skip Psycho-Pass 2  because it is, in many ways, a direct successor to Psycho-Pass. Moreover, it includes a wealth of useful information on the Sibyl system’s advancement. And introduces new people who are crucial to the franchise’s overall success.

However, the shortcomings in the production, script, and characters in Psycho-Pass 2 make it a poor sequel to the first season. Fans hoping for something fresh in the franchise may dislike it. Nevertheless, it may be a good watch for those who want to relive their childhood memories. While also learning more about the film.


This article has answered the question Is Psycho-Pass 2 Worth Watching? Can You Skip It? You can get all the details regarding this anime in our article. Goodbye!

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