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Is Visiting Dark Web Illegal In 2020

Dark Web

The Internet is reaching millions of people around the world, but they have not explored the deep web or dark web yet. Lack of knowledge in this area can lead to many problems later down the line. I want the readers to read the entire article because I don’t want the curious people to land into trouble or make wrong decisions.

What is the Dark Web?

Dark Web criminals can track you back and they may use your personal information to blackmail you.
You should learn about the risks involved when browsing the dark Net. Never put your trust even for a second on random people (criminals) on the Internet because they are perfect con artists with criminal records.
Dark Web is nothing but a website, where you can find Videos, Pictures, Information, Items, Rare materials, etc. Dark websites are not available for everyone and they remain hidden from the world or untraceable because most of the customers & sellers might be selling illegal stuff.

Unfortunately, Dark Web has become a one-stop-shop for all illegal commodity selling spots. Customers can buy weapons, drugs, confidential information, and some creepy materials on the portal. Most of the people lurking in the category are coming from a criminal background, and that’s the reason why government & security forces recommend regular people to stay away from it.

Accessing Dark Web is Illegal?

Every country applied a different set of laws around internet usage, and I cannot provide proper information on this. However, Dark Web founders designed the portal to send & receive end-to-end encryption. Customers’ or visitors’ activity records not available, and that’s one of the reason, why it considered legal.
Don’t end up on a website that promises 100% security because Dark Web site administrators are not enforced by State Laws. No one could be held responsible for harming the regular citizens and I do recommend the people staying away from such websites.

Did you know?

Many Governments have setup dedicated professional law enforcement teams to capture criminals, who are spreading their wings online? It’s time to break the myths and introduce the reader’s ground reality.

Breaking the Law:

Online activity is a questionable debate because Law Enforcement does have appropriate teams working in the background to track down criminal activities. Selling & buying illegal materials and dealing with the sellers are prosecutable.

1. An Indian man was arrested by the Cyber Crime Police in an attempt to sell drugs online.
2. Ohio man was arrested for money laundering using Dark Web.

I highlighted two incidents only, and people, who are involved with the arrested men, eventually tracked down and brought to the Court of Law.
Millions of citizens believe that they could fool Law Enforcement and conduct an illegal activity or involve themselves. Remember, Judges in the Court will put both parties Dealer & Customer in the same category. There are dealers & sellers in the market because there are people, who are ready to spend X amount of money to acquire it.

Criminal Exploit:

Quick monetary gains are the backbone of illegal digital activity.
Criminals have gotten extremely smart and they may fetch personal information of the customers or visitors, and later exploit their weakness. Hackers target common citizens are not corporate people because they are the most vulnerable and weak in the system. Unable to report to the authorities, unable to speak up, and share the problem with family & friends could end up in misery.


Many privacy invaders found loopholes in the system to gain Remote Access. The invaders will plant powerful malware to hijack the system, whenever possible, and use your webcam against your will. Unfortunately, we don’t have physical buttons to close the line, and National Security Forces recommend using a piece of tape to cover up the webcam and microphone.

There are many ways to browse Dark Web safely and keep you safe from attackers & privacy invaders. However, it would take a professional or criminal, who has nothing to lose take the risks. Anonymous people can track you back and record from the computer’s webcam and microphone, and exploit it.

Bottom Line

Do not browse Dark Web because that’s a center stage for criminals and you don’t want to get involved in those activities. Cyber Police is constantly working on the ground level and in the back office to capture the anonymous dealers. Let us know what do you think about the strength of the Justice System in your country in the comment section below.

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