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Top 10 Best iTunes Windows and Mac Alternatives in 2022

The finest iTunes substitute is WinX MediaTrans. It instantly connects your PC and iDevice, enabling two-way transfer that is as easy as copying and pasting without wiping your existing data. You may safely manage and transfer content like music, images, videos, and books.

With the release of the macOS Catalina update, Apple eventually retired the infamously large iTunes and replaced it with three independent apps: Apple Music, Podcasts, and Apple TV, along with Finder taking up the responsibility for managing iPhones. Although Mac users no longer have a love-hate relationship, coordinating many apps to complete tasks has become more difficult. However, for PC users, the major catastrophe continues as bellows:

  • “Heavy” app – iTunes consumes a lot of space and gets progressively more space-hungry with each update.
  • Complicated UI – Even the most experienced PC users find iTunes for Windows to be out-of-date and confusing.
  • Authorization cap – If you have several devices, this restriction may cause problems.
  • Poor performance – It is criticized for running slowly, especially on Windows PCs, consuming a lot of RAM, experiencing freezes and lags, taking a long time to sync, erasing current data, and failing to sync the iPhone because the button is greyed out, among other issues.

iTunes irritates PC users from start to finish. It’s time to discover a reliable iTunes substitute and upgrade the file manager on your iPhone. There is a tonne of effective iTunes alternatives available for Windows (10/11) and Mac, providing ways to manage and transfer iOS files.

Which application performs the best and can completely replace iTunes? We’ve chosen the top 10 iTunes alternatives for data management and transfer, along with user reviews, for your information.

Top 10 Best iTunes Windows and Mac Alternatives

Here are the Top 10 Best iTunes Windows and Mac Alternatives discussed below.

1. WinX MediaTrans

WinX MediaTrans

An excellent iTunes substitute for Windows 10 and 11 is WinX MediaTrans. It is highly recognized for its one-click installation, user-friendly interface, speedy iDevice connection, and quick file transferring compared to iTunes’ problematic operation, restricted functions, and variety of issues during data transmission. It provides a one-click method for transferring large media files, such as voice memos, ringtones, e-books, music, and images, between an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch and a computer without sacrificing any data.

2. MusicBee


The following contender on the list of the top iTunes replacements for Windows 10 is MusicBee. More than a data transfer program, it functions as a music manager. So MusicBee is a terrific option if you’re seeking an alternative to iTunes for your music library to manage, find, play, and sync your music across all of your devices. MusicBee has a lightweight UI, DSP effects, a 15-band equalization, gapless playback, auto-tagging, etc., whereas iTunes uses up computer resources. This allows you to organize your disorganized music library and listen to music uninterrupted.

3. MediaMonkey


MediaMonkey is, without a doubt, among the top iTunes alternatives you can rely on if you are serious about your media files, especially your music. Whether they are stored locally, in the cloud, streamed from an online service, on a networked device, or on a disc, you can easily handle hundreds of thousands of videos and audio tracks using it and easily organize it the disorganized collection. More than 100,000 different file formats, including AAC, OGG, WMA, FLAC, ALAC, MPC, WAV, CDA, AVI, MP4, MPEG, WMV, and even M3U and PLS, are all acceptable file types.

4. WALTR Pro


The days of having to use iTunes’ convoluted file transfer method are long gone. After Apple stopped supporting iTunes, WALTR Pro gained popularity and is currently one of the most well-known alternatives to iTunes because it provides a quick and easy way to transfer any file to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod via wired or wireless connections, as well as a slick user interface.

5. AnyTrans


Another excellent iTunes substitute that offers more functionality than iTunes is AnyTrans. It is a reliable solution for managing and transferring 27 different sorts of iOS data, including music, videos, photos, messages, apps, WhatsApp chats, and other stuff between your PC, iPhone, iPad, iPod, iTunes, and other devices. Similar to WinX MediaTrans, it can make, edit, and manage music playlists and transcode videos to play on iPhone, iPad, and iPod without an issue while maintaining sharp pictures. Additionally, it enables you to mirror and record your iDevice’s screen, transform your favorite song into an iPhone ringtone, and back up crucial data.

6. CopyTrans


Another iTunes alternative, CopyTrans, focuses on making it simple to move music, playlists, voice memos, podcasts, ringtones, and videos from an iDevice to a computer or iTunes. It offers the Smart Backup and Classic Mode backup options. With the first, all videos, songs, playlists, artworks, and metadata may be synced to the iTunes library at once, and duplicate content is sorted away. With the latter, we have more options for file transfers and can export particular videos, music, and playlists from iPhone, iPad, iPod to iTunes, or a designated hard disc route on a PC.

7.  Dr.Fone


The convoluted backup procedure, unacceptable data erasure from your iPhone, and other issues are frequently attributed to iTunes. Dr.Fone steps in to save the day. It is actually the best iTunes alternative for mobile devices that works with iOS, Android, Windows (10), and Mac. It includes features for backing up and restoring your device, recovering lost data from an iTunes or iCloud backup, creating backups, transferring files between your computer and iPhone, fixing system issues, and more.

8. Transfer


Leawo iTransfer, which aims to seamlessly transfer Apps, music, videos, messages, books, and images from iPhone, iPad, and iPod to PC/iTunes, is the way to go if you’re seeking something to replace iTunes’ media transfer features. It can also import files from a PC to an iOS device without using iTunes. In addition, to file transfers, it excels in data organization, allowing you to add or remove music playlists, filter out duplicate files, and store media files on your iOS device.

9. Easeus MobiMover

Easeus MobiMover

The greatest iTunes substitute, according to MobiMover. And it doesn’t let us down in our tests. You may access the data on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod from your computer and transfer it between your devices without using iTunes if you don’t want to deal with the headache of data transfer. More than ten different types of files, including contacts, messages, photographs, music, and videos, can be backed up and restored at any time. It performs more functions than iTunes, including transferring and restoring WhatsApp conversations and movie downloading.

10. iMazing


Another powerful and user-friendly iTunes alternative is iMazing, which enables you to transfer, backup, and manage files with just a few clicks, whether over USB or Wi-Fi. It can perform more tasks than iTunes, in addition to replacing it. With it, you may add new media to your iOS device, export iMessages, generate backups, extract specific images, movies, ringtones, messages, and call history from iTunes backups.


What is the most effective iTunes substitute for managing music?

Using iTunes to manage or play music on a PC can be challenging. It’s possible that you won’t be able to play the audio file, you’ll get iTunes sync problems like 5000, 69, 13010, 13014, and more, and you’ll even lose your music collection. MusicBee is undoubtedly the finest alternative to iTunes if all you want is a way to play, manage, and listen to music. It can organize the chaos in your music and video libraries so you can share and enjoy them on many devices. Additionally, excellent choices include MediaMonkey, VLC, Vox Media Player, Clementine, Fidelia, Tidal, and Musique.

What is the best iTunes substitute for managing backups?

iTunes is prone to a number of faults, including slow iTunes sync times, iPhone syncing issues, and even crash issues. To that aim, a decent iTunes substitute should eliminate all issues and simplify file management and transfer. Several alternatives to iTunes are less resource-intensive, have more features, and are simpler to use. WinX MediaTrans is excellent for GPU-accelerated massive file transfers. It functions efficiently to transmit files distant from malfunctioning issues. Additionally, compared to other iTunes alternatives, it is confirmed to be the fastest file transfer program.

Which Mac-compatible iTunes substitute is the best?

Since macOS Catalina phased out iTunes, Finder has tasked backing up and restoring your iDevice. Finder can be used to sync your device with your Mac if you are running the most recent version of macOS. You can sync an album, a song, a playlist, a TV show, a podcast, a book, an audiobook, contacts, and calendars. Sometimes, Finder can be troublesome and exhibit issues like freezing or not syncing. If so, you can try various Mac iTunes alternatives like MacX MediaTrans or Dearmob phone manager to complete the operation.

Is iTunes still compatible with Windows?

Yes, you can still get a free download of iTunes via the Microsoft Store. You can watch movies on rent or purchase, download TV series, listen to music, and manage your whole music collection. However, iTunes is infamous for its convoluted procedure, faulty sync, and other different iTunes issues. Therefore, using the aforementioned iTunes alternatives to manage and back up your media files is preferable.

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