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KaraFun Karaoke software free download for Windows 10

Having a karaoke player is a fun way for friends and family to have some enjoyment, but finding the right tool for the job might not be as easy as one might think. The reason for this is the fact that the web is filled with karaoke players, therefore, making the correct decision isn’t straightforward. We are not capable of making this decision for you, but what we can do, is talk about a tool that works quite well. What we are talking about here is KaraFun, a free karaoke software for Windows 10 that has yet to fail us in everything so far.

It should be noted that KaraFun comes with over 30,000 studio-quality songs, so the chances of you finding a fitting tune are very high. Dual-screen display via a smartphone is also something this tool supports, and that’s nice if you have guests. Since KaraFun relies on the internet to provide access to all of those over 30,000 songs, one might believe it’s not possible to use the program without a network connection. Well, that is not the case because it supports offline synchronization.

Note that to stream all songs in their entirety, you will be required to subscribe. However, the option is there to add your own music if subscribing is out of your means.

KaraFun free karaoke software for Windows 10

KaraFun karaoke software is one of the best tools for your karaoke fun since it comes with a ton of songs for you to choose from. It is simple to use as well!

  1. Select your songs
  2. Turn on the lead vocals
  3. View songs in playlist and queue
  4. Add your own content.
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Let’s talk about this in more detail.

1] Select your songs

Selecting your favorite songs for a party is very simple. You see, the option for doing so is located at the left pane. Just click on KaraFun Web, and from there, choose your genre from the long list of options. After doing so, the songs under the chosen genre should show up in the middle.

To a play a song from the list, double-click on the title, or right-click, then select Play. Additionally, right-clicking can also add a song to the queue, playlist, and favorites. Saving a track offline is done in the same manner, so keep that in mind.

2] Turn on the lead vocals

Here’s the thing, a karaoke usually means everyone gets to sing along with only the music in the background. If for some reason you do not know how to sing the song, then we suggest turning up the lead vocals.

While the music is playing, hover over the volume icon, and right away you should see the option to turn up the lead vocals.

3] View songs in playlist and queue

OK, so when it comes down to viewing tracks in the playlists and the ones added to the queue, just navigate back to the left-pane. Click on the plus icon to show what’s under each section. If you want, you can add content to the playlist from this section as well.

4] Add your own content

When it comes down to adding your karaoke content, simply revisit the left-pane again, go to My Computer, then select Add Folder. Alternatively, click on File at the top, then Add Folder. Seek out the preferred folder, and that’s it.

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Download KaraFun Karaoke directly from the official website.

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