List of best Epub Readers for Windows & Mac in 2021

If reading is an addiction, the bibliophile in you is the adductor. Throughout the long term, we have progressed from grasping physical books to eBooks. Since innovation developed, books went computerized as well. Individuals like to read books on their cell phones, tablets, or devoted best eBook readers like Kindle. Nonetheless, everybody has various inclinations, and in this manner, can likewise lean toward reading on their PCs/desktop utilizing ePUB Readers. 

If you fall into this class, you may be searching for the best Readers for Windows PC or macOS. It requires a backbreaking exertion to track down the best readers for ebooks. Try not to stress, here; you can lie back, and appreciate the demanding effort we put in to present to you the best ePUB readers. 

In the event that you have a convertible PC like Lenovo Yoga, you will have a staggering encounter with regards to reading on Windows. There are numerous epub reader windows accessible for Windows and macOS, we have picked some best of them for you. 

What is an Epub Reader?

If we discuss in simple words, a PC Epub Reader is a program that can open and organize your digital books, which is a computerized rendition of an actual book. It’s a documents file format like PDF, yet XML-based so it has wide similarity with programs from various stages. In summation, it is a program that permits you to read advanced books on your PC, cell phone, or some other electronic gadget.

List of best Epub Readers for Windows & Mac

Adobe Digital Editions

Adobe is notable for making programs that are advantageous for both content makers and buyers as well. Adobe Digital Edition is one of those virtual products which favor readers. It’s greatly utilized for its compatibility because it supports pdf reader for windows 10, EPUB, all the more significantly, the EPUB 3 arrangement. EPUB file 3 configuration gives a lively understanding encounter. The pictures render better, reading is conceivable from the left or right side, and dynamic picture resizing. 

It allows you to access or lease a computerized rendition of the eBook from public libraries straight into your Adobe Library. It is synchronized onto various gadgets utilizing Adobe ID so you can peruse in a hurry as well. You can even make various shelves in it to organize your books according to their kinds. You can also highlight the content, and there’s help for different languages too. In spite of the fact that it needs customizability, it actually is a standout amongst another free ebook reader.

Main Key Features:

  • Permits you to move books between different gadgets. 
  • Multilingual 
  • Allows you to search for E-books from across the world 
  • It is Viable with different file formats.

Kindle for PC

It’s sure you already know about Kindle. You may even have them on your cell phones and tablets. In any case, you probably won’t give it a shot on Windows PC or macOS. It’s Amazon’s true Kindle reader eBook app, you will get a wide assortment of various eBooks. It’s viable with the vast majority of the eBook formats also. 

In the event that you already use Amazon Kindle, you’ll be comfortable with the UI. You should simply sign in to your Amazon account, and you can get all your books will be in one spot. Notes and Bookmarks get sync across your gadgets, and you need not stress over it. The Kindle app for PC likewise gives different customization choices to help you. Subsequently, it is extraordinary compared to other ePUB Readers accessible out there.

Main Key Features:

  • Buy once read all over. 
  • Permits you to look inside the book to search a subject, section, or character. 
  • Permits change background, font size, and various reading columns.
  • This ePUB viewer assists you with featuring, take notes, and add bookmarks in any book. 
  • Kindle app permits you to read the main part free before you choose to buy it.


The Calibre eBook Reader is truly outstanding and exemplary ePUB reader accessible. Being an incredible Reader, it deals with all your eBooks in one spot, from metadata management to downloading and moving eBooks, you will see them here. You can likewise download the covers for your number one books in the event that you don’t have them by default. It’s an undeniable adjustable eBook Reader. 

Probably the best element about this eBook Reader that it could even change over the format of the ePUB documents to another format as well. Other than that, you can likewise fix the eBook designing in the event that you don’t care for it. Given that you think about HTML and CSS, you can take things to an alternate level. The UI feels more advanced and clear after the new updates. In the event that you are investigating the best ePUB Reader, look no farther than Caliber.

Main Key Features:

  • It’s extremely careful electronic book crowd 
  • Permits you to download news and magazines from the web 
  • It shares and furthermore reinforces your assortment without any problem. 
  • Modify guides in your assortment 
  • It fulfills every digital book necessity just as get help


FBReader, also called Favorite Book Reader, is one of the cherished eBook readers. FBReader can undoubtedly deal with assorted eBook formats such as EPUB 3 and numerous others. Discussing different Formats, we will see support for PDF, FB2, Mobi, HTML, and so more. The Cloud Sync gives you admittance to adjust your bookmarks, notes, and in any event, perusing progress across different gadgets. 

Probably the best element we found in this Reader is the capacity to set keyboard shortcuts for the most utilized activities. Furthermore, the advancement bar can be tweaked by the Reader’s inclination also. In the first run, you’ll need to set the index where you’ll be keeping eBooks. In the wake of utilizing it for a couple of days, I can claim that it’s a standout amongst other ePUB Readers out there. Check it out, and you’ll adore it, without a doubt.

Main Key Features:

  • It has online storage for your electronic library. 
  • It permits you to Store books in your Google Drive space. 
  • Synchronize book assortment, reading positions, and bookmarks 
  • It permits you to utilize Google Drive cloud administration to adjust books between your gadgets. 
  • This EPUB reader likewise assists you with getting to from an internet browser and FBReader for iPhone/iPad and Android. 
  • Permits Integration with different stages


Kobo is additionally a membership-based eBook Reading administration like Kindle. You can purchase eBooks from their Kobo eBookstore to read them. It doesn’t support eBook formats like EPUB and EPUB 3. Withal, Kobo upholds those two formats further. Kobo offers a broad assortment of eBooks in its Store. You can buy your favorite book and read them any place you need. It even recommends books dependent on your reading patterns.

Kobo gives cross-sync, which empowers bookmarks, reading advancement, and notes sync between gadgets. It likewise has numerous customization choices for text styles, topics, and some more. The UI of the app is not difficult to explore, so new readers will not find any issue delving into it. The eBooks accessible are truly reasonable, which incorporates more than 5 million books. Subsequently, we included it as the best ePUB Reader on our rundown.

Main Key Features:

  • It has Extra room for saving many eBooks 
  • It will find suggestions for books reading for you.
  • Implicit ComfortLight for better night reading 
  • It is an Effectively adaptable component


Barnes and Noble launched its reader for eBooks called Nook. In opposition to Amazon’s kindle reader for pc , Barnes and Noble brought its eBook app into the market. It is an ePUB Reader and offers an enormous assortment of eBooks to buy. Like Amazon Kindle, Nook is additionally a membership-based stage for eBook Readers. It is a standout amongst other ePUB Readers to test. 

When you sign up, it gives you a two-week trial period. Meanwhile, you can get to any book or magazine to read them. When your trial period finishes, you should get the membership to buy eBooks and magazines. Going to the highlights, you get adaptability options to upgrade your reading encounters like textual styles, shadings, spacing, and substantially more. It can adjust your substance across your gadgets, so you can utilize take your books anyplace you go.

Main Key Features:

  • It Permits you to look for books 
  • It allows you to Control text dimensions and edges 
  • It saves unique parts of the book 
  • It has a very clean interface 
  • It has the programmed discovery of books.

Epubor Reader

Epubor Reader is an underestimated ePUB Reader that is almost new. This eBook Reader is extraordinary compared to other ePUB Readers out there. The UI is extremely insignificant and simple to utilize. Well, it doesn’t ease off with regards to highlights too. You get support for some, Formats like EPUB, Mobi, HTML, and significantly more. In spite of the fact that it does not support Encrypted eBooks these days. 

Keeping that to the side, Epubor Reader gives you different choices to modify the reading interface like text styles, highlighting, and some more. It saves your position of reading with the goal that you can continue from you left off. You likewise get choices like Table of Contents for each eBook, and can likewise switch between single-page and double-page design. Overall, it is the best ePUB Reader for those searching for a wonderful UI.

Main Key Features:

  • Import and manage a library of books without any problem 
  • It gives you a single and double-page viewing feature 
  • It has a Profoundly adjustable interface 
  • It gives you Admittance to many published advanced books


Freda is a free and very commonsense digital book reader for Windows and Android gadgets. Well, the product functions admirably with all Windows gadgets, it just capacities with the latest Android adaptations. 

Freda is exceptionally adaptable, permitting clients to change the vibe of their interface with the assistance of interchangeable fonts and tones. It likewise incorporates consistently with OneDrive and DropBox to permit clients to download and reinforce books save in their library. 

The best part about Freda is its capacity to ingrate outsider readers like Smashwords and Caliber. Aside from epub, clients additionally will open books accessible in formats like HTML, TXT, and FB2 with the assistance of Freda.

Main Key Features:

  • It Permits you to do bookmarks 
  • It allows you to Integrates with online magazines, Feedbooks, Smashwords, Gutenberg, etc 
  • You can likewise connect this app with your OneDrive or DropBox address downloading
  • Links to your Caliber distribution assortment 
  • It permits you to Integrates your reading experience across all gadgets

Icecream E-book Reader

Icecream is an amazing, free reader for ebooks that appears to be customized for Windows gadgets. Aside from epub, the digital book reader upholds an assortment of other digital book formats going from MOBI, CBR to FB2. The device is madly spotless concerning its route and UI, introducing the entirety of its highlights on one page to stay away from disarray. 

Dealing with an advanced book library is additionally genuinely straightforward with this device. Indeed, you don’t need to do anything. Your downloaded books will be organized in an excellent way for your understanding of joy. 

With respect to understanding itself, the product naturally saves and continues your book reading from the point where you left it. You additionally will add notes; translate the content just as track your reading progress with this cunningly designed programming. 

Main Key Features:

  • It is totally Free and simple to utilize 
  • It has the Feature to highlight your important text 
  • It also tracks down your reading progress 
  • It also translates the text for better reading


BookViser, aside from being a gorgeous digital-book reading programming, is likewise a great tool that permits clients to import a book from any gadget for a versatile reading encounter. It upholds the entire famous digital book formats, for example, epub, txt, CBR, and some more. 

The interface is likewise exceptionally adaptable with choices that empower you to set tones, increase edge size, or change the textual style. You can likewise change the brilliance to improve your reading experience. For the individuals who are conscious about what consistent screen openness can mean for their vision, BookViser offers a feature of night-mode that darks the screen. 

BookViser is likewise home to probably the biggest library of books that fall under the public space, which implies readers get the chance to read various all around the world recognized classics for totally free. 

  • Purchase World Classics for nothing 
  • It is exceptionally customizable 
  • It has the feature of Night mode for upgraded reading experience in the dark
  • It is very quick and simple to utilize

Last thoughts – pick up the Best ePUB Readers for Windows and Mac in 2021 

These were probably the best Readers for ePUBs we get for you. A large portion of them accompanies support for the two Windows and macOS. While a couple may do not have the cross-similarity, you should search for the one that upholds your operating system. While picking the best Reader, try to search for the key highlights like UI, Customization, and so forth 

It allows you to get too many titles for nothing of cost, and that is the good part about it. It’s consistently the right option to search for cross-gadget similarity to ensure that you start the point where you left it off. According to our point of view, Caliber, Adobe Digital Editions, and FBReader are noteworthy decisions. 

Try to tell us which Reader was your top choice on this rundown and why you picked it. You can do that by remarking in the remarks area under this post.

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