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Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 64 Spoilers and Release Date

Mercenary Enrollment

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 64’s release date and other information, including spoilers and raw images, can be found at the bottom of this page. Mercenary Enrollment was written by Eak-Hyun in Korean Manhwa. The first issue will be published on November 6, 2020, by JHS, the official publisher.

The protagonist in this series is Yu Ijin, a high school student. He lost both of his parents in an aircraft crash at a young age. Mercenaries have always been a part of his life. Ten years later, he returns to Korea and finds that his adolescent angst has returned. For the sake of protecting his sister from bullies, he works hard to learn new abilities.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 63 Recap

As depicted by Cha Seoha in the last chapter of Mercenary Enrollment: Mercenary Enrollment, Shin Jiyeh and Cha Seoha had a private conversation the night before. Now that all of Seoha’s problems have been dealt with, she can finally relax. As she prepares to go for work, she finds that her bodyguard, Ijin, has quit and that she has a new one. Even though she has a job interview, she can’t help but think about Ijin.

She thinks he should have informed her at the very least. Seoha’s safety is considered by Ijin and Jiyeh at this moment. He sees Seoha, who has just ended her shift, as he prepares to depart. As though they had simply occurred to cross paths by coincidence, Seoha acts as if she had been anticipating Ijin.

To show her appreciation, she provides Ijin her personal phone number and inquires if there is anything she can do. Instead of going to her sister’s school to wish her a happy birthday and give her flowers, he asks her for an autograph for her sister.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 64 Spoilers

Chapter 64 of Mercenary Enrollment is still missing its raw pictures. We can’t give away any spoilers because we don’t have access to the raw scans just yet. It is our intention to add spoilers whenever the raw images are made available. A number of languages, including Korean, Chinese and Japanese will be available on the same day as the raw scans are published.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 64 Release Date

Sunday, December 19, 2021, is when Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 64 is expected to be published to the public. Mercenary Enrollment chapter 64’s preliminary scans will be posted online two to three days before the spoilers go up, but it’s recommended to hold off on reading the final version until then.

Read Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 64 Manga Online English

To help the manga’s creators, we recommend using the official sources to read Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 64 from the following manga platforms: Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 64 from the following manga platforms supports creators:

More About Mercenary Enrollment

His parents perished in an aviation tragedy when he was eight years old, leaving him stranded in another country and forced to become a child mercenary in order to live. His return to Korea after 10 years will provide him and the rest of his family with plenty food and shelter. The problem of surviving as a teenager, on the other hand, proved to be rather different for Ijin.
Having just one more year of high school to go, Ijin must discover new ways to travel around the schoolhouse and avoid getting harassed. In high school, how long can he go on? What if the school can’t manage him? Tall, gray-haired, and sporting long brown hair, he’s a teenager. He looks to be of the same size and strength as the troops of the Special Military Force. He now holds the upper hand over the rest of the manhwa’s characters in terms of combat prowess.
The shemagh and olive fatigues he donned while working as a mercenary helped conceal his identity. He’s used to wearing his school uniform, casual clothing, and a suit for formal events (After becoming a bodyguard trainee).

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