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Chapter 67 of Mercenary Enlistment contains spoilers!!! Read Manga Online and Release Date

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 67 Spoilers

Military mangas from Korea, such as ‘Mercenary Enrollment,’ are famous worldwide.
YC created this fantastic comic. Every week on Wednesday, a new chapter of the same is released. The comic is also available in various other languages, including Korean, Chinese, and Japanese. For more details about Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 67, scroll down. Release date, spoilers, a Chapter 65 recap, and more

Recap of Chapter 66 of Mercenary Enlistment

The 66th chapter of Mercenary Enlistment began as Ijin prepared to face agent 004. Ijin and the 004 wasted no time in forming a partnership. Ijin, on the other hand, immediately demonstrated to the agent that he was a master of close-quarters combat.
As a result, he decided to withdraw his weapon and end the fight.

Ijin, on the other side, drew his weapon as well. It was evident to 004 that the man he was fighting was not a mercenary. As a result, he went on to ask who he was. Before Ijin could answer, 004 was shot from outside the window. Ijin, my partner, was present.

After all, was said and done, 004 had departed the house, leaving Ijin with an endless list of questions. 032’s wounds were still bleeding heavily. As a result, Ijin’s friend left with him, leaving Ijin to return home alone. Around the end of the chapter, Cha Sea called Ijin and asked him to meet with her the next day.

Spoilers for Chapter 67 of Mercenary Enlistment

In the second chapter of Mercenary Enrollment, Ijin returns to school after his break. Everyone will be interested to learn what he did over the break. Sukjoo’s purpose may have been known to students since last night, as he stated in his final appearance. Despite this, Ijin is adamant in his refusal to reveal any additional details about his escapades.

When the training session continues later, Ijin will discover Cha has come. For the time being, it’s unclear what she wants to talk about with him. Her feelings for the youngster, on the other hand, are most likely to blame. Like the previous chapter, this chapter hinted that 004 had recognized Ijin as Mercenary 001. Now that 004 knows who he is, he may have opened the door to a new set of enemies. Sukjoo’s perspective on the issue will be examined in Chapter 67 of Mercenary Enrollment.

Chapter 67 Mercenary Enrollment Release Date

According to reports, Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 67 will be released in stores on Sunday, January 9, 2021. The rough scans for Mercenary Enrollment chapter 67 will be uploaded to the internet two to three days before the spoilers are released, but the final release should be delayed.

Online English Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 67 Manga

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 67 Manga Online English is a weekly manga, and fans have been excitedly anticipating the next chapter of Mercenary Enrollment. To support the creators, we strongly advise you to read Mercenary Enrollment Chapter Chapter 67 from the following manga platforms:

More Information about Mercenary Enlistment

Ijin Yu was eight years old when his parents were killed in an airplane crash, leaving him stranded in a foreign country and forced to work as a child mercenary to make ends meet.  After ten years, when he returns to Korea, there will be plenty of food and shelter for him and the rest of his family. Ijin, on the other hand, would rapidly learn that surviving as a teenager presents a unique set of challenges.

Ijin has one more year of high school left, so he’ll have to find new ways to navigate the school. How long will he be able to stay in high school? Can the school, on the other hand, handle him? He’s a tall teen with long brown hair and grey hair. He appears to be slightly smaller than the members of the Special Military Force, but at least as vital.

He currently has the upper hand over the rest of the manhwa’s characters in terms of combat abilities. He disguised himself as a mercenary by wearing olive fatigues and a shemagh. He usually wears his school uniform, casual clothing, and formal suit (After becoming a bodyguard trainee).

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