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Mobile Learning : Why It’s Become The New Normal

mboile learing

With mobile phones becoming an indispensable part of our lives, it was evitable that even learning would eventually become mobile-based. Everyone from schools to Fortune 500 companies are leveraging the power of mobile learning to impart education as well as training, so much so that it’s become the new normal.

Learning Management Systems that are used to deliver and manage online learning courses are also offering mobile learning capabilities to elevate the entire learning experience. Popular LMS like Inquisiq LMS available across all kinds of devices make learning on-the-go super convenient and make it easy to track learner progress regardless of their location.

In this article, we have highlighted the top benefits of mobile learning that have contributed to it becoming the new normal :


  • Easy accessibility:


A mobile-based course offers high amounts of flexibility in terms of location and time, making it effortless to access learning content from anywhere at any time.

With mobile-responsive design, the content looks equally appealing on the phone as it does on a computer screen. This ensures learners enjoy learning from their phone and do not miss out on anything important.

  • Quick availability:


Have extra time between your lunch break? Quickly log into your course on your phone and go through the new skill that you have been learning. Have a test in ten minutes? Open the learning app and read through the key points on your phone.

Because mobile phones are always in close proximity to us, the learning content is easily available for consumption. This all-time availability feature leads to a higher rate of course completion.


  • Offers variety:


As opposed to a traditional classroom setup where you have a designated instructor, mobile based learning allows you to learn from experts from across the border.

You could be sitting in California and learning software development from someone in a software company owner in India. Mobile based learning gives you access to a wide variety of learning opportunities and diverse content on any topic of your choice.


  • Promises high rate of knowledge retention:


Mobile learning makes it very convenient to engage with the learning content multiple times. Additionally the breakdown of information makes it easy to focus on a topic at hand.

This increases the rate of information retention and has higher callback value. With higher control over the pace of learning, learners are able to complete courses faster and get onto the next course.


  • Allows learning in short bursts:


With microlearning concepts being implemented to enhance the mobile learning experience, it becomes easier for the learner to understand the content. Microlearning delivers short bursts of content which can be consumed in a shorter span of time.

Basically the content gets divided into smaller sections that prevent the learner from feeling overwhelmed due to information overload. This allows learners to learn on-the-go when they have even a little time to spare.


  • Higher engagement:


A learner, whether they are a student or a working professional, is more likely to use their phone to access learning content rather than open a computer. This promises a higher rate on engagement.

The customization of content to make it more appealing for all kinds of devices makes it easy for consumers to opt for mobile learning. Moreover, mobile learning platforms with easy navigation aids ensure users don’t spend much time looking for information.


With benefits like high engagement, easy availability and accessibility, mobile based learning is surely the most preferred way of learning now. Additionally, developing mobile based courses is quite cost-effective, thus promising higher returns for course developers. Did we miss any important points in the above mentioned list? Let us know in the comments below!

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