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The 7 must-have tools for digital content marketers in 2022

digital content marketers

There may appear to be as many marketing software solutions as there are marketers who want to utilise them. Every day, new platforms emerge – so where do you begin when putting together a content marketing tech stack for 2022? Slack, Zoom, Google Docs, and Notion are all clear business-enablement apps that we all know and love.

Grammarly, Hemingway, Canva, and other popular content marketing tools have thousands of users raving about them. They’re also fantastic, but I could do without them. As I strive to accelerate growth for Juro’s contract management software in 2022, here’s the tech stack I can’t live without.

1. SERanking

Are you even a digital content marketer if you’re not tracking search results? There are other tools available, but SERanking is my current weapon of choice. It offers a great ‘historical ranking data’ view that helps you visualise your ranking patterns day by day, week by week, rather than simply comparing two points in time, and it refreshes ranks daily, even on the most affordable plans. It’s a no-brainer because entry-level price is affordable and includes a slew of features.

2. Ahrefs

More data is always better when it comes to search, which is why Ahrefs is at the heart of so many content marketers’ tech stacks. If at all possible, I want many data sources to ensure that one platform’s guesswork is corroborated by another. But, more importantly, Ahrefs’ feature set is so extensive that you’ll never run out of new ways to improve your search profile thanks to tools like Link Intersect, Content Gap, and the Ahrefs Chrome extension. That’s not even taking into account its market-leading blog.

3. HubSpot

There are better CMSs, email tools, and CRMs, but HubSpot still reigns supreme for a single system of record that handles it all well enough to ensure data accuracy at every level of the marketing funnel. The benefits of being able to follow contacts throughout their whole user journey, particularly during nurture, are enormous, and HubSpot is simple enough for newcomers to get up and running quickly, with minimal setup and training.

4. Webflow

In relation to content management systems, I’d like to point out that When compared to WordPress behemoths, Webflow is a relative newcomer. However, its seamless integration of design functionality and customization is making it more and more popular. Even without the army of freelance Webflow developers available, it’s a platform worth exploring because they can help you solve your problems quickly and bring your ambitious content ambitions to reality.

5. Luma

If I could send myself a message in late 2019, I’d probably tell myself to “purchase Zoom shares.” However, despite the fact that the video platform has conquered the world, it is still unsuitable for outward-facing meetings. The design of your landing page and email is awful, undermining all of your efforts to develop a human-centric brand.

Luma is the main character. The platform connects to your Zoom account and wraps your meetings, webinars, and communications in a beautiful, straightforward design that makes virtual events a joy to conduct. The platform’s feature set has lately expanded to include deceptively sophisticated community management features, and its pricing is extremely inexpensive.

6. Figma

Design assets should be self-serve in 2022. At Juro, our in-house illustrator creates stunning graphics, which we then import into our Figma workspace, where we can customise elements and text, select colours from our brand palette, and output photos in whatever format or crop we require. This is how a scalable design system looks – no more waiting for a service desk or agency to respond to a request for days. Figma also has a fantastic community of creators who are willing to share their work for you to use7.

7. Descript

We all want to create multimedia material for social media and repurpose old content, but video specialists and companies are prohibitively expensive in practise. Descript allows you to automatically transcribe interviews, phone conversations, and videos to generate bite-sized multimedia content that’s ready to share on social media right away.

It also saves you a lot of time when it comes to transcribing your interviews. No more wasting hours on manual transcription; simply run it through Descript and go about your business. These are some of my favourite tools; add them to your tech stack to help your business grow and thrive in 2022.

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