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Top 10 New Android Video Games in 2020

Android video games.
Android video games.

Android video games are getting higher and bigger every month it sounds and there’s always a slew of latest names coming to Google
Play. Whether you are an informal gamer or you need something with a bit greater meat on its bones. There is mostly a fit popping out to in shape all of us’s taste. Some months are better than others, but there’s generally as a minimum one exceptional cutting-edge game on mobile every month. Let’s test the simplest new Android video games inside the previous month.

New Android Video Games in 2020

Here we listed the top 10 new android games in 2020

1. Endurance

Endurance is the precise equal programmer as ailment and it’s far every bit as extremely good. Gamers take a dip into the beyond to analyze a ship (the staying power) and discover how the virus distributes initially. Gamers explore the boat, shoot terrible guys, acquire lots of firearms, and most effective love the retro shooter Android video games drama with. The implementation with this one is a remarkable whole and little extras consisting of hardware control carrier make all of it better. The unfastened model consists of advertisements and cannot be completed offline. The primer model removes advertisements and offers offline guide.

2. Dead Cells

Dead Cells

This one is simply a side-scrolling roguevania with hack-and-lessen additives. Players make their manner via distinct degrees, jumping over barriers and slashing bad guys as they pass. The android video games isn’t too particular in its personal recreation play mechanics, but the implementation is absolutely great. There are not any cut-off dates so you are capable of research extra approximately the game at your personal pace. Furthermore, there are a few control picks, along with support for external controls. The Android video games are relatively high-priced at $8.99. However, there aren’t any in-app buys or different distractions.

3. Griddie Island

Griddie Island

Griddie Islands is an idle sport plus also a halfway top new android game. Gamers placed little Griddie creatures on the plank and fleas soar all over them. The fleas produce cash as they do so you should purchase larger and better Griddies. That is approximately all there may be for the one. The game scales up fairly well and you will find more than 50 degrees of Griddies to collect, integrate, and get. It’s going to no longer blow every body’s mind. However, it’s a respectable little time killer for people who choose something low paintings. The game had a few quite awful bugs upon its launch, however, seems to have cleaned most of them.

4. My Talking Tom Friends

My Talking Tom

My talking Tom friend is the most recent game inside the talking Tom franchise. It is a puppy simulator much like most people of the others from the franchise but it’s miles possible to have six pets in preference to truly one. The game consists of numerous small mini-video games, exclusive customizations, alongside different things to do which will maintain you amused. The mechanisms aren’t difficult but they are now not supposed to be. Moreover, it is especially toddler friendly if you would like to allow your child to play it. That is the first sport in which you’re capable of play all six figures simultaneously so talking Tom fanatics must recognize this one.

5. War Quest

War Quest

War Quest is a new textual content-primarily based RPG Android video games. Players manual the activities of Tokar, a mercenary with a much less than admirable past. You ship him quests, through the story, and to build up several matters. It plays a touch greater like an interactive narrative with RPG elements in preference to a pure text RPG, but this is great in case you revel in reading narratives. The sport feels nicely concept out during the board, even though a few reviewers criticize the give up of the game. Anyways, it’s unfastened to play so that you can try it out without paying anything.

6. Small Town Murders

Small Town Murders

Small Town Murders is a hybrid among a fit-three puzzle game together with a homicide mystery. The sport’s tale tells the tale of a homicide and also you need to solve it. You do this by way of fixing healthy-3 puzzles and completing levels. Then you definitely use the clues that you got to interrogate suspects and training sessions the homicide. There are lots of levels and it’s far exceptional to discover an extra mechanic except just the usual fit-3 stuff. It’s free to play so expect some pressure for in-app purchases sooner or later.

7. Exos Heros

Exos Heros

Exos Heroes is a movement RPG fashion Android video games. This one is highly adequate. The sport gives gamers an open global to discover, masses of things to do, and also an above-average tale line to appreciate. The combat enjoy is quite widespread and no longer horrific whatsoever. We trust Exos Heroes ought to technique that aspect of this recreation higher, but some grinding together with a few staying power ought to get you to the conclusion of the sport without an excessive amount of a hassle. About the most effective other trouble is that the game’s interpretation, which may be rough at instances.

8. Clash Of Beasts

Clash Of Beasts

It’s miles an online PvP Android video games with plan and nation-building components. You craft a basis and put up your defenses from attackers. Then you strike different foundations and strive to conquer their defenses. Fight is performed at a fantastic standpoint very similar to older bullet hell video games, but you make use of mythical beasts instead of airplanes. There are numerous beasts to accumulate along societal components to play with friends. Moreover, there are co-op PvP conflicts with up to six total gamers. It’s miles in early get right of entry to beta at the moment so it may exchange quite before professional launching and it won’t be available in most areas.

9. Whipseey


It makes use of a comparable graphical design to the 1990’s platformers which means that you buy a little nostalgia while you carry out. The name individual can run, soar, and continue as regular or utilize its Hallmark whip to conquer obstacles. The biggest criticism for the game Is that its miles quick. However, it simply runs for $0.99 consequently it isn’t clearly that awful. With any luck that the programmer provides extra to it, even though it increases The cost.

10. WordShow


Wordshow is a new word recreation. Players get hold of a fixed of letters together with a sport boardgame. You really swipe between the letters to create new phrases. You may reuse letters in a observe. Therefore, in case you’ve E, L, T, and R, you are able to reuse the E and T to spell” letter”. The sport comprises 250 levels and no time constraints. It’s a notable time killer for people that want to play the phrase Android video games.

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