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Top 10 best NFT apps for iPhone in 2022

You can create, mint, and sell your work while you’re on the go with the greatest NFT iPhone apps.

The capacity to create, mint, and trade art are provided by some of the top NFT apps for the iPhone. Minting, or registering an NFT on a blockchain, is becoming easier. For those who are new to the world of cryptocurrency, more platforms and apps now provide accessible user interfaces. You can browse and collect your favourite NFTs using other apps.

A non-fungible token (NFT) is used to secure data on a blockchain and is among other things used to conduct registrations for unique works of art. Read our guide if you have questions about what NFTs are and want more information. If you’re searching for advice on UX design, check out our fundamentals UX design course. Some of these apps prosper due to good design.

These apps make it simple to produce or explore NFTs on an iPhone (and you can use an Android device for some of them). You don’t require a laptop or a deep understanding of blockchains or NFTs. These apps have been separated between those that let you make NFTs and those that let you keep track of your NFTs. Skip to our frequently asked questions section if you need more information.

Interested in learning more about NFTs? Don’t miss Vertex Week 2022, the premier online exhibition for the community of digital artists. Jace Kay, the founder of Stereoheadz, and the Bored Ape Yacht Club will talk about NFTs, music, and the metaverse, while Disney artist Chris Petrocchi will give advice on how to market your NFT artwork.

Top 10 best NFT apps for iPhone

Here are the top 10 best NFT apps for iPhone discussed below.

1. Sketchar


If you think NFT art is too easy, Sketchar is the NFT software for you. Sketchar will teach you how to draw in addition to letting you make your own artwork, mint it as an NFT, and sell it on the app’s marketplace.

The training app makes advantage of augmented reality. You can follow line art by holding your phone over a piece of paper and staring at the screen. Trace the lines to learn how to draw using this. Many traditional artists utilise a similar technique to expand their work from doodling to drawings.

2. PixelChain


Since PixelChain produces the best NFT creator pixel art available, we’re happy to modify the rules for it. You can make pixel art, mint it on the Ethereum blockchain, and sell it on OpenSea all in one spot with this app, even though it is a browser-based app rather than an iOS app.

Utilizing PixelChain is quite simple. The art-maker provides a straightforward 32×32 or 64×64 grid for you to paint your pixel artwork onto. Even a mirror mode is available to expedite the procedure. Minting on the blockchain is as simple as clicking the save symbol and following the instructions once you’ve connected a crypto wallet.

3. NFT Go


NFT Go do two out of the three whereas some of the apps on this list let you access marketplaces, mint NFTs, and create art. You may browse markets, make, purchase, and sell NFTs all within this app, as well as mint pre-made paintings as NFTs and then upload it to various NFT marketplaces.

NFT The Go developer makes the claim that you can manage the full NFT process within one app, and it works, although there are certain restrictions. Although the UI is clear and straightforward and makes things seem simple, there can be delays and hidden costs, especially since the app also charges you a transaction fee on top of the standard gas fees (the cost to create an NFT on a blockchain).

4. NinjaFT


One of the best and easiest ways to make an NFT on your iPhone is with NinjaFT. This is mostly due to the fact that it makes use of the Binance Smart Chain platform, one of the most well-known, secure, and affordable networks that don’t require you to use a particular NFT marketplace.

You can generate NFTs on your phone with NinjaFT. Since you cannot generate the original art, you must first upload an image to your phone in order to “mint” an NFT from it and register it on a blockchain. You may even purchase and trade NFTs via the app’s marketplace, as well as add NFTs to your collection.

5. Pixl


Pixl boasts on the Apple Store, “No need to learn all of the technical stuff to be able to use NFTs! You may mint NFTs using this iPhone and iPad software on either the Ethereum blockchain or the carbon-friendly Polygon blockchain, and you can sell your NFTs on major exchanges like OpenSea.

With Pixl’s major idea, you can use photos from your phone’s photo album or posts on Instagram to “mint” NFTs inside the app. This app attracts attention due to its integration with Instagram. If you want to mix your social postings with NFTs, you should look at our guide on Instagram tricks to change your feed.

6. GoArt


One of the more user-friendly NFT maker apps for the iPhone is GoArt. GoArt does not allow you to create “real” art from start, but it does allow you to create original NFTs using images from your phone’s gallery.

By utilising AI, the GoArt software transforms your images into works of art based on a variety of well-known art movements and styles, such as Pop Art, Expressionism, and Structuralism. Images may be made quickly and neatly. Even though we already have a list of the top AI photo editing programmes, this is still a good application of the technology.

7. NFT Creator

NFT Creator

Although NFT Creator is appealing because of how simple it is to use, you won’t be able to produce stunning original artwork using this programme. The idea is straightforward: choose one of the app’s many themes, such as Art, Doodles, Cryptopunk, Apes, Byteosaurus, or Zombie, to import an old photo (yours or one that is licenced from Pixabay (opens in a new tab)) and add entertaining graphics.

In NFT Creator, you’re not producing fantastic original works of art, just entertaining screenshots and doodles that will at least help you become familiar with the procedure for minting an NFT. The paid edition gives you access to hundreds of filters, typefaces, and graphics, whereas the free version only provides a small number of visuals and templates.

8. OpenSea: NFT Marketplace

OpenSea NFT Marketplace

The only serious flaw of OpenSea: NFT Marketplace for iPhone is a ban on in-app purchases. NFTs cannot be purchased with this app. With this free software, you have a mobile store window of sorts.

Since OpenSea is the biggest and most established NFT marketplace, it offers every type of art and NFT imaginable, including games, music, and more. Using the programme, you can explore and tag artwork to purchase later from your desktop. It serves as a window into the OpenSea market. It’s a simple way to monitor NFT price changes and declines while you’re out and about.


The creator of the app claims that it is the “NFT portfolio viewer for many blockchains and addresses. By collectors and for collectors “. It’s challenging to disagree. You can showcase your NFT collection using this app in the metaverse as well as in real life (IRL). You can connect your Token cryptocurrency wallet through the app.

Nearly all blockchains are supported by art, which will display your work in card format. Even “staked” items in NFT games like Farmers World, R-Planet, and Green Rabbit are supported by the app. (NFTs that are staked are locked on a platform and generate regular money for their owners, similar to interest on a savings account.)

10. NFTea


NFTea is both a nice app and a good pun, which is something we adore. You can use this app to monitor the costs and statistics for NFT artwork on the Nifty Gateway market. Searches can be filtered using statistics like “latest sale,” “highest bid,” “total sales,” “average cost,” and “original price.” It indicates that a clever user interface, graphs, and charts can make it simple and obvious to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Every three hours, NFTea will update its statistics automatically, giving you a clear view of what is happening on Nifty Gateway. This software is useful for offering bigs based on research and tagging NFTs that you like.

Can I purchase an NFT on my iPhone?

Yes, there are several iPhone apps that let you purchase an NFT. While NFT Go and Pixl allow you to purchase and sell NFTs on OpenSea, they come with additional fees, apps like Sketchar and NinjaFT have their own marketplaces where you may sell and buy NFTs.

What NFT app should I use?

The OpenSea app is useful for tracking NFT drops and pricing; but, if you wish to purchase, sell, or manufacture NFTs, you should start with apps like Sketchar, Pixl, and NFT Go.

Can I use my phone to make an NFT?

Yes, programmes like Sketchar, Pixle, and Go Art provide tools for creating art and minting NFT all in one location. The means to mint pre-made art as NFTs on a blockchain and load them to other marketplaces are available through other applications like NFT Go.

What does it mean to mint an NFT?

The act of recording a work of art as an NFT on a blockchain used for cryptocurrencies is known as minting an NFT. Making an existing work of art into an NFT is what this is instead of “making art.”

What do NFT gas fees entail?

When you mint (create/register) your NFT on a blockchain like Ethereum or Polygon, you must pay this fee. The amount of activity on the blockchain and other “weights” might affect the gas fee. The cost of minting an NFT is typically lower in the late evening.

What can I modify to make an NFT?

It could be anything, but typical NFTs include Tweets, digital collectables, video game items, music, and art. A non-fungible token (NFT) is a singularly owned digital asset that is registered and tracked on a cryptocurrency blockchain. Before converting anything into an NFT, you must be the owner of the intellectual property rights.

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