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Online business for free: ideas for college students

How to build an online business in college: top free ideas

In college, every second student is looking for ways to make some money, and this is understandable. In essence, you should pay off your loan, try to buy a car, and have some pocket money to manage the assignments you cannot cope with (for example, hiring one of the writing services observed in wiseessays reviews or at Thus, starting an online business may seem the right idea. Obviously, this idea should be affordable to launch, flexible enough to work on it anytime from different locations, and not related to manufacturing or shipping physical products just because you will not be able to combine your college studies with handling multiple issues and customer requests.

Online business ideas that will cost you zero to invest

online business

Not every online business idea is suitable for college students, but there are some things that will definitely work out if you put enough effort and creativity:

1. Write for popular blogs. There are hundreds of thousands of blogs on the web that require fresh content to be published every day. As all university students are assigned numerous writing papers, they do have some decent writing skills. Why not try yourself as a content writer? This job is flexible, convenient, and doesn`t need much effort.  The most exciting thing is that the content is rather conversational than formal, so it is easy and fun to create;


2. Become a freelancer. Don`t like working for a boss and be controlled every single minute? Become a boss yourself. You can create your own blog, fill it with content, and start making money or try your hand in web or mobile development. You may also start working for an academic help service but before choosing it, look through some top writing service reviews to know about the reliability of the company.

All these jobs are online and don`t need a start capital. Search for job requests at such platforms as UpWork or Freelancer, look in selected groups in social networks or ask your fellow students whether they know someone who might need a remote designer/testing engineer/writer/developer, etc.;


3. Create a YouTube channel. If you don`t like writing, but you have basic video creating skills, try your hand at becoming a YouTube blogger. Choose the topic you are interested in, make sure it is interesting enough for other people as well and start making videos. It can be educational stuff where you explain some subjects or complicated things, funny videos with people failing to do something, the videos of your abroad trips with useful advice, guitar teaching lessons, etc. The higher your videos rank, the more money you get. Although, the same as in the case with your own blog, it needs time to promote your channel to start making money;


4. Affiliate marketing. This is similar to having a blog, just with another purpose. Interesting content makes your website rank high on Google. Thus you receive traffic – your readers. When your blog has enough number of followers, you can monetize it by providing space for brand advertisements. The bigger your audience is the more money you make for the promotion of different companies` services. There are also methods of affiliate marketing without the website, but they are more complicated and risky.

One of these ways can be an excellent idea for your online business. As you may have noticed, neither of them requires investments, just your inspiration, time, and creativity. The best-case scenario is to choose the idea that resonates with you personally so that you could enjoy what you do.

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