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8 Best Free and Open-source XML Editors


Extensive Markup Language (XML) is a machine and human-readable markup language. We describe the format rules that the computer follows when encoding texts and files in this language. XML files are editable, contrary to common assumptions, and maybe readily edited with an XML Editor.

This tutorial is for you if you desire to edit or create an XML file and are seeking some free XML editors. We’ll go through the top 8 best free and open-source XML Editors in 2022 in this article. Let’s get this party started.

1. Notepad++

Let’s start with Notepad++, a long-running XML editor widely considered one of the greatest free and open-source XML editors of all time. It’s a highly sophisticated XML Editor that you can easily generate and edit XML files. The nicest part about Notepad++ is that it’s well-optimized and requires extremely few resources, which means it consumes very little power.

You’ll also find a plethora of handy tools in Notepad++ that will aid you in making modifications to the XML file. One of Notepad++’s most popular tools is the XML Syntax Check, which examines your code and corrects the syntax of your XML file. Similarly, you may quickly cut, copy, paste, or highlight the code according to your preferences.

When you look at Notepad++’s user interface, you’ll notice that it’s pretty sophisticated and organised, which is something you won’t find in many free XML editors. Overall, Notepad++ is a beautiful alternative if you’re seeking a robust free and open-source XML Editor.

2. Notepad for XML

In 2022, Microsoft XML Notepad is one of the finest open-source and free XML editors for Windows. Microsoft created it, and it’s free to use. You may also access the source code and modify it to make it your own. The Tree View, which allows you to divide down XML files into distinct classes, making it easier to edit and manage, is the most significant feature of Microsoft XML Notepad.

It also has an infinite number of undo and redo operations, making it easy to make changes and return to the original file. XML Notepad also includes an XML Schema Parser, which shows you all of the issues in your XML file so you may fix them. Another excellent feature of XML Notepad is that it is totally configurable. It can change fonts and colors right from the settings. Overall, Microsoft XML Notepad is a good alternative for anybody searching for a highly configurable free and open-source XML Editor for Windows.

3. TextEdit

Apple’s TextEdit is a highly stable XML Editor that has been around for more than two decades. Like the other XML Editors on our list, TextEdit is an open-source program that is absolutely free to use. You get a lot of wonderful tools in TextEdit that make editing and creating XML files a lot simpler.

For starters, it has a syntax highlighting function that you can use to highlight certain areas of your XML file’s syntax. Furthermore, it allows you to bookmark your XML files to reaccess them in the future. One of TextEdit’s most notable characteristics is that it can easily edit large XML files, and you won’t run into any size limitations as you may with certain free XML editors.

Another useful feature of TextEdit is that it has infinite Undo and Redo operations, which makes it easier to undo and redo changes. You can also use the pain and drop tool to simply add XML files to the program. Overall, TextEdit is a wonderful alternative if you’re seeking for a robust free XML Editor for macOS.

4. XMLPad

Another popular free and open-source XML Editor is XMLPad, which is available for both Windows and macOS. The most excellent part about XMLPad is that it’s a highly developed Editor with a plethora of valuable features that make it a fantastic XML Editor. For starters, it has a color syntax highlighting capability for illuminating the syntax of XML files. Similarly, it makes it easy to read XML files by allowing you to see them in Grid, Table, and preview mode.

XMLPad also has Auto Parsing and Auto Formatting tools, making it easier to locate and repair mistakes in your XML files. Another helpful feature of XMLPad is that it allows you to open XML files directly in the software using their URL, allowing you to modify them without having first to download them. Overall, XMLPad is a wonderful alternative for anyone searching for a free and open-source XML Editor for Windows and Mac.

5. Observations

Notepas is a cross-platform and portable XML editor for editing XML files on the move. The key feature of Notepas is that it is a portable XML Editor, which means you won’t have to install it and may use it on the go. You’ll discover a number of features in Notepas that make editing XML files easier. For starters, it has a Code filter that you may use to quickly search the XML File for the content you need.

It also has a highlighting feature that you may use to draw attention to certain areas of the XML file. Overall, Notepas is a wonderful alternative if you’re seeking for a lightweight and portable XML Editor in 2022.

6. OpenEditor

OpenEditor is yet another dependable XML Editor for editing your XML files. It’s a free text editor that supports a variety of programming and scripting languages, including XML. The tab view feature in OpenEditor allows you to edit numerous XML files at the same time, which helps you multitask.

Another amazing feature of OpenEditor is that it can effortlessly manage large XML files. So, if you’re seeking a way to edit large XML files, OpenEditor may be a good choice. Also, OpenEditor is a very lightweight editor that doesn’t demand a lot of resources, allowing it to function smoothly on a laptop with entry-level hardware. Overall, OpenEditor is a wonderful alternative if you’re seeking a lightweight open-source XML Editor.

7. Atomic number

Atom is a full-featured integrated development environment (IDE) for editing a variety of programming and scripting languages, including XML, Python, JavaScript, C++, and others. It’s a free and open-source editor with a tonne of capabilities for editing XML and other types of files. The nicest part about Atom is that it’s very configurable, with themes and other settings that you can use to tailor the program to your specific needs.

Atom has a lot of essential features including Smart Autocompletion, Cross-platform editing, multiple windows, and more. It also has package support, which allows you to add new features and capabilities to the software. You may also create your own package and add it to Atom to obtain some more functionality. Overall, Atom is our top suggestion for programmers seeking for an Editor to edit XML and other programming and scripting languages.

8. SynWrite

In the year 2022, SynWrite is one of the greatest free and open-source XML editors. It’s a cross-platform XML Editor with a lot of customization options that you may use to modify your XML files. SynWrite comes with a number of plugins that may be used to enhance the editor’s capabilities. It also lets you make your own plugins, which you may use to tailor the program to your specific needs.

The tree view of your XML files in SynWrite makes it easier to edit and manage the files. You may also save your XML files as favorites to tweak them later. It also lets you save XML files in many forms, such as HTML and RTF Overall, SynWrite is an excellent alternative if you’re seeking a free and open-source XML Editor with Plugins.


That’s all there is to it, guys. The finest free and open-source XML editors for Windows, Mac, and Linux are listed below. We’ve also included a portable editor that you may use to modify XML files without having to install it on your PC. We hope you saw our advice useful, and if you like it, please tell your colleagues and friends about it. Happy retouching!

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