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Overview of Top 5 Apps for Home Workout

Fitness is the foremost concern in the world now and many people maintain it very seriously. However, sometimes it is very hard for people to continue their fitness classes or going to the gym for a workout. The only option for these people is the home workout but you need to have some alternative for the trainer. While there are other options available, most people use apps to do the home workout. This is the main reason that thousands of people are now interested to know “how to make a fitness app?” However, here are some of the apps that you can use for your home workout. 

  • Fitbit Coach 

This is one of the top used apps among all the other ones on many different platforms. This app has everything you need from professional coaches to experienced instructors. You will get video instruction from all of them to help you with your workout. If you do not know how to do an exercise that you need to do for your workout routine, then this app can help you to know it by just tapping on the video.

You can get this app on different platforms like Android, iOS, PC, Xbox, Hololens, and others. You can get the free version with fewer features and upgrade it to the premium version with different plans per month/year to get more features. 

  • Aaptiv 

Probably the most used and different app from the long list of the home workout app. The most interesting thing about this app is that it does not only give a video demonstration but also offers music instructions. If you are having problems looking at the screen and seeking video, then this app is the perfect choice for you. Just like all the other apps, you will have to set a goal of what you want from the app. All the workout exercises are divided into categories that help you to find a particular one.

This app is compatible with all platforms like Android, iOS, others. You can get this app with different plans both monthly and yearly to get up to 3000 classes from experienced trainers.

  • Adidas Running by Runtastic 

This is a very popular app in the fitness world with more than 50m downloads. As the name suggests, Adidas, a very well known fitness brand is involved with this app. Just like other apps, you get the video instructions to do your workout but it comes with both ready-made and creating options. With the help of creating, you can make your own workout and set duration and others. 

Subscribing options are available in the app for both monthly and annual plans. You can also use the free version to get a lot of features. This application is available on both Android and iOS. 

  • Asana Rebel 

This app is used mostly as a yoga app but you can find very useful tools for a home workout here. You will get many different features in this app for free that will help you to reach your ultimate goal of losing health. It is compatible with Android, IOS, and other platforms and you can purchase a premium version of his app to get more features. Workouts are divided into sections based on goals that help to workout easily. 

  • Nike Training Club 

Just like the Adidas app, this one also comes with the trust of the fitness product brand Nike. it offers all the workout instructions, tools for absolutely free without any cost. You can get workouts in this app based on your equipment, needs, and goals. The customization options of the videos make it easy to use. Like all the others on the list, this app also runs successfully on both iOS and Android. 

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