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Best Performance Review Software In 2022

Performance Review Software

Employers can use a performance evaluation program to assess each employee’s performance and increase productivity to grow their firm. The annual performance review procedure is replaced with the employee review software, which also tracks performance in real-time and provides comments on areas that need improvement. Systems for employee reviews handle tasks that can’t be done manually. It is a versatile tool that allows a company to adapt employee expectations and goals to the constantly shifting conditions. The management can choose how to rate an employee thanks to the software for the employee review system.

Best Performance Review Software


Do employee performance reviews take longer to complete because of the mountains of paper? If so, it’s time to abandon the old practices and get accustomed to the newest technologies so you can accomplish the same objective. Trakstar is cloud-based employee performance evaluation software that makes all of your management responsibilities simple & automated if you’re seeking for tools to make your work easier. It is also one of the greatest software programs for evaluating employees’ performance and aiding in rewarding the top achievers.


Are you seeking for performance review software that would save you time and be effective during performance reviews? The solution, if such, is Leapsome. Unlike many other platforms, the application also promotes an open, value-oriented feedback culture. Additionally, it is simple to use, straightforward, and very customizable. With an excellent management platform that incorporates all characteristics like employee engagement and performance, Leapsome offers HR solutions. It offers the resources necessary for aligning and advancing employees. Goals and OKR management are among the tools. In order to obtain insightful surveys and employee feedback, Leapsome also assists users in conducting engagement and pulse surveys and gathering eNPS.

Zoho People

Zoho People is a performance evaluation tool for employees that assists in determining each employee’s ability based on criteria like achieving assigned targets. It gives you the information you need to evaluate the workers’ performance across the board. By boosting their abilities to complete a certain activity, Zoho People also raises employee performance. Retaining personnel is an ongoing struggle for the human resource department. They receive assistance from Zoho People through the features that increase retention.


Do you want your performance reviews to mean something? If so, Lattice’s exceptional design reviews can show you how to unleash your inner growth driver and start productive talks. Additionally, it is the best performance review software for a small business that adapts to your operational needs, whether you conduct project-based, automated, or annual performance reviews. Additionally, Lattice offers templates, workflows, and administrative dashboards that make developing, deploying, and running the reviews simple or effortless.


Insperity PerformSmart is among the best employee performance review software solutions available if you’re seeking for a solution to connect employee goals with business goals and create a space for open communication to raise workforce efficiency. But it’s also crucial to ensure that the objectives you set for the workers are audacious, measurable, and practical. You may define and track employee goals with Insperity. Additionally, it makes it easier for workers to grade their own performance and engage in self-assessment.


Software for managing employee performance, Zenefits has easy-to-use tools for goal-setting, performance evaluation and improvement, and one-on-one meetings. The primary goal is to maintain employee engagement in their work while reaching an organization’s standard set of goals, and Zenefits’ goal management solutions assist in achieving that goal. It encourages workers to prioritize the crucial tasks that must be completed in order for the firm to thrive and to stay on schedule. The managers may develop, maintain, and monitor the progress toward the target thanks to Zenefits.


PerformYard is the cloud-based performance review software that offers you the cloud-based feedback & corporate performance management solution you’re looking for. Each user is also able to set goals and monitor their progress. Additionally, PerformYard supports additional HR procedures, including organizational charts and new hire onboarding. PerformYard is preferred by several businesses, including consulting, accounting, information technology, and healthcare, to handle organizational and human resource functions. To provide employees the right feedback, managers use the program for customizing review questions.


Are you seeking for a straightforward assessment of an employee’s productivity, effectiveness, and accuracy? Time-consuming paperwork is a thing of the past. As a result, the annual evaluation procedure doesn’t need to take too long. viEval can handle everything! It is the top performance review and evaluation tool in the world for businesses that offer professional services. The annual evaluation procedure is made simple with viEval. Additionally, it aids in evaluating and improving a company’s performance, particularly while serving a client. The software immediately takes the client’s work and hours from the invoicing systems for quick and simple evaluations. All through the year, it would also be integrated with viEval’s real-time feedback program.

People HR

Do you need software for performance reviews that also serves as a platform for all other HR tasks? You are given access to that feature by People HR. People HR is the best performance review software for small businesses and corporations, regardless of the size of your business. The HR features in People HR include performance reviews and tracking of applicants and employees. Don’t forget to point out that the system has an employee tracking database that enables users to create new employee records by entering the necessary contact details and storing the necessary documents.

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