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Top 15 Best Photo-Sharing Sites and Apps in 2022


 Best Photo-Sharing Sites and Apps: It’s never been simpler or, quite frankly, more enjoyable to shoot images, with every new smartphone having a better camera than the last. However, what do you do with your photos once you’ve finished taking them? How do you tell your relatives and friends about them? The answer to that question, then, will rely on your priorities.

Do you want to publish your photos for public viewing on the internet or just distribute them to a select group of people? To find out which photo-sharing websites and applications are the best and easiest to use for sharing your photos the way you choose, keep reading.

Prior to submitting your pictures to a photo-sharing website

It’s crucial to understand the finest methods for sharing your images. But it’s kind of useless if you can’t find the precise images you want to share with people. De-cluttering your photo collection before you start posting your photos online is a smart idea because of this. Additionally, eliminating duplicate and similar-looking photographs might reduce the amount of storage space you actually need.

Thankfully, the Gemini Photos app can swiftly delete the photos you no longer want by scanning your library. The following steps will help you remove duplicate photos from the app:

  1. Get Gemini Photos on the App Store.
  2. Launch the app and allow it to go through your photo gallery.
  3. Select Duplicate.
  4. Next, choose which duplicates you wish to remove by selecting each grouping.
  5. To end, select Delete [x] Duplicates.
  6. To confirm, press Delete.

All of those duplicates will now be transferred to your Recently Deleted album by Gemini Photos. Therefore, you can launch the Photos app and tap Albums > Recently Deleted > Select > Delete All if you need to rapidly clear up that storage space.

The top websites for sharing private photos

You take certain photos that are a little bit more private than others. Perhaps you don’t want to upload images of your kids online or those humiliating, albeit amusing, ones of your family attempting to pose together. You might want to only share them with a few close friends and family members, though. The top websites for sending or sharing your photos privately are listed below.

1. Google Photos

Google Photos

Although Google Photos was primarily intended to serve as a backup for your whole photo collection, it now offers some fairly great sharing features. When you post your photos, they are all private. However, you may share them with your loved ones at any moment so they can download or add them to their photo library. The free tier that Google offers lets you store an unlimited number of images, which is possibly the nicest feature. How can that possibly go wrong?

2. iCloud Photos

iCloud Photos

There’s a strong likelihood that if you use an iPhone or Mac, you’re already somewhat familiar with iCloud. Your photos are already being automatically uploaded as you take them if iCloud Photos is enabled on your iPhone. You can share your images and videos at any time, and you can even make group albums to share photos with your pals in private.

3. Amazon Photos

Amazon Photos

Amazon might be a better choice for sharing your images with friends and family because it has several features that are comparable to those of Google Photos and iCloud Photos. It is completely integrated with other Amazon items and is free for all Amazon Prime subscribers. This implies that you can access your library from any Fire TV or Alexa-enabled screen-equipped device. Check out our earlier comparison of Amazon Photos, Google Photos, and iCloud if you’re having trouble deciding between the first three photo-sharing apps.

4. Dropbox


Dropbox is a quick and simple way to share your files, even if it isn’t your standard photo library manager. You will therefore be able to see and share your photos and videos online once you have uploaded them. Additionally, you may set up a shared folder so that other users can send you images from their travels or events.

5. WeTransfer


The quickest and simplest way to share a folder or collection of images with friends is using WeTransfer. It allows you to send any kind of file without asking you first to form an account. All you need to do to send an email is enter your email address, the email addresses of the recipients, and any attachments you want to include. To access additional services like increasing the transfer limit from 2 GB to 20 GB and password-protecting anything you send, you can sign up for a WeTransfer account and pay an upgrade fee.

Websites for sharing photographs online

It might be a lot of fun to share your photos with your loved ones, but you might have taken some photos you want to show others outside of your social circle. It depends on the precise features you want from the websites you choose as to which ones will host your images for you. Here are the top five websites for sharing photos online.

6. Flickr


One of the most well-known websites for hosting photographs online is definitely Flickr. Flickr provides hosting as well as a number of editing and organizing capabilities, as well a few social networking options. You can either like or comment on photographs yourself, or you can ask others to do so for you. Due to Flickr’s popularity, several other applications have integrated with it to upload or sync your photos automatically.

7. SmugMug


To help you display and distribute your photos, SmugMug offers a number of fantastic tools and stylish layout themes. Additionally, you may divide your library into albums to make browsing through all of your images a little bit simpler. Additionally, you may always upgrade your theme to alter the way your photographs are presented. You may connect your other accounts on websites like Facebook and Twitter to share content with your friends, despite the fact that it doesn’t have a lot of social networking facilities.

8. Photobucket


The ease with which Photobucket enables you to balance online photo sharing with library backup sets it apart from the other websites on this list. You may sort your photos into public and private albums on Photobucket using organizing tools like captions and titles, ensuring that only your public photos show up when other people perform searches. One of its drawbacks is that not all of Photobucket’s capabilities are accessible depending on which subscription tier you select.

9. 500px


Although anyone may contribute photos to 500px, professional and aspiring photographers are where the platform really shines. The primary goals of 500px are networking with other photographers and presenting your work. In fact, they assert that their search algorithm highlights the contributions of novice members so that more seasoned users can provide criticism and assistance. Although membership is free, there is a weekly limit of 20 photo uploads.

10. PhotoBlog


The appropriately called PhotoBlog is the place to go if you’re looking for more of a blogging platform to publish your images on. PhotoBlog allows you more flexibility over how your images are displayed by emphasizing layouts and aesthetics. Your photos can be arranged into galleries, and you can write full blog pieces to go along with them in addition to giving them titles and captions. Additionally, PhotoBlog functions as a social network, allowing you to like and comment on the images of other photographers and allowing them to do the same for your own images.

The top free photo-sharing websites

You could only need something simple to utilize for one photograph or a small number of images when it comes to sharing your photos online. Furthermore, you might simply want something that will host your images without charging you anything. The top five free locations to upload your images are listed below.

11. Imgur


Imgur could be your website if you don’t want to be concerned about storage restrictions. You probably don’t want to save your family photos or vacation pictures here because it’s mostly used to host images for websites like Reddit or other social media sites. Having said that, you are free to submit as many images as you wish without even making an account. However, if you do, you will have access to tools like albums and descriptions that can help you organize your photos.

12. Behance


Adobe’s Behance, which is more of a social network for all creative professions, is ideal for photographers to publish their images. There is no cap on the number of projects or photographs you may upload, and it is free to use. However, it’s intended for uploading particular projects or photo collections rather than your complete photo library. Additionally, posting to Behance from any of the Adobe suite’s apps will be a snap if you already use them.

13. ImageShack


Even though ImageShack doesn’t offer limitless photo storage, it does offer 10 GB each month without charge. Spacing out your 10 GB shouldn’t be too difficult if you only infrequently upload a collection of photographs. Your photos can be tagged, put into albums, and shared with others.

14. PostImage


PostImage makes it quick and simple to upload your photos. You don’t even need to register an account to upload and resize your photos. You’ll have access to more options, such as grouping your photographs into galleries and creating links to make sharing more simpler, if you do decide to create an account. The only restriction on utilizing PostImage is that each of your images must not exceed 8 MB in size.

15. imgbox


Imgbox is another quick, easy-to-use, and totally free photo service. Like PostImage, you can start using the service without creating an account, but you will have access to more options if you do. You may upload photographs, make galleries, and preset your upload settings for later use. JPG, GIF, and PNG file storage are infinite with imgbox. The sole restriction is that each file you post must not exceed 10 MB.

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